Rebirth: Divine Doctor, Sweet Wife

Chapter 29: Gu Ruoqing Is Forced To Work!

“My mother is a true peasant, and a proper revolutionary. It’s you who are…”

4“It’s true that your mother is a peasant, but she’s not anything to shout about. She married into a family of bad elements like the Gu family, so she is also a bad element. My grandparents have already sincerely acknowledged their mistakes, and work hard every day as a profound act of self-criticism. They have transformed themselves through labor.

“What has your mother done? She married a bad element that she looked down on for the sake of some resources that my eldest and second uncle sent back to show filial piety for their parents. Then she spends her days lazing around, expecting others to serve her. Both of you are classic capitalists. You should be sent to the cowshed to reform.”

1“Rubbish!” Gu Ruoqing was so frightened that she turned pale.

She and her mother were finished if they ever received such a label. This Gu Qingyao was too evil. Was she driving her and her mother towards death?

But she did not recall that she and Zhang Xiaohui frequently used such threats on the Gu family.

Gu Qingyao laughed coldly. “Rubbish? I am not talking rubbish. To think that you still don’t know how to cook at your age. And you dare to deny you’re living a life of luxury?

“You spend most of your day outside playing instead of working. When you come back, you just sleep while expecting me to cook for you. Ah! What luxury! Just like the young mistresses in the landlord families. People like you should be…”

“Shut up, I’ve never done that!” Gu Ruoqing was ashen with fear, and her expression was terrified. The Gu Qingyao she was facing was terrifying.

Gu Qingyao’s lips arched in a cold smile. At this time, Gu Ruoqing was just a young, 15-year-old girl. She had grown up in a village and was not as mature as she had been in her previous life, so she was easily frightened.

1“It’s not for you to say whether you have acted like that or not. The entire Qing River Brigade is aware of your behavior. Let me tell you – if you continue refusing to behave, the Gu family will not let you off. Someone like you is a threat to the family as long as you remain with us. You better hurry up and do your work, or you won’t get any dinner tonight.”

Gu Ruoqing was thoroughly frightened by her. The Gu Qingyao standing before her was filled with righteous energy, which caused her to feel strangely afraid.

Also, her mother who always protected her was absent. Gu Ruoqing mumbled to herself, “It’s so late. What else is there to do? Cook for me first and I’ll work tomorrow.”

Gu Qingyao said in a freezing tone, “The family’s clothes haven’t been washed! Wash them and you’ll get dinner.”

“I’ve gone hungry for the whole afternoon. I don’t have any energy…”

“Then you can continue going hungry tonight!”

1Gu Ruoqing: “…”

Gu Ruoqing had no choice but to look for her grandparents’ and Gu Yunshen’s clothes to wash. There was a well in the courtyard and she washed the clothes by the well.

She seldom did this kind of heavy labor, and now she was so hungry that she was seeing stars. Gu Ruoqing hated Gu Qingyao desperately.

After working on her knitted sweater for a while, Gu Qingyao saw that some time had passed and it was about four o’clock in the afternoon, so she went to prepare dinner.

Dinner was simpler. She steamed some wild herbs and sorghum bread, cooked a pot of porridge with dried sweet potatoes, and added a bit of white rice in it. The dried sweet potato porridge was slightly sweet. If it was only eaten occasionally instead of as a staple to fill one’s belly, she would think it quite delicious.

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