Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 16: Won’t this prick your conscience?

The morning of the second day:

Ye Wan Wan slept all the way through and woke up slowly.

Then, she considered her makeup for the day.

Although her previous horrendous makeup had caused her to suffer quite a bit, it was her shield–it helped her escape from her problems. Without it, she was afraid that she couldn’t go to school anymore. It was, after all, the first awakening of love for teenage boys and girls in high school. If she showed her true self and a guy confessed his love for her, it would be over for her.

Furthermore, the most important thing for her now was to please Si Ye Han. Since Si Ye Han liked how she looked before, she didn’t mind making a sacrifice to keep him happy.

With such a rare chance to be reborn, even if she couldn’t wait to be herself again, she knew that until she was strong enough, things like this didn’t matter.

Ye Wan Wan then put on her usual makeup and wore a shiny green wig.

When Ye Wan Wan went downstairs, she didn’t see Si Ye Han around, but the Lin Que fellow was there again.

He was speaking to someone excitedly when he raised his eyes and saw her. He immediately spat out his coffee——

“Uwaaagh! My eyes!!!”

Ye Wan Wan rolled her eyes at him, that was nothing to be surprised about.

Her eyes swept around the room downstairs and realized that not only was Lin Que around but Si Ye Han’s good friend, Xie Zhe Zhi, was there as well.

Xie Zhe Zhi’s glittering peach blossom eyes looked up at Ye Wan Wan, focusing on her hair. He was stunned, obviously shocked by her, “Lin 2nd, this is why you woke me up at 5 in the morning to rush to the Jin garden to see… a surprise? Well, it’s quite a surprise indeed. Little Ye’s style is getting more and more creative I see!”

“No! No, yesterday she was… Yesterday she didn’t have any makeup on and was really beautiful. I was speechless…” Lin Que explained.

Xie Zhe Zhi laughed so hard, “Yes yes yes, I can see that she’s really beautiful. Don’t worry, you can also find yourself someone with this style like 9th brother did.”

Lin Que had no way of explaining himself and just stared at Ye Wan Wan.

Ye Wan Wan raised her brows, “Why’re you looking at me? Putting on makeup is a girl’s most basic form of respect for others, don’t you know?”

The corners of Lin Que’s mouth twitched, “You are so respectful…”

At this moment, there was the sound of footsteps above them–Si Ye Han was awake.

He looked downstairs and when his gaze fell upon Ye Wan Wan, he didn’t show any reaction.

He was, if anything, the one with the strongest mentality– he did not even bat an eyelid when he saw her like that.

Ye Wan Wan didn’t forget that it was utterly important to please and show her sincerity to Si Ye Han so that he would trust her and be assured. So she skipped towards Si Ye Han to fish for compliments, “9th master 9th master, do I look good today?”

Since Si Ye Han had an acquired taste, her current look should please him, right?

Si Ye Han looked at the sparkling eyes in front of him begging for compliments and the radiant expression on her face. He was gloomy the entire night because of her leaving but seeing this cheered him up a bit, “Yep.”

Ye Wan Wan was elated, she was right!

Lin Que could not bear to look. 9th brother, doesn’t this prick your conscience?

Looking at how Ye Wan Wan and Si Ye Han were getting along so well, Xie Zhe Zhi was a little taken aback as he raised his brows and his fingers lightly tapped his chin. Behind his dashing face was a man deep in thought. If you find any errors ( broken links, non-standard content, etc.. ), Please let us know so we can fix it as soon as possible.