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Chapter 43: Gu Mang Will Bring Ming City High School Back to Its Former Glory

Fatty could not wrap his head around it. Why was the arrogant and despotic Brother Yang, the school troublemaker, standing up for Gu Mang?

He turned around and asked, “Brother Yang, why are you trying to protect Sister Mang?”

Gu Mang raised her eyebrows as a sign of interest.

Lu Yang cupped his chin and said, “I saw her results before and she has an entire row of zeros, which looks nicer than my own, so I felt like I should yield the throne of being last place to her. From now on, she’s the one I’ll protect!”

Fatty was speechless.

If he had known that he could have gotten Brother Yang to serve him through this method, he should have worked harder to be last place!

News of the bet reached Principal Fu’s ears and he made a call to Lu Shangjin urgently.

If the people under Director-General Lu’s care suffered any embarrassment, he would definitely lose his job.

After hearing Principal Fu describe the events, Lu Shangjin replied calmly, “You don’t have to care about this matter. Gu Mang will settle it on her own.”

The principal thought about it and asked, “Director-General Lu, the results in Gu Mang’s file are fake, right?”

When he first saw Gu Mang’s file, he had not wanted her in his school. However, because he had to give into Lu Shangjin, he could only harden his scalp and enroll her.

Afterwards, he thought about it and realized that things couldn’t be that simple, for how could someone get zeros for every single exam?

Lu Shangjin was a little surprised that Principal Fu managed to understand the situation so quickly, but he did not elaborate further. Instead, he only said, “I heard that Ming City High School has been overshadowed by Experimental High School over the years. Gu Mang will make Ming City High School regain its former glory and will also add much color to your teaching career.”

Principal Fu was shocked.

Gu Mang must be a very special person if Director-General Lu had such faith in her.

The number of students who paid attention in the morning class increased dramatically and even the substitute teachers felt the change in Class Twenty.

However, they still pitied them. Even if they bucked up now, how could they catch up to Class One?

In the afternoon, Gu Mang and Meng Jinyang went to eat in the cafeteria after school.

Lu Yang brought Chu Yao and Fatty and followed them and the five of them sat at a six-seater table.

Gu Mang sat with one leg crossed over the other. Her sleeves were rolled up, revealing her pale, thin arms. Her appearance made her look like a big shot.

Chu Yao and Fatty felt that Gu Mang the Big Shot was not someone they should offend and kept an eye on the enemy while eating cautiously.

It was Meng Jinyang’s first time sitting together with boys at the same table and she was a little reserved.

Gu Mang saw how Meng Jinyang was punching her chopsticks using her fingers and said in an easy-going manner, “I’m going to buy you a cup of hot milk tea.”

She rose, but she did not even take the first step before Lu Yang said hurriedly, “I’ll buy it for you, Sister Mang. What would you and Meng Jinyang like?”

Gu Mang’s eyebrows rose slightly and she looked cool. “Strawberry and mango.”

“Okies.” Lu Yang rushed over to the milk tea shop in the cafeteria.

Meng Jinyang blinked and asked Fatty and Chu Yao in disbelief, “Is Lu Yang really the school troublemaker?”

Fatty and Chu Yao exchanged glances, nodded, and answered in unison, “Yes.”

Meng Jinyang said tactfully, “Knowing someone by reputation can’t compare to meeting them in person.”

Fatty and Chu Yao also thought that Brother Yao had undergone a complete change, and ate in silence.

Upon returning to the classroom, the students could still be heard discussing what had happened in the morning.

“99 percent of the entire school bet that Class One is going to win.”

“Isn’t that a fact?” a girl grumbled. “No one in our class has said they were going to help Gu Mang.”

“Don’t forget, Li Meng, that Luo Songhua was referring to Class Twenty as a whole and not just Gu Mang alone.”

“That’s right. I still have a sense of collective honor. Moreover, Little Xi is so good to us and she always gets mocked by that old witch because of our rotten results. I want to help avenge Little Xi.”

Even though the students in Class Twenty did not have good results, Xi Yan was still very popular.

Li Meng fell silent. She glared at Gu Mang and, suppressing her anger, continued to study.

The atmosphere in Class Twenty was thick and everyone poured their energy into it.

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