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Chapter 35: Did Something Happen in School Today?

The person in question listened to Xi Yan’s lecture nonchalantly and looked sufficiently studious.

Her pale and beautiful hand propped up her chin. She had a languid, indifferent aura about her. Her eyes were on the blackboard.

Xi Yan was extremely satisfied.

During the last few minutes of class, Xi Yan wondered why the students were so calm. Normally, they would be in a ruckus by now.

The bell rang, but none of the usual troublemaker erupted, for everyone was still looking at Gu Mang.

Xi Yan sighed over Gu Mang’s popularity, dismissed the class, and walked out with her teaching materials.

A crowd of people gathered before the windows of Class Twenty, babbling excitedly.

There were many people passing by the class now.

Gu Mang held her phone in her hand, replying to a message.

Lin Shuang had accepted a mission and she needed Gu Mang’s help tonight.

Right now, chaos was erupting on the campus forum. Gu Mang was the talk of the school.

The young woman’s exquisite eyelids were lowered and she looked extremely beautiful.

In Class One.

After class, Gu Yin was usually surrounded by a crowd of guys for she was now the popular girl of the moment. However, the crowd around her was significantly less today.

Gu Yin asked, puzzled, “Is there something going on at school today? Why has everyone rushed out?”

A boy said, “I heard that two transfer students have arrived in Class Twenty. One of them is called Gu Mang and is rumored to be very pretty, so everyone has gone there to take a peek.”

Upon hearing this, Gu Yin’s hands balled into fists and her pupils contracted.

How did she get into Ming City High School? How did she even enter?

Had she begged Uncle for it?

“What use are good looks? Being in Class Twenty means that her academics sucks.” A boy said obsequiously. “Yinyin, the first monthly tests are arriving. When you rank first in the results, you’ll still be the school beauty.”

Gu Yin smiled humbly. “Don’t say that. Maybe they’re good at studies too.”

The boy scoffed lightly. “If that is so, why are they in that trashy Class Twenty? All the smart students in the year are in our class and you rank first in our year.”

Gu Yin smiled gently but her lowered eyelids hid a cold stare.

“Lu Yi, a particular person is currently the talk of the forum. Someone else has been nominated for school beauty and is pitting you against Gu Yin.” A girl ran up to Lu Yi. “Do you know who it is?”

“How would I know?” Upon hearing the name “Gu Yin” she felt irritated and her tone became unpleasant.

The girl had seen Gu Mang the day she went to buy books with Lu Yi. She smiled and showed her her phone with a picture of Gu Mang on it. “I’d never imagined that she would come to our school.”

Lu Yi did not seem surprised when she saw Gu Mang in the picture, but her eyebrows were knitted together when she saw half of Lu Yang’s face in the picture.

“I’m going to make a call.” Lu Yi rose and took her phone with her.

If Mom knew that Gu Mang was Lu Yang’s classmate, she would definitely get into an argument with Papa.

The door to Lu Shangjin’s office was suddenly pushed open. Lu Shangjin looked up.

Lin Zhou rushed in with an upset expression. She interrogated, “Did you arrange for Gu Mang to enter Ming City High School?”

Lu Shangjin put down the pen in his hand. “What’s the matter?”

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