Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2918 – New World (Grand Finale)

Fire Dragon Empire, Million Forest City:

Currently, over 50 million expert players had gathered in Million Forest City, the largest city in the south of the Fire Dragon Empire. Even the weakest among these players was a Level 100-plus, Tier 3 player. The number of Tier 4 players gathered even exceeded 10,000. However, an indescribably solemn atmosphere shrouded Million Forest City, and everyone looked tense. This was because Million Forest City was the biggest barrier in the south.

If the Outerworld NPC army broke through here, it could march straight for Flame Dragon City. The executives of the various player forces had gathered on top of Million Forest City’s front wall. Their faces were pallid as they quietly observed the Outerworld NPC army hidden in the distant forest.

“These Outerworld NPCs are simply insane. They actually gathered one-third of their total forces just to attack Million Forest City. Are they planning to fight to the death?” Sixteenth Cloud, the Second Vice Guild Leader of Shining Tiger and an expert who had reached Tier 5, said, frowning as she observed the Outerworld’s NPC army through a Magic Mirror.

The Outerworld NPCs and players had a numerical advantage over God’s Domain’s NPCs and players in terms of Tier 4 combatants. Logically, they should’ve split up and attacked multiple locations, as this would bring them the most benefits.

The biggest advantage God’s Domain’s players had was their ability to get resurrected and rejoin the battle quickly. If the Outerworld forces split up and attacked numerous locations simultaneously, God’s Domain’s players would likewise have to split up and guard multiple locations. Moreover, God’s Domain’s players would have to guard more locations than what was necessary, to prevent ambushes. This would result in a huge waste of combat power.

Hence, if God’s Domain’s players could gather all their experts in one location and have an all-out battle, it naturally couldn’t be better for them. “Maybe they think their chances of victory are slim, so they plan to concentrate their forces to secure a decisive victory. After all, God’s Domain’s various kingdoms and empires are continuously sending their NPC armies to reinforce the Fire Dragon Empire.

The longer the war goes on, the better it would be for us. Perhaps they don’t wish to drag things out any longer,” Unyielding Soul’s Unyielding Heart, who had similarly reached Tier 5, said, smiling. During the past month of battles at the Fire Dragon Empire’s borders, the empire’s defenders had constantly been at a disadvantage. However, as time passed, the number of NPC armies gathered in the empire increased, gradually tipping the scales to the empire’s side.

Moreover, in this past month alone, over 100 players had reached Tier 5! Unyielding Heart had to admit that the War of Worlds was incredibly helpful to the development of players, especially during the defense of the Fire Dragon Empire. Although the Outerworld NPCs scattered across the eastern continent hadn’t fully gathered yet, the battles taking place at the Fire Dragon Empire’s borders had never once ceased.

Meanwhile, through constant battles with the Outerworld’s Tier 4 NPCs and players, God’s Domain’s Tier 4 players were able to improve their control and understanding of Mana rapidly and continuously. In comparison, before the War of Worlds, Tier 4 players would have difficulty finding another Tier 4 player to fight, let alone Tier 4 players who were at the Void Realm standard or above.

At one point, Unyielding Heart even wished that the War of Worlds would last a little longer. “Let’s hope I’m just overthinking things,” Sixteenth Cloud said, nodding. Truthfully, an all-out fight was something she hoped to see the most. This was because there were currently more than 80 Tier 5 players gathered in Million City Forest, not to mention over a hundred Flame Beast Puppets and eight Blue Thunder Flying Ships. Every one of these war weapons created by Zero Wing possessed combat power at the Tier 5 standard.

Including the Tier 5 NPCs, there were close to 300 Tier 5 combatants stationed in Million Forest City.

Meanwhile, according to their investigations, the Outerworld army stationed outside Million Forest City only had around 400 Tier 5 combatants in total. The difference wasn’t particularly significant. Even if they traded two-for-one with the Outerworld army, they would still end up winning the war since they could be resurrected and rejoin the battle almost immediately.

In reality, Sixteenth Cloud and Unyielding Heart weren’t the only Tier 5 experts entertaining such thoughts. The Tier 5 experts of the other player forces present were also confident of victory in the upcoming battle. And so long as they won this battle, the Outerworld’s NPC army would have difficulty causing problems in the future. Some time later, when the number of players gathered in Million Forest City reached 70 million, a gigantic island suddenly appeared above the city, instantly triggering an uproar among the city’s players and NPCs. “Crap! Zero Wing! That is Zero Wing’s Mobile Fortress!”

