Priceless Baby’s Super Daddy

Chapter 46: Acting All Weak and Frail in Front of Prince Charming

The two tried to re-launch their attack. This time, Xu Xiyan caught one of them head-on, grabbing his head. As she was preparing to hit two of the assailants’ head together, a car stopped abruptly in front of them.

Xu Xiyan raised her head and noticed that it was Huo Yunshen’s car. In just the span of a few seconds, Yi Xiao came out from the car with a few hired muscles, charging both of the assailants. Huo Yunshen followed them out of the car in his wheelchair.

As soon as Xu Xiyan saw that it was her prince charming emerging from the car, she became anxious. She didn’t want Huo Yunshen to see her masculine side.

She quickly threw both of her assailants on the floor and sat down crying. She was trying to act weak and frail in front of Huo Yunshen.

Along with the bodyguards, Yi Xiao quickly apprehended the two assailants.

Huo Yunshen maneuvered his electronic wheelchair toward Xu Xiyan. He looked at her, worried.

“Xu Xiyan, are you hurt?”

If he hadn’t asked Yi Xiao to drive him to the eastern suburb to settle some business, Huo Yunshen would have never learned that Xu Xiyan was working as a stunt double for “The Root of Evil.” He was worried for her, as it was almost midnight and he wanted to take her home.

Xu Xiyan looked at Huo Yunshen with tears in her eyes. She ran over to him and hugged his legs. “Mr. Huo! Thank god! I thought I would’ve been in such trouble if it wasn’t for you.”

The two unlucky assailants heard her wailing to Huo Yunshen and twitched their lips. Seriously girl? Can’t you be a little more honest? If it weren’t for these people appearing at the right time, both of us could be in a hospital by now…

Huo Yunshen looked at this poor lady and started to worry.

He offered Xu Xiyan his hand and pulled her up. “Wipe your tears. Come on, let’s get into the car.” He handed her his handkerchief.

Xu Xiyan stopped “crying” as soon as they stepped into the car. She pulled her sleeves intentionally to hide the bruises from the shoot.

Huo Yunshen noticed that Xu Xiyan was covered in dust, and handed her a hot towel.

“Here. You can wipe yourself with this.”

“Oh, Thank you.” As Xu Xiyan stretched her hand to take the towel from Huo Yunshen, her sleeve rolled up a little, exposing the bruises on her arm.

Huo Yunshen noticed them, and his face darkened. He quickly grabbed her hand and rolled her sleeve all the way up to check her injuries.

Her arm is covered in bruises! What about the other arm? Are there any bruises in other areas as well?

Huo Yunshen tightened his expression. “Did those people who assaulted you cause these?”

“No, not at all!” Xu Xiyan smiled, withdrawing her hand, acting all strong and sturdy.

Huo Yunshen began thinking that she sustained the injuries when she was substituting as a stunt double.

He had studied “The Root of Evil” beforehand and understood that it was a gangster movie filled with all sorts of fighting scenes.

What blew Huo Yunshen’s mind was why a fragile girl like Xu Xiyan would want to act as a stunt double.

“Xu Xiyan! A stunt double! Really?! With your acting potential, you could become a mainstream actress.”

When Xu Xiyan raised her head and looked at Huo Yunshen, his eyes were filled with coldness, and a touch of anger could be heard in his voice.

Huo Yunshen was actually worried about her. With her potential and some guidance, she could definitely become a huge star.

Xu Xiyan cleaned her face and smiled at Huo Yunshen,

“Thank you for your confidence in me, Mr. Huo. But I’m fine. I’ve been working as a stunt double for a while now. These types of injuries are normal for me. They’ll heal in a few days.”

Geez…This lady. Even if she’s not worried about getting hurt, I’m worried for her!

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