Rebirth: Divine Doctor, Sweet Wife

Chapter 32: Going Up The Mountain To Hunt

Gu Qingyao found two bamboo tubes and packed them with sufficient rice.

Mo Beihan had made these bamboo tubes for her. Mo Beihan had brought her up the mountain before, and had used these bamboo tubes to carry food.

She prepared a portion of chicken with chillies, and a portion of pickled beans, then cooked an egg and vegetable soup.

Actually, she had some ready-made seaweed and egg soup in her interspace, but at this point, it would be too conspicuous to bring out seaweed in the village. Besides, there were plenty of vegetables.

1The chicken with chillies was very spicy. Mo Beihan liked heavily seasoned food and would enjoy eating this with rice. He would also enjoy the pickled beans.

She packed all this into her lunch boxes, then went to prepare a few cloth sacks and a few small tools before she finished for the night.

Early the next morning, Mo Beihan came to get her before the sun had risen.

At this time, her grandparents had already gone to the cowshed and her father was already up. Only Zhang Xiaohui and Gu Ruoqing were still snoring away.

In the kitchen, Gu Qingyao placed the dishes she had prepared the day before into a basket strapped to her back, then gave Gu Yunshen a few meat buns and three salted duck eggs.

“Father, bring these to the cowshed for Grandfather and Grandma. These duck eggs are quite tasty. Don’t be reluctant to eat them, I have some more! Remember to get rid of the eggshells when you’re done.”

Gu Yunshen smiled and patted her head. “I know!”

“I’ve taken all the fish and meat in the kitchen. Just make do with coarse grain for lunch, when I get back tonight…”

“Alright!” Gu Yunshen looked at his daughter with some amusement. “We’ve always eaten coarse grain. How much fine grain do we have anyway? You just keep those things. Are we going to stop eating the coarse grain in the house just because you have better things now?

“Yao Yao, remember, even if you have plenty, we cannot eat it every day, for every meal. If we do that, we will be discovered too easily. Also, keep your interspace a secret from everyone except me. Don’t even tell Beihan. You keep the good things for yourself, and don’t let anyone find out about them. We will carry on with our lives just as we did in the past. Do you hear me?”

Gu Qingyao nodded obediently. “I understand. Don’t worry, Father. I will treasure my life.”

Gu Yunshen let out a breath. If the truth were to be discovered, she would be killed!

“Good, I’m glad you understand. Get going! I’ll leave with you.”

Gu Yunshen wrapped the duck eggs up, and stuffed them into his shirt, then left with Gu Qingyao.

Mo Beihan was just entering the courtyard as they exited.

“Brother Beihan!”

Mo Beihan had also brought along many things and he greeted Gu Yunshen when he saw him.

Gu Yunshen nodded. “Take care of her. Don’t let her fall.”

Mo Beihan laughed. “Don’t worry, Uncle Gu. I’ll take good care of her.”

Yao Yao was the apple of Gu Yunshen’s eye, as Mo Beihan knew very well.

Gu Yunshen did not say anything else. Anyway, this was not the first time. The two children had grown up together, and Gu Yunshen was used to them.

Gu Yunshen went to the cowshed while Mo Beihan brought Gu Qingyao up the mountain.

Dawn was just breaking. They climbed until they reached the opposite side of the mountain, crossed the small stream at the foot of the mountain, and went up the next mountain. Only then did they begin to see game tracks.

In these times, people were too hungry. Everything in the surrounding mountains had been eaten by the famished people.

If they did not go further out, they would not get anything good.

After all, few people knew how to hunt. The mountains were still dangerous in this era. Few dared to penetrate deep into the mountains under normal circumstances.

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