“Isn’t Zero Wing’s Mobile Fortress stationed beside the Secret Covenant Tower?”.

“Wait! This isn’t the same one! I’ve seen the one stationed at the Secret Covenant Tower, and that one only has two barriers protecting it! This one has three! Zero Wing must’ve constructed a new Mobile Fortress!”

“Amazing! Zero Wing truly is God’s Domain’s number one Guild! With this, those Outerworld NPCs and players are finished!”

The Mobile Fortress that just appeared above Million Forest City was something basically everyone in God’s Domain knew about. This was because the Mobile Fortress had allowed Zero Wing to establish its position in God’s Domain.

Now that there was also a Mobile Fortress protecting Million Forest City, how could everyone not get excited?

Amid the excited cheers of Million Forest City’s players, 16 players flew out of the Mobile Fortress. Upon seeing these 16 players, the players in the city grew even more excited. Even the city’s Tier 5 commander and Tier 5 NPCs took the initiative to receive these 16 players. These 16 people were none other than Gentle Snow, Aqua Rose, Fire Dance, Violet Cloud, Yan Tianxing, Yi Luofei, Silent Blade, Alluring Summer, Cold Shadow, Crimson Mask, Ji Luorong, Lifeless Thorn, Blue Frost, Zhao Yueru, White Feather, and Invincible Swallow.

“Crap! All of Zero Wing’s top experts are here!”

“Even a Demigod NPC has gone to welcome them! What’s going on here?” “I heard that the War God’s Temple recently added Zero Wing’s Vice Guild Leaders Gentle Snow and Aqua Rose to the Ten Saints. The two of them are even stronger than the NPC ranked fifth in the Ten Saints. Those ranked within the top five of the Ten Saints are supposedly close to rivaling Tier 6 existences, while those in the top three are basically Tier 6 Gods in disguise.” “Zero Wing is truly a den of monsters. I heard that three of the Five Great Super Guilds’ old monsters joined the Ten Saints only recently. Yet, Zero Wing actually has two people in the Ten Saints now. Moreover, both are ranked within the top five.” “I wonder when I’ll be able to join the Ten Saints? If I can get into the Ten Saints, I can die with no regrets.”

For a time, Zero Wing’s members became the focal point of the entire Fire Dragon Empire. This was especially true for the players who had recently started playing God’s Domain and were watching the live broadcast of Million Forest City’s situation. When they looked at Gentle Snow and Aqua Rose, their eyes shone with ambition. They all wished they could become as strong and famous as these two women.

Currently, Tier 5 NPCs were still existences to be feared for the various player forces, and even the king of a kingdom had a difficult time meeting a Tier 5 NPC. Yet, these powerful Tier 5 NPCs were behaving respectfully toward Gentle Snow and Aqua Rose. This situation was simply unbelievable. However, of the players in the Fire Dragon Empire, only the superpowers’ experts truly understood what it meant to be a member of the Ten Saints. The Ten Saints were existences standing at the very apex of God’s Domain.

Although Gentle Snow and Aqua Rose were Tier 5 players, just like the superpowers’ Tier 5 experts, the difference between the two sides was like heaven and earth. Killing ordinary Tier 5 players was child’s play for these two women.

Meanwhile, when the Star Alliance’s Galaxy Past and Purple Eye, who stood among the many players in Million Forest City, saw Gentle Snow and Aqua Rose, complex emotions appeared on their faces. Back when Zero Wing’s operations were still confined to Star-Moon Kingdom, the two of them had treated Gentle Snow and Aqua Rose as their rivals. Now, although Galaxy Past and Purple Eye had gotten promoted to Tier 4 and were even top-tier among Tier 4 experts, they were merely a part of the crowd gathered in Million Forest City. In contrast, Gentle Snow and Aqua Rose already stood at the apex of God’s Domain.

They were now existences that countless players looked up to, and even Tier 5 NPCs and the Five Great Super Guilds’ old monsters had to be wary of them. Galaxy Past and Purple Eye weren’t alone in their feelings. Matt and Prosciutto from Mythology shared their complicated mood. When Fang Shihan had decided to betray Mythology and join Zero Wing, she had invited Matt to join her. However, Matt had refused her offer, believing he could develop much more rapidly in Mythology. Yet, reality turned out to be completely different. Matt was still stuck at Tier 4. In comparison, White Feather, who had joined Fang Shihan, had already reached Tier 5 and become an existence he had to look up to.

