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Chapter 40: Unwelcome Comments From Outsiders

Lu Yang took Chu Yao and Fatty to the school’s supermarket to buy some things.

“What do girls like to eat?” Lu Yang stuffed his hands in his pockets like a hooligan.

Fatty chuckled. “Brother Yang, are you going to buy something for Sister Mang?”

Lu Yang shot him a glance. “That’s none of your business. Why do you ask so many questions?”

Fatty pouted. “Brother Yang, if you’re going to be so fierce, then I won’t tell you what Sister Mang likes to eat.”

Lu Yang’s eyes narrowed. “As Gu Mang’s deskmate, if I don’t know what she likes to eat, how would you know any better?”

Fatty puffed up his chest, lifted up his head and proudly said, “I really do know!”

Chu Yao rubbed his chin. “I think I saw some lollipops in the compartment underneath Gu Mang’s desk.”

Lu Yang thought seriously for a few seconds. “Could it be that Gu Mang like sweet things?”

Their expressions seemed as though they were discussing national issues of great importance and they still couldn’t come to a conclusion.

Just then, two girls walked past them.

“Do you think what Ms. Luo said was true, that Gu Mang is a very bad student academically and was kicked out of school due to her transgressions?”

“How could Ms. Luo dare to say such things if she wasn’t sure about it? But why would the school accept such a student?”

“I don’t know. She looks very beautiful. Maybe…”

“Shh, be careful what you say. She doesn’t look like one to be trifled with. Let’s go get some food first.”

After the girls left, Fatty turned and looked at Lu Yang cautiously.

The boy’s face was gravely cold. “Where is Luo Songhua’s office?”

Chu Yao replied, “She’s in the same office as Little Xi.”

Luo Songhua taught physics and was in the General Science department.

Lu Yang turned and headed in the direction of the school block, puffed up with anger.

Chu Yao grabbed Fatty to catch up with him, fearing that Lu Yang would really go and give Luo Songhua a beating.

They had hated Luo Songhua for a long time. With something new to hate her for on top of the old grudges, Lu Yang might stir things up if his impulses took over.

He kicked open the door to the General Science office.

The teacher inside was startled. He frowned upon seeing Lu Yang who was pulling a long face.

“Lu Yang, how many times have I told you? You have to knock before you enter the teacher’s office.”

Seeing how angry Lu Yang was, Chu Yao quickly told Fatty to get Gu Mang.

Lu Yang walked straight up to Luo Songhua’s desk. “Are you spreading rumors about Gu Mang?”

Luo Songhua was sitting in the chair and she leaned back. “Lu Yang, are you here to defend Gu Mang? You’re a student and you should act like one. Did Ms. Xi not teach you about respecting teachers?”

Lu Yang sneered coldly. “You’re a teacher? Bullshit! Don’t think you’re a good teacher just because you teach Class One. Just look at yourself. You are in no position to speak about the students of Class Twenty!”

“You!” Luo Songhua stood up abruptly, grimacing. “Show some respect! Don’t think that you can do whatever you want just because your father is the director-general! No students are above a teacher’s criticism!”

“What does Gu Mang’s academic results have anything to do with you? Must you say ugly things about her just because her academic performance isn’t up to par with Class One’s?” Lu Yang glared down at Luo Songhua. “As for what Gu Mang did in the past, do you know her well? Even elementary school students know that they shouldn’t talk about things that they don’t fully understand. You’re quite impressive, huh? In just a few words you turned the whole school against Gu Mang.”

Luo Songhua folded her arms and scoffed, “What kind of good can a student like her do?”

Lu Yang’s lower jaw tightened as he pointed at her. “It’s none of your business! I’m telling you, if you’re not going to apologize to Gu Mang today, there will be no end to this!”

Luo Songhua rolled her eyes and sat back in her chair. She said sharply, “Get out right now. There’ll be consequences for your actions!”

“Let’s see what you can do to me!” Lu Yang instantly burned with anger as he rolled up his sleeves, prepared to stir things up.

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