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Chapter 25: Try Not to Stir Things Up

Lu Shangjin hesitated for a while and said carefully, “Going to school is fine, but we are going to have some rules.”

Gu Mang’s chilly eyes grew impatient as she looked up and stared at him.

Her eyes black, bright eyes gave off a cutting chill.

Lu Shangjin tensed up instantly, but he still forced himself to speak. “Try not to stir things up.”

The rules were concise and to the point.

Gu Mang lifted the corner of her lips into a queer, feral smile, as she said unhurriedly, “I’ll be a good student.”

Lu Shangjin rolled his eyes inwardly and thought for a few seconds. “You can go to Ming City High School, then. Lu Yi and Lu Yang are also at that school, so it’ll also be convenient for the chauffeur.”

“No need,” Gu Mang said insipidly, “Jinyang and I will stay on campus.”

Stay on campus?

That’d be good too. At least Gu Mang would still be open to listening to Meng Jinyang.

Meng Jinyang would likely be a good student who would obey the teacher’s instructions.

So, her listening to Jinyang would be equivalent to Gu Mang obeying the teacher’s instructions.

Lu Shangjin asked, “Do you need me to prepare anything else?”

Gu Mang’s fingers casually tapped on the table, “Help me move my motorcycle here from Changning County.”

“Okay, I will send someone to do it in the afternoon.”

Lu Yi and her classmates came out on the weekend to buy some study materials.

She heard that a new restaurant had been opened here so they came to try it. Apparently the food was quite good.

The girls discussed the difficulties they encountered while studying as they walked.

Suddenly, someone in the group pointed in the distance.

“Lu Yi, isn’t that Uncle?” A girl stared blankly at the three people coming out of the restaurant.

They all turned to where she was looking.

Lu Yi turned her head to see Gu Mang’s face.and instantly, her eyes turned grave.

It was her again.

“That girl’s really pretty. Lu Yi, is she your relative?”

Lu Yi gave a faint smile. “No. My dad is helping the poor recently. Maybe she is one of those poor students.”

“Oh.” The girl drew out the vowel, her eyes sizing up the cheap clothes Gu Mang was wearing. The corner of her lips curled up. “Shall we go say hello?”

Lu Yi nodded and walked over. “Papa.”

Lu Shangjin looked at Lu Yi for a moment and asked, “Yi’er, why are you here?”

Lu Yi gave a well mannered smile. “My classmates and I came over to buy some materials, so we’re also getting something to eat here.”

“Hello, Uncle.” The girls greeted Lu Shangjin.

But they couldn’t help turning to look at Gu Mang.

The sun was quite intense. Gu Mang was wearing a black baseball cap and half of her face was darkened by shade.

Her black hair went past her shoulders. Her skin was very fair and her legs were very long.

She had a cool personality and a strong aura about her. Her beautiful facial features were the envy of others.

Her pursed lips revealed a little of her wild attitude.and the raised corner of her eyes were strangely alluring.

She didn’t look like someone to be trifled with.

It was no wonder. She was poor. Destitute environments brought out the wickedness in people. She probably already drifted through the ills of society.

How could she be compared to students of Ming City High School like them?

She only had her looks.

The girl beside her seemed like a pushover. She didn’t look as good either.

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