Rebirth: Divine Doctor, Sweet Wife

Chapter 37: Going Home

Mo Beihan had a big appetite. He finished almost all the food in a short period of time as the delicious food was cooked by Gu Qingyao.

“You should come back early if you are so hungry,” Gu Qingyao said.

Mo Beihan took a sip of the fish soup and smiled, “The food you cook is too delicious. I just can’t stop eating.”

After the meal, Mo Beihan went to peel the skin of the rabbit and the roe deer. Gu Qingyao boiled some water to handle the wild boar.

Mo Beihan did not plan to bring back all the animals he got and instead, settled all of them here.

The wild boar was small and weighed around a hundred kilograms. However, in that age, food was scarce and everyone would definitely envy them if they saw the boar. Unless, they share it with everyone.

1Apparently, Mo Beihan did not have that plan. It was always better to remain a low profile, especially when food was concerned.

Gu Qingyao used some stones to form a circle in the puddle and put the six fish inside. She then used all the pots, jars to boil water.

The boiled water was used to remove hair from the skin. After that, she sliced open the boar and chopped its meat piece by piece. She washed the meat, sprinkled some salt on them and hung them on a rack with rope.

She did not throw away any pork’s blood but instead, put all into the aluminium pot. Now she understood why Mo Beihan brought such a big pot over. He definitely had planned for everything.

She chopped all the bones into smaller pieces so that it was easier to carry.

It was almost sunset after they had settled everything. Gu Qingyao noticed the time and asked, “Should we still go and pick the mushrooms? It’s getting dark soon!”

Mo Beihan took a glimpse at his watch. It was 4:30 pm.

1“Let’s go. We try to pick as many as we can. We should head back late so that no one in the Brigade will see us.”

Gu Qingyao nodded. They did not plan to bring back everything but it would save them from many troubles if they would not meet anyone.

Mo Beihan was shocked after he saw the number of wild mushrooms down the hill.

“There’re so many of them here?”

There were clumps of them scattering around the entire area and every mushroom was as big as a bowl.

Gu Qingyao smiled and said, “We’re lucky today!”

Mo Beihan rubbed her head as he saw the smiles on her face.

“You’re the lucky gem. Come, let’s pick the big ones and leave the smaller ones when we come back after a few days.”


It took them only a short while to fill up four sacks of big mushrooms. Mo Beihan brought them back to the cave and dried them on big stones.

1He then took some to bring back.

“Let’s go! It’s getting late. We’ll reach home at night.”

They returned to the cave. Mo Beihan wrapped the bones with brown paper and put them into a sack, together with two pieces of pork hanging on the rack, the pork’s head, mushrooms and wild vegetables.

Gu Qingyao almost filled two sacks. She carried the two sacks on one side of the shoulder pole and dry branches on the other side.

They covered the cave before they left to prevent others from noticing it.

They passed the traps that Mo Beihan set earlier on. There were four rabbits, two chicken and one river deer. Even Mo Beihan laughed at their luck today.

But he did not know that the food he placed into the trap was mixed with spring water by Gu Qingyao secretly. The spring water was from her space, not some elixirs, just more refreshing and cleaner than water outside. She used to make drugs with that.


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