Professional Body Double

Chapter 36 – Heated Argument…WangYuDong’s Favor

ZhouXiang drove home.

This is the home that he had lived in from when he was born… for the last 30 years. And now because of one person, he hasn’t dared to go home for several days.

It was him who took this person home but now he has to drive this person out. The proud and arrogant YanMingXiu likely won’t be able to withstand the humiliation of being kicked out.

In YanMingXiu’s heart, perhaps he was just a competent housekeeper and bed partner, completely dispensable.

When he got home, the lights were on. YanMingXiu had already returned.

ZhouXiang took a deep breath and opened the door with his key.

YanMingXiu was sitting on the sofa, staring at him coldly.

ZhouXiang did what he would habitually do whenever he came home; he took off his jacket and hung it near the door, changed his shoes into a pair of slippers and put the keys on top of the shoe rack. Every time he comes home, this is what he would do. YanMingXiu had seen this many times. This familiar scene in front of him is as if nothing had happened between them, only that YanMingXiu had returned home before him.

ZhouXiang used his life’s biggest determination, remaining calm on the surface and walked over to look around the home, then asked indifferently, “You still haven’t packed up your stuff yet? I’ll help you.”

YanMingXiu’s expression changed dramatically. He bolted from the sofa and grabbed ZhouXiang’s collar and raised his fist, coming close to punching him.

ZhouXiang instantly grab his wrist and looked at him, reluctant to show his weakness.

YanMingXiu gnashed his teeth, “What the hell is actually going on with you? Are you fucking out of your mind? To quarrel to this point!”

ZhouXiang swatted his hand away and gloomily professed, “You were drunk that night. You came back, hugged and kissed me, but your mouth was calling for ‘Dong Ge’. I am just a stuntman. I can’t be compared a bit to your ‘Dong Ge’ but I still have my pride. The person you were thinking of the entire time you were fucking me is your ‘Dong Ge’. This I can’t accept. Any normal person won’t be able to accept. These words should be clear enough, please move out. Go to your ‘Dong Ge’.”

YanMingXiu is livid. Although he had already guessed that he must have said something that he shouldn’t have said that night in his drunken state, he doesn’t remember it at all. The engagement ceremony between his sister and WangYuDong made him very upset but it also gave him a sense of relief. He felt that he should finally let go. Things that one could not possess always appeared to be very captivating. But no matter how much he desires it, this is not something he could touch. He can’t possibly steal his sister’s husband. They are siblings. He could only give up. That night, he drank away his failures and frustrations. It wasn’t that he wanted to vent anything. He just wanted to reflect on his past, reflect on the time when he was a teenager and was still feeling apprehensive of his true sexuality, that kind of mesmerizing and yearning feeling he had when he saw WangYuDong onscreen.

It was a pure white and smooth sleek back, elegantly falling into the water. The cold river water under the moonlight soaked his robe, exposing his faintly discernible broad shoulders, his narrow waistline and plump buttocks, exuding such alluring sex appeal. YanMingXiu can even remember his blood raging impulsively at the time. The revealing of this alluring back silhouette as the person slowly turned around definitely wasn’t disappointing. It made him aroused from seeing a man’s body. For YanMingXiu, who was only sixteen at the time, it was a huge shock. Since then, he had seen all kinds of beautiful people, but he had never forgotten his initial overwhelming intense captivation from WangYuDong.

At that time, he never thought that this person would become an object could not grasp.

When WangYuDong and his sister held their engagement ceremony, it was like declaration of YanMingXiu’s failure, making him feel utterly depressed. He didn’t even remember how he walked into the pub, how he got drunk, or how ZhouXiang took him home.

So naturally, he would not remember what he said and did that night. However, ZhouXiang had told him. Furthermore, it was not far from what he had guessed.

But he never imagined that ZhouXiang would have such huge reaction.

When he saw the couple happily smiling at the engagement ceremony, he only felt his entire body chillingly cold. He wanted to return to the home he shared with ZhouXiang. He wanted to hug ZhouXiang because ZhouXiang can comfort him. He had never had a moment when he felt such intense need to see and feel ZhouXiang.

Because ZhouXiang is always there. No matter what he says or does…ZhouXiang won’t leave.

