Rebirth: Divine Doctor, Sweet Wife

Chapter 46: People Buy Watches When They Get Married (2)

Mo Beihan looked at the watch counter and smiled. “That’s right! I’ll buy a watch for you to wear, so it’ll be convenient for you to tell the time.”

Gu Qingyao bit her lip. It had been a difficult transition for her, who had been used to modern living and mobile phones, to suddenly return to the seventies where there were no mobile phones, Internet, or even television.

Currently, the majority of homes did not even have a clock, and watches were even rarer. Only the rich could afford these items, and one also needed coupons to buy them.

But the truth was that Gu Qingyao wanted one.

Although she had watches in her interspace, they were all modern watches.

She had plenty of money then, and her elder brothers all doted on her. So she had lots of nice things. The modern watches were different from those in this era, so she could not use them.

Girls usually liked trendy and novel things. She had not been too interested in watches, so she only had a few of them. They were all different from those on the market now.

So she could not possibly bring them out.

If she could buy one, she could easily tell the time in the future.

As Gu Qingyao was thinking about it, Mo Beihan was already talking to the sales assistant. “Do you have imported watches? I’m looking for ladies’ watches.”

“Of course!” The sales assistant’s sharp eyes had already spotted the Rolex on Mo Beihan’s wrist. This was the best kind of watch.

The sales assistant assiduously brought out the watches to show Mo Beihan. “We have quite a few types of watches here! Rolex, Omega, Roamer, and Titoni!”

She could tell from the Rolex on Mo Beihan’s wrist, and the fact that he had immediately asked for imported watches, that this was a rich customer. So the sales assistant brought out the most expensive watches.

Mo Beihan’s background was poor, and he had grown up in a village. But he had spent many years out in the world, and had gained much experience. His rebirth in particular, had brought decades of experience from his previous life. So he definitely had good taste.

At a single glance, he spotted a lady’s Rolex and picked it up happily. “This one is not bad. Yao Yao, do you like it?”

This was a top luxury item. Gu Qingyao’s expression grew rather stiff when she saw it.

“This… better not! I don’t need such a good one. Just buy one that costs ten dollars or so. This one…” Was too over the top!

An imported watch, and a Rolex at that. She estimated that it would cost several hundred dollars.

But Mo Beihan would not let it go. “This one looks nice! We’ll take this one. It’s durable.”

This time, Gu Qingyao was really too embarrassed to accept. “I really… don’t need it. Just buy a simple one. I’m… usually working at home and busy around the house. What would I do with such a good watch? I just need to be able to tell the time!”

When he saw that the young girl had grown rather shy, Mo Beihan guessed what was causing her embarrassment. His heart grew even more tender, but he kept a straight face and said, “That’s exactly why I’m buying you a good one! This is an imported watch and very durable. It is waterproof and shockproof. If you buy a cheap one of poorer quality, you might accidentally hit it when you’re working and it’ll spoil. This one is better, it won’t matter even if you drop it!”

Gu Qingyao: “…”

Sales assistant: “…”

This was her first time hearing this kind of explanation for buying something so expensive.

Others carefully maintained their luxury goods, afraid to knock it against something. But he…

Gu Qingyao did not know whether to laugh or cry, but she was still reluctant to accept it. “I really don’t need it. Watches are not casual purchases. They’re bought… when people get married!”

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