Gu Mang tipped the brim of her cap and said mildly, “I’ll get going.”

Lu Shangjin nodded and watched as Gu Mang left.

The girls stopped a taxi and Gu Mang opened the car door to let Meng Jinyang in first.

Her hand dangled lightly as she held the door. Her cool, fair wrist was contrasted starkly with the cuffs of her black sweatshirt.

She turned nonchalantly and glanced in their direction and the girls saw Gu Mang’s face. She looked indifferent and languid.

Her black and bright eyes sent chills down people’s spine. For some reason, they felt as though they couldn’t breathe.

After briefly exchanging glances, Gu Mang got in the car.

Lu Shangjin looked away and said, “You girls go and eat. Uncle still has something to do. I’ll get going too.”

“Okay, goodbye Uncle.”

Lu Shangjin nodded. “Yi’er, you should go home early.”

“I got it, Papa,” Lu Yi said lovably.

In the taxi.

Gu Mang rolled up the sleeves of her black sweatshirt. Her wrists were as white as porcelain.

Her wrist hung freely as she leaned against the window languidly. She played a game on her phone with her other hand.

Suddenly, she looked up and murmured, “Stop at the compound up ahead.”

Upon getting out of the taxi, Gu Mang squinted as she averted her eyes from the sun. Her fine eyebrows furrowed, she tipped her cap and slid her hands into her pockets. Her every move was so cool.

Meng Jinyang stared at the entrance of the magnificent looking compound, dumbfounded.

Seal Palace.

She had heard of the name of this compound before. There was a line of apartments with a view of the river. Would they be staying here?

It was said that those who could live here were either wealthy or important people. Most of them came from famous families. or were top-level artists in the entertainment industry.

“Gu Mang.”

Watching Gu Mang’s leisurely gait as she walked, Meng Jinyang quickly caught up to her and grabbed her wrist.

“Mm?” Hi Mang turned to look at her.

Meng Jinyang looked timidly at the compound and whispered, “Gu Mang, is this the place you said you would be taking me to?”

Gu Mang nodded and raised an eyebrow. “What’s wrong?”

Meng Jinyang pursed her lips. “You’re renting a place here? I heard it’s expensive.”

“Is it?”

She hadn’t stayed here since the apartment became hers. When Lin Shuang bought the place, she had given one apartment to her.

Meng Jinyang nodded repeatedly. “It’s really expensive! The people who live here are all children of high-ranking people and top celebrities.”

Gu Mang murmured indifferently in assent, “It’s my friend’s place. She lent it to me at a discounted price.”

Meng Jinyang was stunned.

Seeing Gu Mang’s expressionless face, she had a vague feeling that they were of different worlds.

Gu Mang was really amazing. She could make anything happen.

When the two entered the compound, they were stopped by the security guard.

“What are you doing?” The security guard pointed and shouted at them.

The security guard walked up to them and sized up their cheap attire.

As his gaze went to their faces, it became more and more contemptuous.

Meng Jinyang’s brows furrowed as he stared at them.

“Do you know what this place is?” The security guard asked haughtily. “This is the Seal Palace! Don’t dirty this place, you poor schmucks. Scram.”

They had the cheeks to come here looking so poor. Did she think that she could join the upper class just because she looked pretty?

Gu Mang glanced over, her bloodshot eyes giving off chilly ruthlessness.

A chill instantly crept up from the guard’s back up to the top of his head.

Then he saw the girl pull out a black card from her pocket.

Her slim and clean fingertips held it up.

His expression changed immediately.

His haughty attitude vanished in an instant.

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