But even ZhouXiang has left.

When he regained his senses, there was no warm body, no dry towels and no hot breakfast.

At a time when he was completely drunk and feeling nauseous, ZhouXiang was not by his side taking care of him. He had never been treated with such indifferent coldness. He was so angry that he had a headache for an entire day.

He thought ZhouXiang left because something happened at the company but he didn’t expect ZhouXiang to not return for the entire night. He endured and endured. He finally couldn’t endure it any longer. So on the second day, he called ZhouXiang, wanting to hear his explanation. But what he heard was ZhouXiang’s demand to kick him out.

The ZhouXiang, who has been so docile and obedient in this year, is actually kicking him out!

YanMingXiu didn’t want to admit it, but had admit that he has the feeling of being dumped at the moment. This makes no sense. Only he can be tired of such relationship. What right does ZhouXiang have to dump him!

ZhouXiang saw that YanMingXiu’s expression was a little distorted, as if he would attack and bite him at any time. He carefully stepped back, “If you need my help, I’ll help you pack. If you don’t need it, I’ll come back in a few days.”

YanMingXiu responded gloomily, “Come back in a few days? Where have you been these few days? Don’t think that I don’t know. You left with LanXiRong. If I didn’t tell you to come back, wouldn’t you have stayed at his place tonight? You are so anxious to kick me out is precisely because of him, right?”

ZhouXiang feels a splitting headache, “The matters between me and you have nothing to do with him.”

“You’re getting closer and closer to him and wanting to break up with me. You dare to say that it has nothing to do with him.” YanMingXiu couldn’t believe that ZhouXiang would give up on him. The only possibility is that he was confused by that pretty boy, LanXiRong.

ZhouXiang took a deep breath and looked fiercely at YanMingXiu while enunciating word by word, “It has… nothing to … do with him! YanMingXiu, can you be more unreasonable? The reason we are at this point is all because of you! The person you like is WangYuDong. Why must you humiliate me?!”

YanMingXiu flew into a rage, “When did I humiliate you! I never said that I liked you. I’m not under any obligation to like you. You know it yourself. We have been together for this long, what right do you have to be dissatisfied now? What was not good with what how we are?”

ZhouXiang closed his eyes and felt that his heart is completely cold. Every words coming out of YanMingXiu’s mouth pierced his heart, so much that he couldn’t even cry out. He hoarsely muttered, “Right, you really… have no obligation to like me. Go like your Dong Ge, let me go.”

YanMingXiu clenched his fist and glared at him. He couldn’t convince himself to slam the door and leave. He is not willing to let this off. Why is it that even ZhouXiang dared to push him away?

YanMingXiu’s cell phone rang when the two were at a standstill. Their state of mind is instantly pulled back to reality.

YanMingXiu irritably pulled out his phone intending to throw it on the ground; but when the he saw the name on the caller ID, he paused and hesitantly held the call.

ZhouXiang unconsciously opened his mouth, “It’s WangYuDong. Why don’t you pick up?” He didn’t know why he knew, but he guessed.

“Take the call. Let me carefully see the look and expression you have when talking to WangYuDong so that I can completely give up.”

YanMingXiu glanced at ZhouXiang and still took the call, “Hello, Dong Ge.”

WangYuDong’s voice coming from the other line sounded a bit depressed, “MingXiu, can you talk right now?”

YanMingXiu looked at ZhouXiang and ZhouXiang was also watching him. This condo is small, the dark night was deathly quiet. ZhouXiang could hear WangYuDong’s voice clearly.

ZhouXiang revealed a slightly sarcastic smile, a smile that is full of despair.

YanMingXiu felt that ZhouXiang’s smile was extremely glaring. He had intended to go into the room to talk, but right now didn’t want to move at all. He looked at ZhouXiang and said calmly, “It’s fine, let’s talk.”

WangYuDong’s tone is heavily exhaustive, “MingXiu, do you know that I’ll be cooperating with Director Wang in a new film?”

“Your news in the circle I don’t know much about.”

