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Chapter 50: Year Three Department’s Emergency Meeting

Fatty’s mind was a blank. As he stared at Gu Mang, the word “cool” came to mind.

Chu Yao was awestruck. How could a single look from a girl give off such a powerful presence?

Looking at Gu Mang’s bright, black eyes, Lu Yang gulped down his saliva. Even though he couldn’t believe it, he said resolutely, “I believe you! Sister Mang, I believe everything you say!”

Gu Mang gave a sinister smirk.

She stuffed the earphones into her ear and lay down to resume sleeping.

Lu Yang quietly thought to himself, “Perhaps ranking first from the bottom counts as a ‘top student’ too.”

Lu Yang was going to be so humiliated this time! Argh, so be it!

However, when the morning reading session ended, the results were still not out. The form teachers and substitute teachers of each class didn’t show up for the morning reading session. Where did they all go?

The class representatives went to the staffroom but it was empty. The entire Year Three department seemed to have vanished like water boiling to steam.

“What’s going on? Where did the teachers go?”

“I don’t know. Aren’t the results supposed to be out by now? Why haven’t they been announced yet?”

“Is the teacher still coming for the first lesson?”

The Year Three Department’s emergency meeting lasted fifty minutes in the meeting room.

The teachers who had to go for the first period’s lesson left the meeting first.

The remaining teachers were all looking at the results silently.

Four students’ papers were on the conference table.

Chinese, Mathematics, English, General Science.

The students were Meng Jinyang, Gu Yin, Lu Yi, and Shen Huan, who was unheard of.

The teachers looked at each other, at a loss. No one had expected such results.

The Year Head looked at the rankings. Staring at the first spot, his eyebrows were furrowed. He didn’t say anything for some time.

Xi Yan was also staring at the year’s top student.

Meng Jinyang scored 143 for Chinese, 150 for Mathematics, 150 for English, and 300 for General Science for a total score of 743.

Even the questions that Gu Yin and Lu Yi couldn’t solve, Meng Jinyang got them correct.

Meng Jinyang was a new transfer student, so Xi Yan wasn’t sure how her results were in the past. Maybe she was a student with great potential.

As for Shen Huan, although she was in Class Twenty, her results were always within the top ten of the class.

But compared to the Year Three cohort, out of more than 2300 students, she had always ranked near the bottom 300. This time, her results improved by leaps and bounds, pushing her up to the 157th place.

Putting aside Meng Jinyang’s achievements, Shen Huan’s results had already surpassed Class One’s lowest scorer.

As for Gu Mang, she scored 51 for Chinese, 0 for Mathematics, 0 for English, and 0 for General Science for a total of 51, making her the lowest score of the Year Three cohort.

Lu Yang successfully improved by one rank to become the second from the bottom.

Class Twenty’s results were really shocking this time!

Luo Songhua suddenly slapped the conference table and stood up, grim-faced as she said, “This month’s monthly examination results are invalid! I request that Meng Jinyang and Shen Huan be expelled!” If you find any errors ( broken links, non-standard content, etc.. ), Please let us know so we can fix it as soon as possible.