Reborn Spoiled Ming Wangfei

Chapter 20On Wu Qing Inn’s third floor, Lan You Nian took out the fragrant lotus.  Eyeing that crystal-clear lotus flower, her heart sighed. Her poison can be suppressed for a while.  At least for now, she won’t die.

“Young miss, with this fragrant lotus, will the poison in young miss’s body be cured?” As Lan Wu looked at the beautiful fragrant lotus, she thought of young miss’s poison and asked anxiously.

“This can only suppress the toxicity temporarily, that’s all.” Lan You Nian studied the fragrant lotus that was giving off a faint fragrance in her hand.

When the four people heard Lan You Nian’s words, they all felt a little anxious and sorrowful in their heart. They have seen young miss suffer the toxicity of the poison every month. It was because they have seen it that they were so anxious. How could the young miss endure this kind of pain for so many years? Young miss gave them life, gave them a home, but right now they didn’t even have the ability to find the antidote to young miss’s poison.

“This is not your concern.  Don’t worry, since the heavens allowed me to live, I will not die so easily.” Lan You Nian saw their somber expression, how could she not be aware of their worry?  These people not only was their capability outstanding but more importantly, they had a loyal heart. Thus, she has also put these four under the ranks of her own people. Having been in this world for five years, the number of people she has come to care for seemed to be growing more and more.  Who knew whether it was a blessing or a curse.

“Alright, I need to absorb this fragrant lotus right now. You guys guard the door, no one is allowed to enter” Lan You Nian said solemnly. It goes without saying that absorbing the fragrant lotus was a very dangerous business, but her own poison couldn’t wait till she returned to the Medical Valley.

“Yes!” The four responded and immediately left the room to keep guard. They knew the danger of young miss absorbing the fragrant lotus, but they as subordinates couldn’t even help young miss, this made the four people feel guilty. The young miss they wholeheartedly wanted to protect was always so hardworking, suffering from a pain that ordinary people can’t stand, and all they could do was watch……

Lan You Nian plucked off the fragrant lotus’s petals one by one, languidly putting it into a small delicate mouth. The sweetness upon entering flooded Lan You Nian’s entire mouth. As the petals entered the body, Lan You Nian could feel a pain drifting through her meridians. As the essence of the fragrant lotus intertwined within Lan You Nian’s body, the pain following it.

As the two essences fought and suppressed each other, Lan You Nian was drenched with sweat, channeling her energy to diffuse the medical properties of the fragrant lotus. As Lan You Nian absorbed the medical properties of the fragrant lotus, Lan You Nian could feel that the body’s poison was being slowly suppressed. That poison that was about to suffocate her suppressed within the body. And after the medical purification of the fragrant lotus, La You Nian’s skin exuded a layer of black impurities. That was the contaminated stuff from within the body.

“Hu” Lan You Nian exhaled, raised her brow as she eyed the pitch-black body that was giving off an unpleasant smell. After inspecting her own body’s meridians, although the poison was still there, every month will likewise suffer from pain, but at least she will not lose her life in the near future, that was enough, giving her enough time to cure the poison in her body.

“Come in!” Lan You Nian called out softly. Just as the voice faded away, the four people poured into the room.

“Young miss, how do you feel?” Lan Qu saw the pitch-black young miss, wanted to touch young miss but was afraid it would disturb young miss.

“En, very good, the toxicity is suppressed for the time being.” Lan You Nian said in a placating tone, letting the four people all release their breath.

“Young miss, do you wish to bathe?” Lan Qu looked at young miss’s appearance right now, asked attentively. Young miss very much liked to be clean, it was very rare for her to look like she is now.

“En, ok!” Lan You Nian said while covering her nose. The greasy feeling on her body made Lan You Nian very uncomfortable, if it were not to give the four people some peace of mind, she would have already gone to bathe.

An oversized tub was filled with lukewarm water, floating on the water was a scattering of delicate flower petals which emitted a burst of fragrance in the slow soak of warm water. Lan Wu and Lan Qu stood behind young miss and with a light and steady hand helped Lan You Nian take off her dirty dress. Lan You Nian was completely immersed in soaking in the warm water.

Lan Qu with a white washcloth in hand, gently wiped young miss’s body.  After was.h.i.+ng away the impurities covering the skin, Lan You Nian’s skin became even more white. Before, Lan You Nian’s skin was already so beautiful it made people envious, but now, Lan You Nian’s skin was like a de-sh.e.l.led egg, supple and silky as if with one touch it will be bruised. The white skin that was almost transparent like clear water without any flaws.

Lan Wu obsessively leered at young miss‘s naked skin that was exposed out of the water, the corner of the mouth seemed to be drooling saliva, even Lan Qu had a smitten expression as she watched Lan You Nian’s water-like skin.

“En?” a soft and light voice carrying hints of sweetness sounded, immediately dragged Lan Wu and Lan Qu’s soul back into their bodies. Lan Wu still looked at her own family’s young miss with wide eyes, clenched her claws, as if feeling an impulse to cop a feel. Lan Qu, on the other hand, was much better.  After recovering her state of mind, she wiped her family’s young miss’s body very seriously.

“Young miss, I am sure, no one in this world has young miss‘s skin like cream, l.u.s.trously white like snow, smooth like jade.” Lan Wu wiped off her own drool and s.n.a.t.c.hed the white washcloth from Lan Qu’s hand with a perverted expression.

Lan You Nian turned around, took over the white washcloth, and looked at her own skin. Indeed, her skin was snowy white, s.h.i.+ning with the l.u.s.ter of white porcelain under the lamplight. Although her skin before was very good, it was not so good to such an exaggerated point. Now even she couldn’t help but admire herself, this fragrant lotus was a really good thing indeed.

“Alright, put away your perverted expression” Lan You Nian channeled her energy to send a hand towel over Lan Wu’s eyes, then quickly got up. Lan Qu took a clean white towel to help Lan You Nian dry the beads of water on the body.

“Young miss, don’t blame Wu for being like this, it’s just that young miss really captivates people.” Lan Qu laughed at Lan Wu’s dispirited look.

“Oh? Don’t tell me, Wu and Qu fancy your family’s young miss?” Lan You Nian finished dressing, one only saw her ink black hair grow down to her legs, the face was crystal clear as the moon, unspeakably delicate and white, the eyes as black as night unspeakably deep and beautiful, the body although young was beautiful in its youth, the posture outstanding.

“Young miss!” Lan Wu and Lan Qu blus.h.i.+ng red exclaimed. Even if Lan Wu was in charge of Wu Qing Brothel she still blushed from her own young miss’s teasing, and Lan Qu for a long while didn’t dare to look at her own family’s young miss.

“Hehehehe…” Lan You Nian saw the two’s blus.h.i.+ng faces, laughed out loud. Sure enough, the people of ancient times were truly innocent! If you find any errors ( broken links, non-standard content, etc.. ), Please let us know so we can fix it as soon as possible.