“I’ll cut it short. After I got engaged with MingMei, many people in the circle are jealous. I’m under more and more pressure now. Many people want to see me humiliated. This Director Wang is a mean madman. In the last film, he deliberately made everything difficult for me. This time he wants me to give up the engagement ceremony with MingMei to participate in the film launching ceremony. Of course MingMei is my priority. As a result, Director Wang used this as an excuse to replace the lead role that was already previously been decided.”

YanMingXiu is so enraged and confused at this time that he almost didn’t continue to listen to what WangYuDong was saying. He only focused on the changes in ZhouXiang’s expression. He obviously saw the look of contempt in ZhouXiang’s expression when he (ZhouXiang) heard WangYuDong’s words and is anxious to know what this expression meant. So much that for the first time, he (YanMingXiu) even felt impatient with WangYuDong’s call. He said, “Dong Ge, with this matter, what do you say is the proper way to handle it? I can mobilize resources for you however you want, or I could get my older brother to help, he is more familiar with the entertainment industry.”

WangYuDong sighed, “I’m actually looking for you to help me with a favor.”

“Me? What can I help you with?”

“Do you know who Director Wang is replacing my lead role with?”

YanMingXiu creased his brows and asked quickly, “Who?”

WangYuDong took a deep breath, “ZhouXiang.”

YanMingXiu was shocked and widened his eyes at ZhouXiang.

ZhouXiang also looked at YanMingXiu with fearlessness. He didn’t see it wrong. WangYuDong is really a two-faced villain, spitting out lies again and again. He thought of himself being suppressed by such a person everywhere and even the person that he loves… loves such a person. He felt the circulation of his blood attacking his heart… so hateful, it made him gnashed his teeth.

YanMingXiu looked at ZhouXiang deeply and voiced softly, “Dong Ge, say it.”

“ZhouXiang is originally my stuntman. Now Director Wang wants him to replace my role. If this happens, I will be so humiliated. Anyone can replace me but ZhouXiang, do you understand? I would be upstaged by my own stuntman. I, WangYuDong, have been in the entertainment industry for so many years, what kind of defamation have I not endured. With the exception of such insult…I really can’t stand it.”

YanMingXiu looked at ZhouXiang’s calm expression and has a lot of questions in his heart, “Dong Ge, ZhouXiang has no backing. It is so easy to replace him, why are you so nervous?”

WangYuDong smiled bitterly, “ZhouXiang really has no background, but Director Wang is persistent in recommending him just to humiliate me. And his boss, also with the surname Wang is the son of Minister Wang. You’ve seen him. This President Wang’s attitude is very ambiguous, allowing for ZhouXiang to decide for himself. Right now, President Wang is heavily promoting his company’s star, LanXiRong. LanXiRong will also be participating in this film. If ZhouXiang plays the lead, their company will monopolize the male and supporting male lead roles. I’ve heard today that ZhouXiang has already agreed.”

YanMingXiu’s pupils shrank sharply. The news of LanXiRong playing the second male lead is especially gripping to his heart.

ZhouXiang and LanXiRong in the same film! ZhouXiang didn’t mention shit about this!

YanMingXiu gnashed his teeth and asked, “When was this?”

“Started before Christmas. The day after tomorrow, there will be a launching ceremony and press conference at XX Hotel. If ZhouXiang goes, I’ll really be turned into a joke.” WangYuDong sighed, “MingXiu, I know your relationship with ZhouXiang. This time, you have to help me, you can’t let him go.”

YanMingXiu and ZhouXiang looked at each other, the air full of abnormal flavor. YanMingXiu’s eyes is full of chilling frost, he just haven’t pierced a hole through ZhouXiang.

YanMingXiu looked at ZhouXiang with determination, his voice chillingly cold, “Dong Ge, don’t worry, I won’t let him go.”

ZhouXiang immediately stood up from the sofa.

WangYuDong was relieved, “MingXiu, thank you. I plan to end the vacation with MingMei earlier and return home tomorrow night to attend the launching ceremony the day after tomorrow.”

YanMingXiu hung up the phone. ZhouXiang looked at him; his eyes filled with hopeless despair but still firmly said each and every word, “I will definitely go.”

YanMingXiu revealed a cold smile, “Don’t even think about going anywhere. If I allow you to be in the same film as that pretty boy, LanXiRong, I will change my surname from now on.”

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