My Wife Slaps People in the Face Online Daily

Chapter 27: The Big Shot Taking Action

It was rare and mysterious.

He had been working here for three years and this was the first time he had seen a real black card. He had only seen them in pictures before and yet this girl actually held a black card?!

Thinking of how stupidly he had acted just now, the security guard turned pale. He bowed and said, “I’m sorry, Miss. I’m sorry. I was too stuck up.”

Gu Mang gave him a feral smirk. Her pretty face was cold and she said in a light and unhurried manner, “Eat more to nourish your brain.”

The security guard bowed even lower and a layer of cold perspiration formed on his forehead. “Yes.”

Gu Mang put her hands back into her pocket and held Meng Jinyang as they leisurely walked into the Seal Palace.

At night, Gu Mang watched Meng Jinyang eat half a sleeping pill and fall asleep. Then she headed out.

It was already late in the middle of the night when she returned.

She took off her jacket and groped her way to the bathroom in the dark while holding it.

She closed the door, turned on the light, and dumped the jacket beside the washing machine.

She stored the gun and a picture in a secret compartment.

She opened the tap, washed her hands, and carefully washed every inch of skin.

The corner of her lips slowly curled up.

It was a wild, feral smile.


A low-key black sedan stopped in front of a clubhouse.

A man who gave off a cool and distant vibe stepped out from the car with a hand in his pocket, his thin lips slightly pursed, and a chilly expression on his face.

Qin Fang and He Yidu followed beside the man.

A man in black quickly came up and bowed to receive him. “Young Master Lu.”

Qin Fang looked the person over several times.

His clothes were untidy and rough.

He had never seen a master from the Lu Family look so rough before.

He held back his amusement. “Lu San, this is a little embarrassing. A few of them were enough to do this to you?”

Lu San, who was a large man, was red-faced at the comment. He lowered his head and said, “It was only one.”

He Yidu frowned. “Only one? It only took one person to steal the picture of the Miracle Doctor?”

Were they dealing with a human?

They all knew how strong Lu San was and guards had been posted.

How had someone come in and escape unscathed with the photo?

Was there such a master in this world?

He had never heard of them.

Lu San looked to Lu Chengzhou cautiously.

In the night, the man’s expression remained the same, his dark eyes filled with some interest.

Qin Fang sighed. Anyone with a brain could tell that they had been played.

Yesterday a rumor had spread that the Miracle Doctor was still in Ming City.

Today, when they tried to search, their computers were all hacked before they could begin and data on the Miracle Doctor vanished.

The picture was stolen before it could be duplicated.

Who in the world was this Miracle Doctor?

He was an international hacker and a super spy.

Lu Chengzhou stared at the group of subordinates, his eyes extremely frosty. “You bunch sure brought me great honor.”

Lu San bowed even lower. “I failed.”

“Brother Cheng, what now?” He Yidu asked.

Now that Gu Mang had already stabilized grandmother’s illness, it wasn’t so critical for him to find the Miracle Doctor now.

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