Rate this chapter Chapter 21: I Know How to Fight

The facility was ranked by the World Medical Association half a year ago as the care facility with the world’s best equipment.

The fee for just one month of treatment could reach as high as 10 million. It was an extremely high nursing fee.

There was a flower shop by the entrance and a small pot cactus cost 18,000.

Gu Mang held up a palm-sized cactus and tilted her head to take a look.

It sure cost quite a lot for such a small item.

She raised an eyebrow, put one hand in the pocket of her jacket, and walked steadily into the care facility.

The design of the interior of the care facility had a rural flair. Each of the residents lived in a detached bamboo house.

It was a picturesquely chaotic arrangement. It had a flower garden, a vegetable garden, wooden fences draped with Japanese roses, and pebble walkways between each section.

It was a cozy and relaxing environment, simultaneously drawing inspiration from modern science and technology and it was in keeping with a utopic atmosphere.

Sometimes workers passed by, carrying dewed vegetables and fresh meat to prepare for breakfast.

“Ms. Gu, have you come to visit Jinyang?” Aunt Cook said, laughing.

Gu Mang uttered an “mm,” took off her peaked cap, and pushed her hair back.

Her skin was as white as porcelain under the morning sunlight. It was outrageously beautiful and people stopped to stare as they passed.

Aunt Cook stared blankly for a few seconds until she heard Gu Mang’s clear and cold voice.

“Has Jinyang woken up?”

The lady snapped back to reality. “Yes, yes she has. I’d reckon she would be in the flower garden watering her plants around this time.”

Gu Mang thanked her politely and walked towards the flower garden.

The lady watched Gu Mang walk away and muttered softly, “That young girl has grown to be rather lovely.”

At the flower garden.

There was a young woman wearing a woolen, pastel-green jacket squatting by a cluster of flowers, holding a gourd ladle to water the plants.

Gu Mang watched her from a distance and a smile formed on her lips. “Jinyang.”

Meng Jinyang’s back tensed up for an instant and she turned her head to see Gu Mang. Her eyes opened wide with delightful surprise.

She threw the gourd ladle down and stood up to run over. “Gu Mang, you’ve come to see me!”


Gu Mang gave the cactus she had bought earlier to Meng Jinyang.

Meng Jinyang lowered her head to look at the little cactus, her face brimming with joy.

Every time Gu Mang came over, she would bring a very low-maintenance plant for her, one which was either fleshy or a type of cactus—easy to keep and hardy.

Meng Jinyang wrapped her arm around Gu Mang’s arm and said with a broad smile, “Let’s go in, Gu Mang.”


They arrived inside the bamboo house. It had a retro interior. A restless mind would be pacified here.

Meng Jinyang took out some dried fruit and snacks that she made. “Gu Mang, these are made from the mangoes and strawberries that I grew myself. It’s really good. I put a lot of sugar in so you’ll definitely like them.”

Gu Mang looked at her. A momentary absent-mindedness clouded her cool, languid eyes.

At this moment, Meng Jinyang’s eyes looked like an enthusiastic light had entered and garrisoned inside. There was a liveliness that she had not felt for a long time.

It seemed like she was recovering rather well.

Gu Mang twirled a piece of dried mango and took a bite. The aroma was great, the sweetness was not cloying, and it had a concentrated fruity fragrance.

Meng Jinyang ate alongside her, her eyes lowered as if she wanted to say something.

Gu Mang took a glimpse at her. Gu Mang’s arms were propped up on the table, with one delicate hand supporting her chin. “If you have something to say, you can say it.”

Meng Jinyang laughed bashfully. “I can’t hide anything from you, can I?”

Gu Mang raised an eyebrow.

“I was just thinking that I can’t stay here forever.” Meng Jinyang said earnestly. “I have recovered a great deal and I can go out together with you to work and earn money. I heard the nursing fee here is very expensive.”

“You and me together, huh?” Gu Mang picked up a dried mango with her fingertips, changed her posture, and crossed her legs, looking nonchalant and wild. “You are not an adult yet. How are you supposed to earn money with me?” she said.

Meng Jinyang replied blankly, “But you aren’t an adult yet either.”

“I know how to fight,” Gu Mang said cooly.

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