As for Prosciutto, he was confused by Fang Shihan’s rapid improvement.

In terms of talent, he was much superior to Fang Shihan. Although he had also gotten promoted to Tier 5, there had been a huge difference between them when they were both still at Tier 4. However, his Tier 4 Mana Body’s Completion Rate had only been at 118% when he had gotten promoted to Tier 5. Meanwhile, according to Mythology’s investigation, Fang Shihan had gotten promoted to Tier 5 with her Tier 4 Mana Body’s Completion Rate at 120%.

Moreover, Odin had said that Fang Shihan was even under consideration as a reserve member for the Ten Saints and that it wouldn’t be strange if she managed to defeat one of the Ten Saints in the near future. Her strength already approached that of Demigod NPCs. In comparison, Prosciutto’s combat power was only at the Tier 5 Peak standard, still nowhere near the Demigod standard. While Prosciutto was in a daze, Zero Wing’s members had arrived above Million Forest City’s gate.

“You guys are finally here,” Unyielding Heart said, smiling at Zero Wing’s members. “With you here, it’s even less likely for the Outerworld forces to take down Million Forest City.” Even the weakest of Zero Wing’s 16 Tier 5 experts present had combat power at the Tier 5 Peak standard. Meanwhile, Gentle Snow and Aqua Rose could take on 10 to 15 ordinary Tier 5 combatants by themselves. Their participation in Million Forest City’s defense had narrowed the gap in Tier 5 combatants between the two sides significantly.

“What’s our current situation?” Gentle Snow asked.

At Gentle Snow’s question, Aqua Rose and the others turned to look at Unyielding Heart.

During these past few days, they had been fully focused on raiding a primordial ruin in the Top of the World, so they weren’t up to date on the Fire Dragon Empire’s situation. Only after receiving the Secret Pavilion’s notification did they rush over with the newly constructed Mobile Fortress.

“While I can’t say it’s good, we definitely have a fighting chance,” Unyielding Heart said. He then took out a Memory Crystal and displayed the information recorded in it. “According to our latest investigations, the Outerworld’s NPC army has over 130 million Tier 3 NPCs, around 150,000 Tier 4 NPCs, and over 200 Tier 4 NPCs. As for the player army, there are close to 200 million Tier 3 players, over 50,000 Tier 4 players, and over 100 Tier 5 players.”

Upon hearing Unyielding Heart’s words, many of the Tier 4 experts nearby felt suffocated.

Setting aside the Tier 3 players, the difference in Tier 4 players between the two sides was simply massive. Even now, Million Forest City only had around 15,000 Tier 4 players gathered. In comparison, the other side had over 50,000. If Million Forest City’s defensive magic array shattered, there was a high chance that some of these Outerworld Tier 4 players would sneak past the city’s defenders and reach the City Lord’s Mansion. That would spell the end for the city. After all, the City Lord’s Mansion’s defensive magic array wasn’t as strong as the city’s.

The only fortunate matter was that there wasn’t a significant difference in Tier 5 combatants between the two sides. With the help of the city’s magic arrays, they might be able to repel the Outerworld forces.

“It seems the Outerworld forces are intent on winning this battle, no matter what.” Aqua Rose was slightly astonished when she heard Unyielding Heart’s report, and she turned reflexively toward the distant forest.

An army of such size and power was more than capable of destroying an empire. “Isn’t that just perfect? If we can get rid of this army, dealing with the follow-up will become much easier,” Fire Dance said, fighting spirit burning in her eyes.

They had suffered a miserable defeat in the battle in Blackwing City. However, her strength had undergone an earth-shattering transformation during the past month. Apart from touching upon the entry level of utilizing a World Law, she had also acquired two pieces of Legendary Equipment. Including her Legendary Weapon, she now had three Legendary items.

She was confident she could now put up a fight against a Fallen Archangel. None of Zero Wing’s members refuted Fire Dance’s words, either. With Shi Feng’s guidance, they had improved their equipment standard significantly during this past month. Although they didn’t gain any additional Legendary Weapons, they did acquire quite a few pieces of Legendary Equipment. Moreover, even the weakest piece of equipment on them now was Fragmented Legendary Equipment. In equipment standards, they were in no way inferior to Tier 5 NPCs.

