Professional Body Double

Chapter 19 – YanMingXiu Is JealousZhouXiang hasn’t gotten drunk in a long time. When he awakened and turned over, he felt his body lightened. Then he fell and slumped to the ground. Drowsily opening his eyes, he realized that he was sleeping on the couch with a blanket over his body in the living room.

ZhouXiang can’t remember how he got home, but as long as he got back safely is all that mattered.

“You’re up?”

ZhouXiang is startled. He turned his head and sees YanMingXiu sitting in front of the dining table staring at him coldly.

ZhouXiang’s entire body felt sore, having been tightly squished sleeping on the couch the entire night. The discomfort is obvious. “My waist hurts really bad, ouch.” ZhouXiang climbed onto the couch and complained, “You just let me sleep on the couch ah.”

YanMingXiu’s furor had not yet subsided, snorting, “You stink. Should I have let you sleep on the bed?”

ZhouXiang innately thought, it’s my bed, but getting drunk is really annoying to people. This is also good, save him from having to wash the sheets.

He dazedly shuts his eyes, feeling a headache; he didn’t even want to move.

YanMingXiu puts a cup on the glass table and raised his voice, “You’re not going to ask how you got back?”

“Ah? So how did I get back? Who took me back?” He thought that it should be CaiWei.

“A young attractive guy,” YanMingXiu sat down on the couch next to him and says in a grimly tone, “You’re quite charming. If I wasn’t home yesterday, you guys probably would have woken up in bed together today, right?”

ZhouXiang tried hard to remember. Could it have been LanXiRong who took him home? Besides him and CaiWei, no one knows where he lives.

ZhouXiang tilted his chin and blinked a few times, “Ahhhh, I know who it is, my colleague.” He cracked a smile, “Jealous?”

YanMingXiu flew into a rage, “Don’t be so full of yourself.” After saying that, he stood up, grabbed his keys, slammed the door and left.

ZhouXiang stared blankly at the empty couch. Unfortunately, he has a very bad hangover. He really didn’t have much energy to ponder too much over this. He wobbled into the bedroom, flopped down onto the bed and very quickly fell asleep.

When he woke up, the sun was setting. ZhouXiang got up and took a shower. Then changed the sheets and ate something.

He found his cell phone on the bottom of the couch that had been dropped during his drunkenness. When he turned it on, there were a bunch of missed calls and text messages from LanXiRong.

ZhouXiang gave him a call back. After it got connected, LanXiRong’s low voice sounded from the other side, “Xiang Ge, why did you just turn on your phone now?”

“Really bad hangover, phone dropped under the couch,” ZhouXiang massaged his temple. “Was it you that took me home yesterday? Sorry to have troubled you.”

“Why are you so courteous with me?” LanXiRong sighed and softly asked, “Is that man your boyfriend?”

ZhouXiang vaguely responded with a ‘hmm,’ “You saw him.” YanMingXiu can’t be considered as his boyfriend. After all, there had never been any promises of commitment between them. At most, they can only be considered as companionship? He also doesn’t know how to define this relationship he has with YanMingXiu.

“Xiang Ge, you…”

ZhouXiang listened to his stuttering words and asked, “What’s wrong?”

“Do you like him?” After LanXiRong asked, he wanted to retract this stupid question, but it was too late.

ZhouXiang responded bluntly, “Like ah, we get along fine.”

LanXiRong was silent for a moment, “Didn’t you say you were going to treat me for a meal? When?”

“Let me see, this weekend, I’m busy with work these coming few days.”

“Okay. But don’t bring your boyfriend, okay?”

“What’s the matter?”

“You’re treating me to a meal, why do you need to bring him for?”

Both ZhouXiang and YanMingXiu don’t interfere with each other’s lives, so he didn’t think too much about it, “Fine, I won’t bring him.”

LanXiRong sighed with relief, “Then I’ll wait for your call.”

After ending the call, ZhouXiang thought of YanMingXiu leaving after slamming the door. Did he misunderstand between him and LanXiRong?

Although his bad temper was a bit baffling, thinking that YanMingXiu might have been jealous because of him made him secretly delighted. He immediately called YanMingXiu.

The phone rang a few times and then was hung up.

Aiiiighh…his temper is quite big.

ZhouXiang thought about it and continued to call a few times. At last, YanMingXiu finally picked it up and asked impatiently, “What?”

ZhouXiang smiled, “I just woke up. Didn’t see your face when I woke up. Where are you?”

“At work.”

“Are you coming back for dinner tonight?”


“Still angry?”

YanMingXiu didn’t respond.

“The guy last night is a little brother from before. He’s just being nice in taking me home. You can’t just be seeing a cute guy and think that there is something between us, right? We’re just friends.”

“Why won’t I think so? That man looked at me like an enemy.”

