Rebirth: Divine Doctor, Sweet Wife

Chapter 4: It’s True That He Likes Her!

Gu Qingyao knew what would happen next, thus she did not object. Mo Beihan changed into some clean clothes, packed the luggage and brought them to the car.

This car belonged to his unit. His identity was special and although he was on leave now, he still had an assignment on hand which required the use of a car thus he was allocated one.

Cars were a rare sight in the seventies.

Even tractors were miserably few.

With Mo Beihan at the wheel and Gu Qingyao seated at the back, the two people left the place immediately.

Gu Qingyao did not really sleep that night. She took out a blanket from the luggage and laid down at the back.

The blanket was a cotton blanket unique to this generation. The surface was made with an ordinary material that was much lousier than that of the blanket she used in the previous life but she was extremely reassured as she hugged such a blanket at this moment.


She was actually reborn!

She changed the most miserable moment in her previous life and successfully left the place with Mo Beihan in advance.

The car left Linjiang City and headed toward the capital.

When he drove to a place with no one, Mo Beihan stopped the car and came to the backseat.

Mo Beihan was excited at this moment as well. Looking at the little lady before him, he really wished to marry her immediately. However, his Yao Yao was only 15 years old right now and was not legal yet.

“Yao Yao!”


“Yesterday night, I was out on a mission and got drugged so I behaved that way. Don’t be afraid and don’t tell anyone, alright? If any ill-intentioned people heard it, it will be bad for your reputation.

“Also, I will deal with the man who came in yesterday night. When you are back, just act as though you don’t know anything. If anyone asks, just insist that I was worried that it would be unsafe for you to be alone there so I sent you home in advance. Got it?”

Gu Qingyao nodded obediently.


Recalling what Gu Qingyao did yesterday, Mo Beihan asked in confusion, “What did you feed me yesterday? You brought your silver needles with you?”

Gu Qingyao nodded. “Yes, I brought it. I gave you a medicine pill. I… saw it in a medical book and tried to make it.”

Mo Beihan was aware that Gu Qingyao studied medicine and had medical skills thus he did not suspect her words.

It was just a pity that if Yao Yao did the same thing in the previous lifetime, all the tragedies would not have happened.

This lifetime was different from the previous one, probably because he saved her from the scare thus she could be so calm, right?

In the previous lifetime, she could not even move and was even pressed on the bed by that bastard with ill-intentions. She fainted from the scare afterward and nothing could happen.

At the thought that she was immobile, a murderous look emerged in Mo Beihan’s eyes. He will not let off Zhang Xiaohui and her daughter.

The matter was settled very smoothly; Gu Qingyao was not hurt and Mo Beihan relaxed as well.

“You did not rest much. Hurry, catch some sleep. I will call you up when we arrive. We will eat something there first before heading back.”

Gu Qingyao lay down very obediently. Then, Mo Beihan covered her with a blanket and caressed her head.

He must dote on and pamper her, this little lady, in this lifetime and not let her suffer anymore.

Although he was reborn into the seventies that lacked many goods, with the experience from the previous lifetime, Mo Beihan was confident that he would definitely let Yao Yao live happily.

The car started again. Gu Qingyao looked at Mo Beihan who was driving at the front.

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