Professional Body Double

Chapter 7 – Let’s Go To Your Home“Where are you heading?” ZhouXiang looked as YanMingXiu put on his seatbelt, his pearly white hand and slender fingers look very alluring.

YanMingXiu was just about to say a nearby hotel when his cell phone rang. Glancing at his phone, he saw that it was his sister, YanMingMei. She told him to stay at her place and then return to their parents’ home tomorrow. YanMingXiu really didn’t want to go. He hated hearing everything about her and WangYuDong from her mouth, but she is his sister after all.  He couldn’t think of a reason to refuse. So after hanging up the phone, he gave ZhouXiang an address to the Sanhuan area. YanMingMei bought that condo essentially for ease of commuting to work so she basically lives there during the week.

ZhouXiang laughed, “It’s not far from my house.” He turned the car away from the parking lane onto the congested main road. Soon after the car started moving, it began to rain. YanMingXiu stared silently at the dark clouds outside the windows. He didn’t want to talk to ZhouXiang.

ZhouXiang didn’t feel a bit awkward, “Are you WangYuDong’s fan?” Seeing how affectionate YanMingXiu was with WangYuDong this afternoon, he’s seen so much of this kind of reaction from fans so it’s not strange at all.  He just felt a bit unfortunate. This boy looked very indifferent and didn’t like to respond to be people, but is only enthused with WangYuDong. This is the charm of big stars.

YanMingXiu certainly would not tell an outsider that WangYuDong is his sister’s boyfriend. So he merely responded, “Yea, I’m Dong Ge’s fan.”

“Which company are you signed with?” ZhouXiang guessed that YanMingXiu is definitely a newcomer who had signed on with some agent company. Otherwise, even with this attractive appearance, he should not have been able to get in and out of the set with such ease.

YanMingXiu is baffled, “What company?”

“Your agent company.”

YanMingXiu responded, “No, didn’t sign any.”

ZhouXiang is surprised, “You didn’t? Then do you want to consider mine? My company is not big, but the financial resources and the (people) connections in the industry are considered to be superior.”

YanMingXiu finally understood what he meant and explained, “I won’t sign for any company. I don’t want to be a star.”

ZhouXiang is startled and then realized that he had mistaken. He smiled, “Sorry, you are so attractive. I thought you are a newbie. What a pity? With your qualities, you will definitely become popular.”

YanMingXiu said absentmindedly, “I’m not interested.” His good mood from seeing WangYuDong had been completely ruined by his sister’s phone call. He knew that in WangYuDong’s heart, he will always just be his girlfriend’s brother. But for him, it is far more than that…

When ZhouXiang noticed that YanMingXiu is giving him the cold shoulder, he felt a bit bored. Although his heart itched to find out a little more about YanMingXiu, YanMingXiu is totally disinterested in him. So what if he’s GAY. Homosexuality is such a thing. If two men look at each other and finds the other likable, they would each have long realized it. Who has the patience to dig into the person’s inner beauty? Although ZhouXiang’s heart felt that it was a pity, he’s not a person who would delve into other people’s business. To have such stunning beauty accompany him on his way home on a congested road in heavy rain is already a beautiful thing. Just having this sexual fantasy in his mind is enough, he should just keep his mouth tight and focus on driving or else he will offend this person.

So ZhouXiang no longer tried to get a disinterested person talk to him. But in order to ease the awkward atmosphere in the car, he turned on the music.

The car entered Wuhuan and was moving forward at turtle speed. Today is Friday and with heavy rain, the extent of congestion can well be imagined. The bean-sized raindrops hit the car with loud pattering sounds. A soothing English song that is playing in the car quietly echoed through the enclosed space. The inside and outside of the car is like two worlds. They clearly felt that in the world inside the car, there is only the two of them. This feeling is extremely wonderful. YanMingXiu could not help but turn his head to look at ZhouXiang. At this moment, ZhouXiang is holding the steering wheel with one hand and his chin with the other hand; his elbow on the edge of the window, looking deathly bored at the heavy misty rain in front of them. His eyes are not focused, not knowing what he’s thinking about.

ZhouXiang is not considered to be good-looking but is manly. His figure is good and his entire person exudes an aura of purely manly charms. His side profile is particularly attractive and there are some similarities with WangYuDong. But compared to WangYuDong’s refined and elegant appearance, ZhouXiang is far from him.

