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Chapter 9: It’s That Mother and Child Again

They always went out in the evening and returned past midnight. God knows who they were mingling with!

Lu Yi stared at the third level unemotionally. “Understood.”

The next day.

Gu Mang and Gu Si went down to eat.

They seemed to be in a bad mood and it was worsened by the helper of the Lu residence calling them down to eat so early in the morning.

Their eyes were cold and suffused with a wicked redness.

Lu Yang saw someone sitting down opposite him from his peripheral vision. Without a thought, he lifted his eyes to take a glance and his gaze suddenly froze.

The girl’s head drooped with thick eyelashes obscuring her eyes.

Her complexion did not look good. It was a little pale, but that did not affect her beautiful features.

There wasn’t a lack of pretty high-school girls in Ming City; some were even child stars who rose to fame when they were young. However, none of those girls were as beautiful as this girl.

She was so pretty that people couldn’t look away from her even when she was wearing something plain and dull.

Lu Yi chuckled silently.

Lu Shangjin stared at Gu Mang who was exuding a cold, gloomy aura. “Did you not sleep well yesterday?” he asked, concerned.


Her voice was low and coarse with restrained emotions as she tore open packet after packet of sugar and added them into the milk.

It was only when Lu Shangjin’s teeth started aching from seeing this that she stopped and calmly stirred the mixture with a spoon.

She took a gulp of the warm milk. Her cold expression from before melted a little.

Lu Shangjin couldn’t restrain himself and said, “You should consume less sugar or your teeth might rot.”

Gu Mang lifted up her slightly reddened eyes.

They were pitch-black and carried much depth but they were also sinister and terrifying.

Lu Shangjin was speechless.

Gu Si immediately gave her sister a piece of super sweet cake to appease her.

His sister loved eating sweet stuff, especially things that were cloyingly saccharine.

He suspected she was a sugar goblin in her past life!

At this point, Lu Shangjin coughed, and straightened his back a little to look dignified—he maintained this posture with iron will before delivering the news. “Oh right, Gu Mang. Gu Si’s matter had been settled so the people will be coming over tonight.”

Upon hearing this, Gu Mang raised her eyebrows and showed a faint smile. “Alright. Thank you for the trouble, Uncle Lu,” she said.

Lin Zhou looked around the table and asked with accusatory carelessness, “What’s up with Gu Si?”

Lu Shangjin replied, “We found a school for him. He’s very young, so we cannot delay his studies.”

Lin Zhou laughed out loud and caressed Gu Si’s head with an air of an elder. “Go to school and study well. Don’t let your Uncle Lu down, alright?”

Gu Si had never liked Lin Zhuo. A hint of disgust flashed in his eyes upon being touched by her and the corners of his lips were drawn back to form a feigned smile.

At the traffic light.

Gu Si was fiddling with his curly hair and swearing. “How dare she touch my head! She was really asking for death!”

The pedestrian light turned green. Gu Mang adjusted the brim of her hat to shade her eyes against the sun and walked across the pedestrian crossing.

Gu Si lowered his head to look at his shirt. He had grown taller and it didn’t completely cover him anymore.

“Sis, let’s go to that shop and get some new clothes for me,” he said.

There was a clearance sale at a children’s clothing shop.

20 dollars for one and 50 dollars for three.

Gu Mang raised her delicate eyebrow, hummed, and brought him in.

Qin Fang was seated in the front passenger seat. While waiting at the red light, he saw Gu Mang and Gu Si entering the shop. He was perplexed.

“Brother Cheng, it’s that mother and child again.”

In the back seat, Lu Chengzhou opened his eyes slowly and looked over.

The girl was wearing a hoodie. Her neck was slender and white under the sun.

Her face was dangerously pretty.

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