Among their group of 16, Gentle Snow, Aqua Rose, and Violet Cloud were the luckiest, having each acquired a complete set of Fragmented Legendary Set Equipment. In terms of Basic Attributes, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that they rivaled Tier 6 players. However, just when everyone was thinking about how to cope with the Outerworld army’s offensive, the Outerworld army hidden within the distant forest suddenly moved.


Accompanied by a thundering noise, heavy clouds suddenly appeared over the forest, bringing darkness to the area. The sky then split apart, and two giant claws several hundred meters long descended from the massive tear in space. A short moment later, a monster several dozen kilometers tall emerged from the dark void. It had a gigantic mouth and hundreds of eyes and claws. The monster also exuded a turbid mist that corroded the surrounding space, causing it to disintegrate. The sight of this monster shocked the people in Million Forest City and the Outerworld army. “So, this is the World Eater of legends?”

Hundred Ghosts’s Elder Windshadow, who stood in the forest outside Million Forest City, couldn’t help doubting his eyes as he looked at the big-mouthed monster before him.

The World Eater was a monster recorded in legends, and he had only found out about its existence after stumbling across a record of it.

The World Eater was born in the endless void, and its sole purpose in life was to devour worlds. In front of a World Eater, even the Dragon race, God’s Domain’s strongest race, was nothing. Even a Tier 4 Infant World Eater could devour a Tier 5 Dragon. Meanwhile, the World Eater in front of him was an adult. At its current strength, even Tier 6 Gods would have to avoid confronting it.

When Awakened Abyss, who had already reached Tier 5, saw the behemoth in the sky, excitement filled his eyes as he exclaimed, “Amazing! We’re sure to win now!”

(World Eater) (Chaos Beast, Legendary)

Level 210


Similar to Awakened Abyss, the other Outerworld players present also grew excited when they saw the World Eater.

However, when Fire Dance and the others in Million Forest City saw the World Eater, a grim expression appeared on their faces. Although they didn’t know what a World Eater was, they could still tell what a terrifying existence it was just by looking at its three trillion HP.

After all, the average Level 200 Legendary monster only had around 300 billion HP, and even a Tier 5 Fallen Archangel only had 900 billion HP. Yet, the World Eater had more than three times that amount.

“Activate the defensive magic array! All Magic Cannon Towers prepare to fire! Victory for the Fire Dragon Empire!” Mecabod, a Level 200 Demigod NPC and the commander of Million Forest City’s army, ordered when he saw the World Eater starting to make its way toward the city.

A total of four magic barriers promptly appeared over Million Forest City, the barriers stabilizing the space within a 10,000-yard radius of the city. The barriers also created a separate world within them, isolating Million Forest City from the outside world and preventing the World Eater’s powerful mental oppression from spreading into the city.

“Miniature World!”

After seeing the city’s defensive magic array activating, Aqua Rose used the Ring of Gospel that Shi Feng had passed to her. During their exploration of the primordial ruin in the Top of the World, they had managed to upgrade the Ring of Gospel to the Legendary rank. Now, the ring could call down a complete miniature world, and its suppression effect was only slightly inferior to the World Mirror’s.

Although each activation of Miniature World now cost 5,000 Mana Stones, instead of just 5,000 Magic Crystals, the Skill’s duration had increased from 10 minutes to 30 minutes. The Skill’s AOE had also expanded to 50,000 yards, and even Tier 5 players wouldn’t be able to make use of the ambient Mana within the affected area. Moreover, all hostile units below Tier 6 would be subjected to a 30% reduction in Basic Attributes and physique, while Tier 6 enemies would be subjected to a 15% reduction.

After Miniature World’s activation, the Outerworld’s Tier 3 combatants charging toward Million Forest City stumbled and fell to the ground like dominoes. Their movements also became as slow as a turtle, making combat practically impossible for them. As for the Tier 4 combatants, although they retained a certain degree of combat power, they lost their ability to fly.

Unfortunately, Miniature World had very little effect on the World Eater in the sky, the Chaos Beast losing only 10% of its Basic Attributes.

Even so, seeing this situation still let Million Forest City’s defenders breathe out a sigh of relief. With the Outerworld’s Tier 3 and Tier 4 combatants incapacitated for the most part, they could focus on dealing with the World Eater and the Outerworld’s Tier 5 combatants, 1,000-plus Flying Ships, and 10,000-plus Tier 4 Flying Mounts.

