Priceless Baby’s Super Daddy

Chapter 33: Xu Xiyan, Well Done!

Seeing that she was sweating hard and talking normally, everyone realized the girl who’d been hit wasn’t injured. They breathed a sigh of relief.

Xu Xiyan did not recognize Huang Guoqiang, as he had worn a flu mask, and she continued to beg.

But Huang Guoqiang did recognize and remember her. She was the one who had intruded on his lunch with Qi Liya earlier.

She had a striking appearance, so it was easy to remember her at a glance.

Huang Guoqiang interrupted her.

“You were at the mass-audition? Which role are you auditioning for?”

“Yao Yue. The role I went online to apply for the mass-audition was Yao Yue.”

Xu Xiyan was almost bursting with joy as the director spoke. Was he willing to give her a chance?

Oh, the character is a palace maiden, the director thought.

Judging by her looks, this woman is more than qualified to play the part.

Huang Guoqiang understood her request and decided on the spot.

“Good. Yao Yue is yours. You will report directly to the production crew next Wednesday.”

Directly…report? Huh? Doesn’t he want to see my performance?

The surprise caught Xu Xiyan like a delicious pie to the face.

Huang Guoqiang’s assistant handed Xu Xiyan a business card.

Xu Xiyan was so happy that she felt like jumping up and down as she took the business card, bowing at him repeatedly in gratitude.

“Thank you, Mr. Huang! Thank you, Mr. Huang…”

“Goodbye, Mr. Huang!” Xu Xiyan waved as the van drove away. She was filled with joy, finally believing that opportunities will go to those who prepare and persevere.

But in reality, opportunities will always be given to the fearless and the thick-skinned.

Xu Xiyan, well done! You did it!

In filming, there was rarely a shortage of extras, but the reason why Huang Guoqiang had been so ready to give her a role was the way she’d risked her life in her determination to chase his van. The other, bigger reason was that he was afraid that she would spread gossip of his date with Qi Liya.

If he could keep her mouth shut by offering her a minor role, why not?

After Xu Xiyan had successfully landed the role, she rushed home. She saw Fang Xiaocheng and Ying Bao fiddling at the computer, installing a software for livestreaming.

Ever since Fang Xiaocheng found out that Ying Bao had been doing livestreams, she had become fascinated by the idea, and began looking into livestreaming, herself. She couldn’t wait to start one with Ying Bao, too.

Fang Xiaocheng held Ying Bao’s little hand and said, “My dear little cherry, can you teach Auntie how to do a livestream? I’ll let you sell whatever you want in Auntie Orange’s flower shop, and we’ll make lots of lots of moneys together! And then we’ll go buy you the best daddy ever, okay?”

The little cutie couldn’t resist the temptation to buy a daddy. She happily agreed, “Yes! Yes! Tonight’s livestream, I will do with Mommy! You can watch us and learn, and then you will try. We’ll make a new team called “The Fyoot Team, okay?”

Fang Xiaocheng didn’t understand Ying Bao’s childish babbling, “What? What? The Fyoot Team?”

Sometimes the things Ying Bao said were difficult to understand, so Xu Xiyan would need to step in and explain her words.

“She meant fruit. The Fruit Team.”

“…” Fang Xiaocheng realized what Ying Bao had been saying and laughed, “Oh my little cherry, you are so talented! Yes, cherry and orange! We are the Fruit Team! Yeah!”

Fang Xiaocheng raised her hand and gave the little cutie a high-five. They had such good chemistry.

Xu Xiyan came over with a plate of fruit.

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