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Chapter 44: The Nation’s Best Revision Materials

Lu Yang disappeared somewhere after the first period.

Meng Jinyang walked over and sat beside Gu Mang. “I looked through last week’s test papers. My results are still behind Class One.”

Gu Mang’s hand was cupping her chin and there was an earphone in her ear as she listened to a call. She said to the other party, “Something cropped up. I won’t be taking any requests for the time being, so don’t disturb me.”

She took the earphone out and stuffed it into her pocket with her phone.

She looked at Meng Jinyang. In a clear, cold voice she asked, “Is it really that difficult?”

Meng Jinyang nodded. “Even though we learn the same things, the test’s difficulty level depends on the school.”

Gu Mang had spent several million on private tutors for Meng Jinyang so Meng Jinyang did have a standard in her studies.

Were Ming City High School’s questions this difficult?

She said carelessly, “It’s alright, just do your best.”

Meng Jinyang took in a deep breath. “If only I had Clearwater High School’s papers and internal revision materials. Their practice papers and internal revision materials are the best in the nation.”

Gu Mang narrowed her eyes.

“But they only hand their materials out to their own students and forbid external circulation,” said Meng Jinyang regretfully, before consoling herself. “Never mind. I’ll just have to review properly. There are still three days left.”

Gu Mang returned to the hostel at night and for the first time, Meng Jinyang helped her tidy her bed and table.

Shen Huan stayed in the same dorm as them and she got along well with Meng Jinyang.

The two of them often went to refill water and buy food together.

The moment Gu Mang got into bed, she turned on her computer and started gaming. During a break she opened up an entirely black website and replied to some news.

The webpage was created by the top ten hackers in the world for the purpose of networking.

It was like a deep sea bomb had exploded upon Gu Mang’s appearance.

A Shadow League hacker said, “The f*ck! Arctic Fox! I haven’t seen you in a year! What have you been up to?!

Gu Mang replied, “I’m in school, preparing for the university entrance exams.”

The webpage was silent for over ten seconds.

A hacker then laughed. “Stop fooling around. I’ll hang myself with my mouse cord if you’re actually studying for the university entrance exams!”

Gu Mang did not reply.

You’re the ones who choose not to believe me.

The next day.

Gu Mang went downstairs during the morning reading and received a rectangular express parcel from the security guard.

She tore the box open and threw it into a rubbish bin by the roadside. Inside the parcel was a bunch of examination papers and revision summaries.

They looked like ordinary examination papers with no watermarks.

She carried the paper and materials toward the classroom.

Lu Yang was memorizing Chinese classics when he saw Gu Mang carry the papers in. Shocked, he said with a complicated expression on his face, “Sister Mang, studying last minute won’t work.”

Gu Mang stuffed the papers into her drawer, glanced at Lu Yang, then said solemnly, “Go sit with Shen Huan and get Meng Jinyang to come over.”

Lu Yang looked dejected. “Sister Mang, what did I do wrong to make you abandon me?”

Gu Mang turned her cool, clear eyes on him. “You can come back after the monthly examination ends.”

Upon learning that he was not being sent away indefinitely, Lu Yang agreed readily. “Sure. I’ll be going then.”

Xi Yan did not comment on Meng Jinyang and Lu Yang switching seats.

Gu Mang still looked like she didn’t care, although she was pretty attentive in class and did not sleep. Once class ended, however, she stuffed her earphones in and slept.

She occasionally took out a paper from her drawer for Meng Jinyang to work on. Sometimes, Gu Mang wold take out a thin booklet of revision material during morning reading and pass it to Meng Jinyang to read. Occasionally, there were questions that Meng Jinyang did not know how to solve.

The next day, there would be step-by-step solutions that were scribbled in the blanks. They were so exquisite and outstanding that one could understand the solution instantly.

She looked at the sleeping Gu Mang beside her and back at the paper, blinking doubtfully.

Soon, the first monthly examination for the Year Threes arrived.

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