Rebirth: Divine Doctor, Sweet Wife

Chapter 12: Mo Beihan, I Will Definitely Marry You In This Lifetime!

Gu Qingyao tried her best to keep her emotions in check. She was already reborn, and many things in this life had changed. She must not allow her grandma to suspect anything.

“Grandma, Brother Beihan had to return to attend to some urgent matters, so he gave me a ride back.”

“Father and Grandfather were called out to see a patient in the middle of the night. Mother brought Elder Sister out while it was still dark, and I was afraid to stay there by myself. Fortunately, I ran into Brother Beihan and came back with him. I left a message with the neighbors. When Father gets back, he will know that I left with Brother Beihan and won’t worry.”

When Wen Ruyu heard that Zhang Xiaohui had brought Gu Ruoqing away before daybreak and left Gu Qingyao there alone, she frowned. However, she did not comment but said to Gu Qingyao, “Alright then, it’s good that you’re back. Where’s Beihan?”

At that moment, Mo Beihan was entering the house to get some things. He placed the ribs and fish in the basin. Wen Ruyu did not see it but said a few words to Mo Beihan before continuing to wash her clothes.

Mo Beihan helped Gu Qingyao to bring what little luggage she had into the house, then followed Gu Qingyao into her own room.

“Yao Yao…”

Gu Qingyao looked at him. His face was filled with worry and heartache, but when he looked at her, his eyes were filled with tenderness.

When she recalled all the ways in which this man had been good to her in her previous life, Gu Qingyao suddenly laughed. “Brother Beihan, should I repay you for saving me?”

Mo Beihan was shocked and somewhat confused by Gu Qingyao.

Shouldn’t Yao Yao be frightened and terrified right now? Although she had changed a lot in this life, she had been as frightened as usual last night.

But Mo Beihan did not know that the young girl before him was no longer an innocent young maiden of fifteen. So many things had happened in her past life. Gu Qingyao had experienced much in her past decades of life.

Gu Qingyao felt that she had been a failure in her previous life, unable to emerge from the shadows of her youth. The more she refused to emerge, the more people mocked her for her past.

The truth was that if she had been stronger, she would have been a winner in the game of life, even in her previous life.

Bai Youran had been the beloved daughter of a rich and powerful family, but she had not hesitated to drug Mo Beihan in order to get him. Although this man’s heart belonged to her, she had delayed and wasted her life.

She was killed in a car crash in her previous life, but at the last second, Mo Beihan’s promise to marry her in her next life had struck her deeply. Having experienced life and death, she could now think clearly.

Mo Beihan, I will definitely marry you in this lifetime!

When she saw that Mo Beihan did not speak, Gu Qingyao reached out and tugged at his sleeve. “What’s the matter? Don’t you want me to repay you?”

The girl was standing in front of him, tugging his sleeve. Her large, liquid eyes glowed as they gazed at him.

She was stunningly beautiful. Her skin was especially pale and her eyes were lively. She had a pretty little nose and a pointed chin. Her soft pink lips were like peaches and absolutely alluring!

As Mo Beihan looked at her, his throat felt warm and his mouth became parched. But what shocked him was Yao Yao’s present attitude towards him. Was he… mistaken?

Why did he feel that… Yao Yao was flirting with him?


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