Professional Body Double

Chapter 30 – Starting to See ZhouXiang Differently

When YanMingXiu came back in the evening, he found ZhouXiang looking at him strangely.

YanMingXiu had been agitated by the gradual approaching of his sister and WangYuDong’s engagement ceremony so he hasn’t really looked at ZhouXiang for many days. Bunching his brows, “What’s wrong? Why are you looking at me like that?”

ZhouXiang reacted quickly, “It’s nothing. I see that you’ve been absent-minded recently. Even if you’re busy at work, don’t get yourself so worked up.”

YanMingXiu faintly responded with, “Yeah.”

ZhouXiang walked over and patted his face. “It’s so unlike you to be like this. Why don’t you take a few days off? I’m afraid that it’s not safe for you drive in your condition.”

“I’m fine.”

YanMingXiu grabbed his hand and put it behind his back, then buried his face in his neck, gently biting along his sexually appealing collarbone.”

ZhouXiang softly asked, “Have you eaten yet?”

“Yeah,” YanMingXiu pressed him onto the couch and kissed him while pulling his clothes. The two had not done it for four to five days so as soon as they touched each other’s bodies, their lust is instantly ignited.

When YanMingXiu was vigorously thrusting into him from behind, ZhouXiang gasped and laughed softly, “Why do you like the back position so much?”

YanMingXiu’s movement slowed down. ZhouXiang moaned unbearably as he was forced to feel YanMingXiu scorching hot throbbing member inside of him.

YanMingXiu lowered his head and uttered hoarsely, “Can get deeper this way.” His hand lingered and gently caressed and stroked ZhouXiang’s naked back, his glistening smooth back, constantly curved into seductive lines from his thrusts, aroused his desires to blistering heights.

Although their backs are very similar, YanMingXiu is also clearly aware that he is becoming less and less able to pretend that ZhouXiang is WangYuDong. When he is fervently thrusting into this person, he no longer imagined that the person pressed beneath him is WangYuDong. He knew that the man who could bring him the ultimate thrills of pleasure, the man whose body is astonishingly compatible with his, is ZhouXiang.

Because ZhouXiang has been busy with the annual meeting, he’s been out a lot more frequently every day. Sometimes when YanMingXiu comes home and can’t see him, he’d feel agitated.

This night when YanMingXiu returned home, ZhouXiang was once again not home so he just went into the study to go online.

Searching the website, he inadvertently stumbled upon a gossip story that was more than half a month ago. The headline read, “LanXiRong and a friend drinking coffee, chatting happily.” The photo was obviously taken secretly without their knowledge. Even though the person’s backdrop is very blurry, YanMingXiu immediately recognized at a glance that the person sitting opposite of LanXiRong is ZhouXiang. Looking at the date, it was the second day of their big fight.

YanMingXiu suppressed himself from closing the webpage. His hand hesitated for a long time between the mouse and the phone. But in the end, he didn’t call ZhouXiang to ask him about this. However, his apprehensions and dislike toward LanXiRong increased day by day.

Although ZhouXiang promised him that there was nothing between him and LanXiRong, YanMingXiu could never forget the expression he first saw on LanXiRong when they first met, that kind of hostile, hateful look. He definitely doesn’t believe that LanXiRong only saw ZhouXiang as a friend.

When YanMingXiu thought of the two belonging to the same company and may be meeting in some places that he can’t see, laughing and talking as they are in this picture, he wished that ZhouXiang would resign. Not being able to get WangYuDong had already made him filled him with frustration. But if he even can’t even control ZhouXiang, then he, YanMingXiu, is a complete loser.

It just so happened that at this time, ZhouXiang came home. Not only did he come back, he also brought YanMingXiu his late-nigh snack.

YanMingXiu didn’t have any appetite. When he opened the door, he asked, “You saw LanXiRong on the 28th of last month?”

ZhouXiang was a bit startled as he tried to recall. Then he remembered that was the day he gave LanXiRong back his cell phone. He cautiously observed YanMingXiu’s expression, fearing that he would get angry again.

He lowly muttered, “I was returning the phone to him. How did you know about that?”

YanMingXiu smiled sarcastically, “It’s already in the entertainment gossip. Why? So absorbed in your chatting that you didn’t even know that someone had secretly taken your picture?”

ZhouXiang sighed weakly. He’s really tired of dealing with YanMingXiu’s temper. He just wanted to turn around and leave.

Fortunately this time YanMingXiu didn’t intend to make it hard for him. He just expressionlessly took the late-night snack from his hand and muttered, “Good timing, I’m hungry.”

ZhouXiang breathed a sigh of relief, but at the same time started to worry about something else. What if YanMingXiu knows that he and LanXiRong are going to be shooting in the same film? What will happen?

However, he hasn’t read the script. Maybe he and LanXiRong won’t have any scenes together. No matter what, he would never give up on such a good opportunity. Besides, this time he must also be WangYuDong’s martial arts stuntman. Even if he wants to hide, he can’t avoid LanXiRong. If he can hide this from YanMingXiu a day at a time, he just wants to keep doing that.

ZhouXiang felt extremely exhausted when he thought of YanMingXiu going ballistic after finding out about this.

Since he found out about YanMingXiu’s family background, he felt that the distance between the two of them has reached to the point where it is very far away. He no longer harbored any hope that his relationship with YanMingXiu would last, nor does he know the meaning of them continuing to be involved in this moment.