“Holy Realm!”

However, the Outerworld’s various superpowers had come prepared for such a situation. Immediately, 1,000 Tier 4 magical-class players cooperated to create a gigantic, three-layered barrier to counter Miniature World’s effects.

Although the three-layered barrier didn’t completely nullify Miniature World’s effects, it still allowed all of the Outerworld’s combatants to use the ambient Mana. Only the debuff on Basic Attributes and physique remained.

The next moment, hundreds of thousands of Tier 4 combatants and millions of Tier 3 combatants resumed their charge toward Million Forest City.

In the sky, the World Eater lashed out at the city’s defensive magic array with its several hundred claws, every claw carrying the power to crush time and space.

“Attack with everything you’ve got! Stop those claws!”

Seeing the approaching claws, Fire Dance promptly issued a command to the Mobile Fortress and all of the Blue Thunder Flying Ships present.

Beams of destruction shot at the World Eater’s claws one after another. Simultaneously, Million Forest City’s Magic Elven Towers and Magic Cannon Towers also bombarded the World Eater.

The series of attacks and explosions turned the sky outside of Million Forest City into an empty void. Unfortunately, these attacks managed to deflect only a portion of the World Eater’s claws; over a hundred claws connected with the city’s defensive magic array.

The next moment, the four-layered magic barrier shattered under the World Eater’s attacks, unable to withstand the World Eater’s power.

“All hail the World Eater! It’s time for you natives to go to hell!”

When the Outerworld’s players saw the city’s defensive magic array shattering after only one exchange, they burst into laughter. Originally, they thought this would be a tough fight. However, the battle ended up entirely one-sided. Now, even if they did nothing, the NPCs and the World Eater could still destroy Million Forest City easily. Meanwhile, the players inside Million Forest City fell into despair at this moment.

How were they supposed to fight with such a horrifying monster on the Outerworld army’s side? “There’s no other way. Aqua and I will keep that World Eater busy. Everyone else, do everything you can to stop these invaders from entering the city,” Gentle Snow said as she looked at the several dozen Tier 5 NPCs hindering the World Eater. “So long as we keep the core magic array safe, more of God’s Domain’s experts and NPCs will come to support us!”

The various Guild executives present nodded in response to Gentle Snow’s command and promptly went into action. They all took out their trump cards and readied themselves to fight a war of attrition with the Outerworld army. Although the World Eater was powerful, victory still wasn’t out of reach. Currently, many of God’s Domain’s experts had yet to reach Million Forest City. Hence, the longer they dragged out this fight, the higher their chances of victory.

Subsequently, Gentle Snow and Aqua Rose flew toward the World Eater.

Upon getting within attack range of the World Eater, Gentle Snow promptly swung her greatsword and executed her Mana Technique, Spatial Cleave. Several dozen sword lights cut at the World Eater’s claws attacking Million Forest City, sending them off course.

Aqua Rose waved her staff and summoned numerous gigantic serpents made of water. She then had the water serpents bite the World Eater’s claws, preventing them from getting close to Million Forest City. “Are they monsters?” The Outerworld players gasped when they saw Gentle Snow and Aqua Rose putting up a good fight against the World Eater.

Even the Outerworld Tier 5 experts were astonished by this spectacle. All of the World Eater’s claws carried power at the Tier 6 Peak standard. Even Tier 5 experts wielding Legendary Weapons could block only a few hits from these claws with their Legendary Weapons’ Active Skills. However, Gentle Snow and Aqua Rose did not use their weapons’ Skills; they stopped the World Eater’s claws using only Mana Techniques and combat techniques. For a time, Gentle Snow, Aqua Rose, and the World Eater became the absolute center of the sky.

Even other Tier 5 players dared not approach the three of them, as even the shockwaves of their clashes could kill ordinary Tier 5 players. Apart from Gentle Snow and Aqua Rose, only Tier 5 combatants dared fight in the sky above Million Forest City. The two sides’ Tier 4 combatants kept to the ground because those who tried to fly would get swept up by the shockwaves and turn into ashes the next moment.

Hence, the Tier 4s could only become cannon fodder on the ground like the Tier 3 combatants. Currently, more than 700 Tier 5 combatants were fighting in the sky. Originally, Million Forest City’s Tier 5 combatants should’ve been weaker due to their significant numerical disadvantage. Yet, the two sides turned out evenly matched in reality, confusing the Outerworld Tier 5 combatants. Dammit! Why are these natives so strong?! The speechless Awakened Abyss glared at Ji Luorong, who was fighting him.

