Priceless Baby’s Super Daddy

Chapter 11: She Has a Child?

In the end, Xu Xiyan first called her, “Orange, I have arrived, just in front of you!”

Fang Xiaocheng looked at the strange woman’s gorgeous face in front of her and was obviously stunned. When she realized who it was, she cried and rushed over.

“You woman, you have been away for five years. Such a cruel girl. Are there too many handsome guys overseas keeping you there? Do you even think about me, your friend?”

Right. It was Xu Xiyan.

Although her makeup technique was superb, and even Fang Xiaocheng failed to recognize her, the little bear keychain hanging on her bag was a birthday present from Fang, and she was still keeping it!

The two women hugged each other. Listening to Fang Xiaocheng babbling, Xu Xiyan was very happy, so happy that she was almost in tears.

“You are better than all handsome foreign guys combined.”

Xu Xiyan let go of her and looked at her with tears.

For so many years, the person she had missed the most was Fang Xiaocheng. They used to go to school together and laugh together. Each day was so precious.

“Smooth talker as always.” Fang Xiaocheng looked at her up and down and laughed. “Your makeup technique is f**king awesome! I didn’t even recognize it. I haven’t seen you in five years. How are you so slim still? Look at me…”

Xu Xiyan also chuckled. “You look good, too, resembling an orange more and more.”

“The orange is round, sista.” Fang Xiaocheng expressed deep concern for her growing weight. If she continued like this, she would soon become a grapefruit.

If she could, she really hoped that she could change her name to Fang Xiaokuai and become more and more slim like chopsticks. (Translator’s note: “xiaokuai” means little chopsticks)

“Hello aunt orange. I am little cherry. We are all members of the fruit family!”

Fang Xiaocheng felt that someone was pulling her clothes and looked down. There was a little kid on the floor with beautiful dimples as she smiled away.

What a cute girl. Her heart was immediately melted.

“Cherry? Where is the kid from?”

Xu Xiyan pulled her daughter over and introduced, “My daughter, Ying Bao, just turned 4 this year.”

Hearing that, Fang Xiaocheng felt she was struck by lightning, letting out a yelp holding her head.

“You, you… Since when do you have a daughter?”

“Why didn’t you tell me before… I didn’t have any mental preparation…”

“This child… You are married? With whom… My God… This must be a dream…”

Fang Xiaocheng slammed her head three times, and then opened her eyes. Little cherry did not disappear.

So, everything was real?!

“Aunt Orange, hug!”

Ying Bao loves Fang Xiaocheng and took the initiative to spread her arms for a hug.

The one thing Fang Xiaolan couldn’t refuse was a child acting cute. She picked Ying Bao up and felt overwhelmed.

Xu Xiyan actually had a child?

Xu Xiyan actually had a 4-year-old daughter?

She had a child without any news of getting married?!

On the way back, Fang Xiaocheng had been groaning, “Going abroad without a word and giving birth to the baby yourself… Xu Xiyan, you are really…”

No one is more stupid than you.

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