YanMingXiu’s heart is filled with this strange feeling that made him observe ZhouXiang for two seconds before he could turn his eyes away. ZhouXiang felt his gaze. He turned to look at him and slightly raise his brows, giving him a concealed ambiguous look.

YanMingXiu is startled. He could immediately read the bare desires in his eyes. He slowly turned his head and looked back out the window again. After a few seconds of pondering, he faintly said, “Let’s go to your home.”

This time, it is ZhouXiang’s turn to be startled. He instantly stepped on the brakes and looked fearfully at the dangerously close distance between his and the car in front of him.

The car behind him angrily began to sound its horn. ZhouXiang slowly released the brakes and let the car continue to slide forward. He remained in shock and couldn’t help but smiled, “Okay, my home is a little closer.”

ZhouXiang’s heart pounded continuously. He didn’t think he’d have a chance, at least with YanMingXiu’s indifferent attitude; there is definitely no chance on their first meeting. Originally, ZhouXiang didn’t even intend to get his phone number. But he didn’t expect to have such a sudden turn in events with YanMingXiu unexpectedly taking the initiative. What day is today for it to be such a good day? To be able to do it once with such gorgeously breathtaking person, the aftertaste would be enough to last him a long time.

YanMingXiu sent a text message to YanMingMei, informing her that he’s not going to her place and then turned off his phone. He didn’t want to go to his sister’s place at all. When he thought of WangYuDong having slept there and it was not with him, he hated it.

Initially, ZhouXiang quite enjoyed having a beautiful man accompany him in congested traffic. But now, his heart is set on speeding home. He can’t wait to get home. Unfortunately, he couldn’t fly over, so he could only slowly move forward.

ZhouXiang’s parents and a younger brother died in an accident when he was in elementary school. His father was a deputy director of a state-owned factory. The factory had good benefits at the time and gave them a condo that is a bit over 70 square meters, located at the North Second Ring Road. In the beginning, when the condos are all similar, they didn’t think of how good this was, but now the condos in this location have risen to more than ¥20,000 per square meter. The condo is an old condo. But even though it’s old, to have a place to live in Beijing City, ZhouXiang is very content.

After parking the car downstairs, the rain is already very light. ZhouXiang quickly opened the trunk. When YanMingXiu got out of the car, ZhouXiang is already at the doorway with his luggage. He flung his head to rid some of the water from his hair, “The second floor lights are broken. Be careful.”

YanMingXiu assessed the stairwell. The walls were recently painted but the paint strokes were done very poorly. It was basically covered with putty powder to hide the traces of aging on this type of old condos. The more they tried to conceal it, the thicker the accumulated layers of paint became.

He glanced at his luggage, “I’ll take it myself.” ZhouXiang energetically climbed up the stairs, “It’s okay. Your baggage is light. Besides, my home is on the third floor.”

The lights on the second floor are indeed broken. Normally, there is still moonlight but due to the heavy rain today, the moon can hardly be seen. ZhouXiang is too familiar with the corridor and can walk up with his eyes closed. He was afraid that YanMingXiu would trip so he had intended to use his phone to provide light. But in the end, before he even got his phone out, he accidentally kicked YanMingXiu’s luggage. And because his soles were muddy and slippery, he couldn’t stand steady and fell.

YanMingXiu, who was just behind him, grabbed his waist with one hand and the handrail with his other hand. ZhouXiang also grabbed the handrail in time. His entire back nestled in YanMingXiu’s arms. He sheepishly turned his head to him (YanMingXiu) and smiled.

YanMingXiu’s pair of deeply eyes is especially bright in the dim light. He looked at ZhouXiang profoundly. The two people’s faces are in very close proximity, with their breaths exhaled on each other’s face. If they just moved forward a bit, they could kiss each other.

ZhouXiang exposed a shallow smile; the ambiance is so good; there is no reason not to continue on so he leaned forward and kissed YanMingXiu’s lips.

YanMingXiu is startled and slightly unhappy. But ZhouXiang’s kiss tinged with the faint taste of light tobacco and his soft lips quickly made him feel a little restless. He gently bit ZhouXiang’s lips and deepened the kiss.

After the two separated, both their expressions are a bit unsettled.

YanMingXiu coarsely said, “Go into the house.”

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