Not only was Ji Luorong fighting two Tier 5 NPCs simultaneously, but she also managed to pin him down while doing so. The level of skill she demonstrated in Mana utilization was simply unbelievable. Moreover, Ji Luorong wasn’t even the most conspicuous of them all.

Instead, the most conspicuous person was Zero Wing’s Violet Cloud, the girl he had once considered recruiting into Hundred Ghosts. She was practically a monster.

From what he could tell, Violet Cloud should only be at the Domain Realm. Yet, she could actually hold her own against over a dozen Tier 5 NPCs. If not for Windshadow, who wielded a Legendary Weapon, joining the fight, one or two of these Tier 5 NPCs would’ve already died in battle.

As for Fire Dance and Fang Shihan, these two women were practically Grim Reapers as they weaved through the shadows of the battlefield. Under their coordinated attacks, they could kill a Tier 5 NPC within five moves and a Tier 5 player within three moves.

As more time passed, Million Forest City’s Tier 5 combatants gradually began to gain the upper hand in the battle.

“Elder Windshadow, we’ve already lost more than two dozen Tier 5 players. We’ll be at a serious disadvantage if this situation continues,” Jade Leaf, who had repelled a Tier 5 NPC with her battle axe, said to Windshadow when she saw Fire Dance and Fang Shihan killing another Tier 5 player. “Nobody can stop Zero Wing’s Fire Dance and Cold Shadow.” Originally, their side had over 170 Tier 5 players. Now, only a few minutes into the battle, they had already lost more than 10% of this number.

In comparison, the other side had lost only a dozen or so Tier 5 players. Moreover, these fallen Tier 5 players managed to get resurrected quickly and rejoin the battle. They had also prepared replacement equipment beforehand, so they lost hardly any combat power even after rejoining the battle. Windshadow also recognized their dire situation and frowned involuntarily. He had never thought Zero Wing would have so many monstrously strong experts, apart from Gentle Snow and Aqua Rose. Currently, Zero Wing’s Tier 5 players were doing as much work as all of Million Forest City’s other Tier 5 players combined.

Just as Windshadow was about to have everyone retreat, a spatial tear suddenly appeared some distance from Million Forest City. A young man wearing a light-blue robe with dark-purple divine patterns on his face then walked out of this spatial tear. A Fallen Archangel followed after him, and this Fallen Archangel was none other than Xiluwaer. With the arrival of these two people, Million Forest City fell deathly silent. Even the Tier 5 combatants in the sky automatically stopped fighting. This was because the young man’s presence was simply too intense.

His presence was akin to the midday sun. The aura he exuded while just standing still inflicted a stinging pain into everyone’s soul; not even the Tier 5 combatants present were immune to this pain. “What a bunch of rubbish! You still haven’t dealt with these ants even now?!” the Scholar bellowed angrily as he glared at the Outerworld army’s commander-in-chief.

“My Lord, these heaven-blessed individuals are much stronger than we expected, and even the World Eater is incapable of going against them for the time being,” Fez Taide, the Outerworld army’s commander-in-chief and one of the Seventeen Stars of the Holy Grail, said anxiously as he looked at the youth before him. “Them?” Scholar glanced at Gentle Snow and Aqua Rose, who were hovering beside the World Eater, a look of surprise appearing on his face. “Transmigrators? No wonder they can deal with the World Eater. However, they are still too weak!”

After saying so, the Scholar pointed a finger at Gentle Snow and Aqua Rose, a fivefold magic array appearing at his fingertip.

Immediately, everyone on the battlefield felt time stagnate. The Tier 3 combatants present even found their thoughts freezing. Tier 6 Curse, Hand of Death.

The next moment, a titanic claw appeared above Gentle Snow and Aqua Rose. This claw was as large as the World Eater, and it swiped at the two immobilized women as soon as it took shape. “It’s over.”

“How can there be such a monstrous existence?”

When Sixteenth Cloud, Unyielding Heart, and the other Tier 5 players saw the gigantic claw from a distance, despair overwhelmed them. Not only did the Scholar slow down time for the entire battlefield, but he had even used a Tier 6 Curse. This single attack could probably wipe out the entire Million Forest City, not just Gentle Snow and Aqua Rose. However, when the monstrous claw was only several yards away from Gentle Snow and Aqua Rose, a sword light suddenly shot out from Million Forest City and struck the claw.