Even if he understands, he can’t convince himself to give up. So with each calming peaceful days, ZhouXiang especially cherished it. He really didn’t want for anything to complicate the matters.

The end of the year is quickly approaching, ZhouXiang was extremely busy. Just the procurement activities is already enough to make him busy non-stop for days. These days he actually saw President Wang who rarely appeared in the company twice. Hearing from his mouth, ZhouXiang found out that WangYuDong’s engagement banquet will be held during the New Year’s holiday. After the holiday, WangYuDong will be going on a vacation with his fiancée. This just so happened to coincide with the launching ceremony of the new movie, with this date already set previously. Director Wang is very displeased. It was heard that he even tore his wedding invitation.

When President Wang said these words, he was very displeased. “So many artists and media will be attending the launching ceremony, how would it look if the male lead doesn’t attend? This date was determined by the fortune master and was decided by everyone. Just because he had vacation plans with Miss Yan, he asked all of us to change the time. How is this reasonable? Now the two are in a deadlocked, not knowing whether the film can even start shooting smoothly.”

President Wang likely thought that ZhouXiang is not one to gossip and can be trusted. The heart of the matter is that ZhouXiang had no influence in the circle so things that he normally won’t talk to others about, he will tell him. ZhouXiang echoed President Wang words. Anyway, he was also displeased with WangYuDong.

President Wang suddenly remembered something. “Hey? Didn’t you say that you don’t want to be his stuntman? Why did I hear CaiWei say that you’re going to do it? Last time he asked you to stay, was it to talk about this?”

ZhouXiang responded with, “Yeah, he said that he’s afraid that the newbies won’t have the experience. He still hoped that I will do it.”

President Wang patted him on the shoulder, “That’s also not a bad thing, just a bit tiring. CaiWei negotiated very good pay for you, guaranteed to make you satisfied.”

ZhouXiang smiled reluctantly, “That, I’m satisfied as long as I can make money.”

Before the New Year’s arrived, the news of WangYuDong’s impending engagement was already widely spread on the Internet, generating a lot of attention and also giving his fans enough mental preparation. WangYuDong poisedly admitted publicly that he will be engaged on New Year’s Day. To protect his fiance’s privacy, the engagement ceremony will only be inviting close relatives and friends. He didn’t want cause them any disturbance.

Once this news got out, many of his fans were heartbroken. Everyone tried to guess who WangYuDong’s mysterious fiancée is. Although most of the gossiping news is not very reliable, one thing is certain, and that is, this women’s background is definitely not minor. Before the year ended, WangYuDong once again succeeded in generating publicity from another heated topic.

When ZhouXiang came home, YanMingXiu was at home. ZhouXiang couldn’t help but ask him, “Your older sister is getting engaged to WangYuDong?”

YanMingXiu turned his face, the calm expression that he had exhibited previously suddenly changed, “Why are you asking about that?”

ZhouXiang thought that YanMingXiu was being apprehensive of him (ZhouXiang) because he was asking about his family’s business so he immediately voiced, “Isn’t she your older sister? I’m just casually asking. If you don’t want to say, that’s fine.”

YanMingXiu has been terribly upset and confused, so much that he didn’t even want to go to the engagement ceremony. He was worried that he wouldn’t be able to control himself. With much difficulty, he asked, “What rumors did you hear?”

ZhouXiang shook his head and pretended not to know, “I didn’t hear anything.”

YanMingXiu didn’t believe him. Even on the internet, there are many speculations regarding his sister’s identity. ZhouXiang is in the entertainment circle, how could he not know? YanMingXiu didn’t deliberately hide his family’s identity from him. Back then, he just didn’t think it was necessary for ZhouXiang to know and now how he also didn’t want to tell ZhouXiang. He is worried that ZhouXiang’s attitude towards him will change. If ZhouXiang starts to acts like all the others and grovel at him, he will feel disgusted.

However, seeing ZhouXiang acting as though he is not in the least bit concerned made YanMingXiu curious. He couldn’t help but ask, “So many people are trying to figure out who my sister is, don’t you want to know?”

ZhouXiang drank a mouth of water and nonchalantly replied, “Must be well-matched with WangYuDong.”

YanMingXiu raised his eyebrows, with ZhouXiang’s attitude; it really saved him the trouble (because he didn’t want to tell him). But it also made him feel quite confused.

ZhouXiang glanced at him, seeming to know what he’s thinking. He walked over to sit on his lap and smile as he pulled his neck close, “We’ve been together for almost a year, you didn’t even mention your family so I’m going to guess that you don’t want to tell me. I also don’t want to ask. It doesn’t affect anything, right?”

YanMingXiu narrowed his eyes at him and says softly, “Right.”

ZhouXiang leaned close and licked his lips. YanMingXiu slightly lifted his chin and their kiss lingered. Then as expected, this turned into an episode of intensive passionate sex.

YanMingXiu is now even more dependent on ZhouXiang. Before, he would look for WangYuDong’s shadow in ZhouXiang. Now he relied on ZhouXiang to forget about WangYuDong and his sister. This strong contrast between the previous and the present actually occurred unexpectedly in a very peaceful manner, so peaceful that he didn’t even know when this change in his mind occurred. He only knew that when he and ZhouXiang are making frenzied passionate love, he could forget a lot of his troublesome matters.

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