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Chapter 19: The Old Grandmother Was Awake?

An astonishing dark aura surrounded him, sucking away the atmosphere with a shiver-inducing chill.

The police officer’s hand froze in mid-air.

Everyone was scared witless.

Gu Mang did not move a muscle from start to finish.

She stood on the steps languidly with both her hands still in her pockets.

“Granny is awake.” Lu Chengzhou’s voice was as cold as ice.

The faces in the crowd looked shocked. “What?! She’s awake?!”

Did that woman really save Granny?

Lu Xiwei was not even certain that she could.

How could this be?!

Was this all blind luck?

Gu Mang was expressionless as she crossed legs and stood there.

The night wind blew her beautiful dark hair into black streaks.

She looked both cold and other-worldly.

She took out a tiny pen and a palm-sized piece of paper from her pocket.

She scribbled something on it.

Under the light, her cool expression was extremely beautiful.

Everyone watched in silence.

After about ten seconds of writing, Gu Mang held out the piece of paper towards Lu Chengzhou clasped between her pale, slender fingers. “This is a prescription. Eat this for a week to recuperate.”

Lu Chengzhou took the paper and read the ugly handwriting on it. He was speechless.

Gu Mang stuffed her hands back into her pockets and said apathetically, “Uncle Lu, I’m busy so I’ll be going now.”

With that, she walked down the steps arrogantly. She was extremely condescending.

Lu Shangjin was speechless.

Lu Chengzhou looked after the tall and slim figure of the young woman and raised his eyebrows, calling out, “Ms. Gu.”

Gu Mang stopped and turned her head to look back at him.

The man was smiling in a conceited and unruly manner. “When will the next acupuncture session be?”

The next session.

Gu Mang smiled back, but it was wicked and cold. Her pleasant voice was cool and slow as she said, “Eat the medicine as specified and she will recover completely in a week.”

This shocked Lu Shangjin so much that his expression changed entirely. “Gu Mang…”

“I’m busy, Uncle Lu,” said the young woman, donning her peaked cap and turned around to leave.

Her expression was icy.

Lu Shangjin pursed his lips and swore at all the people present internally.

These fools had angered a big shot!

“Sixth Uncle, where did you find such a person?” asked Lu Chengzhou as he watched Gu Mang walk away

Lu Shangjin turned and met Lu Chengzhou’s deep and chilly eyes. Something tightened in his brain but he maintained his expression as he said, “Her acupuncture skills are good. I heard the doctors here were at their wits’ end, so I thought to try her.”

Lu Chengzhou said nothing.

It was unclear if he believed Lu Shangjin.

Lu Shangjin was a little afraid of his nephew. He was too profound and it was hard to fathom what he was thinking.

He coughed. “Since Mom is alright now, I’ll be going back to Ming City.”

With that said, he turned and slipped away quickly.

Lu Chengzhou slid a hand into his pocket, his profound gaze sharpening.

In the room.

The old grandmother was awake for a while, but not having enough energy, she went back to sleep.

Lu Xiwei gave her grandmother a thorough check-up.

The blood clot in her brain was almost gone and her immune system would fully recover in two or three months.

Lu Xiwei’s breath quickened as she examined the results in her hand.

This was unfathomable.

A military doctor thought this unscientific and said hesitatingly, “Ms. Lu, could the blood clot have dissolved because of your previous drainage?”

However, this could not explain it.

Drainage operations gave immediate results and never took time to work.

Upon hearing this, Lu Xiwei’s gaze grew tired and she turned her eyes towards the three military doctors slowly.

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