Accompanied by a loud explosion, the restraints on the battlefield’s time shattered. Simultaneously, the space above Gentle Snow and Aqua Rose transformed into an empty void.

“The attack was blocked?”

“Something like that can be blocked? Who did it?” Everyone gaped in shock at the empty void in the sky, then automatically turned to look at the sword light’s origin.

The next moment, what entered everyone’s eyes was a cloaked man wielding a golden longsword flying out of Million Forest City’s Teleportation Hall. Everyone present gasped involuntarily. “Tier 6?”

“He actually got promoted to Tier 6?”

Everyone present was very familiar with the cloaked man. This was because he was none other than Shi Feng. However, the aura Shi Feng exuded was simply unbelievable, especially for players who had visited ruins left behind by Gods. The power they sensed from Shi Feng was one that they had only ever felt in those ruins. Only, Shi Feng’s aura was several hundred times more powerful.


That was Divine Might! “Guild Leader, you succeeded?” Fang Shihan asked as she looked at Shi Feng, who had arrived before her. Although the Divine Might Shi Feng radiated proved that he had reached Tier 6, Fang Shihan couldn’t help asking for confirmation.

Tier 6!

This was the true pinnacle of God’s Domain! “I succeeded.” Shi Feng nodded with a smile.

Actually, he also wanted to say that he didn’t just get promoted to Tier 6 with an ordinary Divine Body, but with a Superior Divine Body instead. The difference between the two was akin to that between Mythic and Superior Mythic monsters; the two were on entirely different levels. Upon hearing Shi Feng’s acknowledgment, Zero Wing’s members grew ecstatic. Now that Shi Feng had reached Tier 6, the Outerworld’s NPCs and players would no longer be a problem. Moreover, Zero Wing would become God’s Domain’s bona fide number one Guild from now on.

The Outerworld players were dumbfounded by this development.

After all, the Outerworld’s various superpowers were practically going crazy just trying to get their respective Guilds’ best talents promoted to Tier 5. Getting one of their members to Tier 6 was something none of them had ever dreamed of doing at this stage of the game. After all, none of them had any information on how players could go about reaching Tier 6. “So what if you’ve reached Tier 6? You’re nothing but another ant trapped in this world! Do you really think you’re a match for me?” the Scholar said contemptuously as he looked at Shi Feng. He then pointed the golden staff he held at Shi Feng.

Suddenly, the world fell silent once more. When the Scholar launched his previous attack, the Tier 4 combatants present had still retained some of their consciousness. Now, even the Tier 5 combatants present found their brains stagnating significantly. It was evident that time on the battlefield had slowed by a far greater extent this time.

The next moment, dark-purple chains engraved with divine markings emerged from the sky and the earth. Upon seeing these chains, even the World Eater shuddered in fear.

After these chains had completely materialized, they shot toward Shi Feng from all directions.

When the Tier 5 combatants present sensed the aura of these purple chains, an unprecedented fear overwhelmed them. Even their souls were instinctively warning them not to touch these chains, no matter what.

Are these the legendary Chains of Law? Shi Feng was slightly surprised when he saw the dark-purple chains.

The Ancient God’s Legacy he acquired contained information on the Chains of Law, stating that these chains carried power surpassing the Tier 6 Peak standard. Even a Tier 6 God would have difficulty moving when caught by these chains. And unless the Tier 6 God’s strength surpassed the Tier 6 Peak standard, they would eventually die to these chains. Seeing the hundreds of Chains of Law closing in, Shi Feng unsheathed Solomon’s Sword and brandished it together with the Light of Two Worlds.

Sword’s Orbit!

Shi Feng moved freely, unaffected by the time stagnation affecting the battlefield. A galaxy of stars formed around him, each of these stars carrying earth-shattering power. These stars struck down the Chains of Law that came close to Shi Feng, preventing them from coming into contact with him. After striking down all of the Chains of Law, the stars surrounding Shi Feng spread into the surroundings. A moment later, the battlefield’s stagnant time started flowing once more.


A look of surprise and confusion appeared on the Scholar’s calm countenance when he saw Shi Feng emerge unscathed from his attack.

Those were the Chains of Law! