Rebirth: Divine Doctor, Sweet Wife

Chapter 33: A Thin Strip Of Sky! A Secret Place!

The current Mo Beihan was different from his previous self. After his rebirth, he had retained a lifetime of experience from his past life. He was even more skillful and seasoned than his previous self had ever been.

However, he was concerned about Gu Qingyao, so he did not intend to venture too deeply into the mountain in case Yao Yao encountered any dangers.

After crossing this mountain, they walked through the valley for some time before they finally stopped in a meadow.

Mo Beihan found a spot for Gu Qingyao to sit. “Rest here for a while. I’ll set some traps and lead you further on later.”

“I’ll help you! Two people can do it faster!”

“No need!” Mo Beihan rejected her. “You’re tired after such a long walk. You just rest. Or you can look for some wild herbs and mushrooms around here. Few people come here, so you should be able to find many of them.”

Gu Qingyao looked around and said, “Alright!”

This was a small meadow and there was also a small stream that ran through the valley. Many small animals usually frequented the area, so it was natural that Mo Beihan wanted to set some traps when they passed through.

Gu Qingyao took her basket and went to look for wild herbs and mushrooms.

There was a stand of shrubs near the stream, and some mushrooms grew there. Gu Qingyao picked a basket of them, but did not search any further.

There were few mushrooms here, and the wild herbs were old and tough. She did not want them.

But she did see some medicinal herbs, so she picked those instead.

Mo Beihan returned after a while, and the two of them continued on their way. They left the valley and crossed a small hill, made a turn, and walked for another stretch before they entered a bigger valley.

The valley also had several tall peaks.

The peaks were quite small, but rather tall. Mo Beihan’s lips curved in a small smile when he saw this place.

“Come on, let me show you something.”

He led Gu Qingyao towards the peaks. Thorny shrubs gradually appeared in the path ahead of them and Mo Beihan took out his sickle and cut some of them. An entrance rapidly appeared, and they entered to find a creek that looked like a cavern.

This area was surrounded by peaks, but was hollow in the center. They could see the sky about them, but the opening was fairly small. At least, it was smaller than the ground beneath them.

It was approximately four acres in size. On one side was a pool, and on the other side was an open space. The grass grew on level ground and there were several huge rocks next to it.

The pool was fed by a small stream that flowed slowly. Downstream was a fairly deep river that flowed out of the area.

Mo Beihan said, “This place is very safe. There are many fishes in the pool which swam upwards from the river below. This stream is an intersection and there is plenty of food for the fish. The fish have all swum up here to eat the food.”

“I’ll catch some fish later and you can clean them here. I’ll go out to hunt. You stay here. Don’t leave, it’s dangerous out there.”

They were fairly deep in the mountain, but Mo Beihan did not wish to bring Gu Qingyao into the deepest part of the mountain. He had discovered this little place in his previous life. It was very safe, and no one else had discovered it. Wild animals did not come here either.

He had brought Yao Yao here before, in his previous life, but that was to happen many years later.

Gu Qingyao was overjoyed. She had loved this place in her previous life!

“Are we fishing now?” Gu Qingyao’s eyes shone, as if she could not wait.

She knew how big the fishes here were!

Mo Beihan smiled. “Um!”

So they two of them worked together to dam the stream flowing into the pool. Then they set their fishing nets in a narrow area downstream of the pool, and waited for the fish.

They could see the water in the pool dwindling, and the number of fish in their nets was growing. If you find any errors ( broken links, non-standard content, etc.. ), Please let us know so we can fix it as soon as possible.