“How can that be? He also drank too much. When people drink too much, they don’t act normal. Don’t think too much. Baby, are you jealous?” ZhouXiang softly smiled.

YanMingXiu was a little resentful as he coldly responded, “You’re the one thinking too much. I just want you to remember our agreement. Don’t involve yourself with other people, otherwise don’t bother to come looking for me.”

ZhouXiang wanted to laugh while thinking of YanMingXiu’s grimace appearance on the other end of the phone, “Don’t worry. Right now, besides you, my heart has no space for any other. Don’t be angry. Come back for dinner tonight, okay? What do you want to eat? I’ll make it for you.”

YanMingXiu finally felt a bit better, but still reluctantly replied, “Make whatever you want.”

At about 6ish in the evening, YanMingXiu came home. ZhouXiang was watching TV while cooking. When he saw him, he smiled, “You’re back.”

After saying that, he walked over to hug YanMingXiu, giving him a big kiss, squinting his eyes at him, “So attractive when you’re jealous.”

YanMingXiu frowned, “I’ve said, you think too much.” After saying that, he pushed him away and went to change his clothes.

When he came out, the food was ready. ZhouXiang gave YanMingXiu a bowl of soup while humming a small tune, “Come, drink while it’s hot.”

YanMingXiu glanced at ZhouXiang’s homely appearance wearing an apron, he actually looked a bit dashing; his long slender finger holding on the china tableware brought with it a tinge of distinctive flavor.

The TV just happened to be on an entertainment program and the host’s voice excitedly announced the guest that was invited today, LanXiRong.

ZhouXiang couldn’t help but look up at the TV. LanXiRong was wearing a casual suit, smiling on TV.

YanMingXiu also followed his gaze and looked toward the TV, his face turned gloomy.

ZhouXiang realized that YanMingXiu was not happy because of the person on TV so he quickly turned back and grabbed the remote control intending to change the channel.

But YanMingXiu immediately grab the remote control and glanced at him fiercely, then turned to watch the TV.

The host began to happily announce LanXiRong’s overseas box office sales and his upcoming new record. When LanXiRong talked about his huge popularity in the past year, he began to systematically thank various people. Finally, he smiled and said that he especially wanted to thank the big brother who took special care of him when he was still a no-namer model.

ZhouXiang raised an eyebrow and lowered his head to eat.

YanMingXiu asked, “Is that you?”

“Nah, it can’t be. What can a martial-arts stuntman help him with?”

Later when the host asked him a deeper question about his hard working experience, it is unknown whether LanXiRong did it intentional or not, he quickly stated “Xiang Ge.” He said it so fast that it was hardly noticeable but the two people watching it on the other side of the TV most definitely heard it.

ZhouXiang glanced at YanMingXiu.

YanMingXiu snorted, “You guys have a very good relationship.”

ZhouXiang finally felt a bit bitter. YanMingXiu’s jealousy is quite adorable but this is very strange and a bit annoying.

It wasn’t like YanMingXiu caught him in bed with someone. This is just a bunch of little things linked together. What is the meaning of YanMingXiu’s acting so unreasonable and ridiculous? It’s as if he was deliberately trying to stir up something.

ZhouXiang sighed, “He really had a hard time back then. We’re both from the same company. I helped him a bit. It was nothing much. MingXiu, why are you being like this? Still mad over this?”

YanMingXiu slammed the chopsticks on the table. ZhouXiang spoke of him as though he’s an unreasonable bitter wife so he couldn’t control his anger from rising. His instinct tells him that LanXiRong’s thoughts on ZhouXiang are abnormal, definitely not as simple as an ordinary friendship.

YanMingXiu wanted to get angry, but since ZhouXiang has said it to such an extent. If he was to get angry, then it would seem like what ZhouXiang said was right. He clenched his fist fiercely, then released it. He turned off the TV and restrained his anger while turning around and uttered, “Just eat.”

ZhouXiang scooped a spoonful of soup for him and said softly, “MingXiu, don’t be upset. I, ZhouXiang, will do what I say. Since I’m with you, I won’t involve myself with anyone else.”

YanMingXiu looked up at him fixedly, “I hate that person. I don’t want you to see him anymore, okay? ”

ZhouXiang revealed a distressed expression, “MingXiu, we’re from the same company.”

“Then don’t see him privately.”

ZhouXiang smiled forcefully, “MingXiu….. We said that we won’t interfere with each other’s lives.”

YanMingXiu looked enraged but tried to suppress it.

ZhouXiang is shocked. He couldn’t believe that YanMingXiu would reveal such fierce expression.

YanMingXiu let out a long sigh, “You’re right. I can’t control it,” After saying that, he lowered his head and ate quietly.

ZhouXiang also immersed himself in eating. But this meal is laden with heavy-hearted anxieties and troubles. He really felt that his relationship with YanMingXiu had changed.

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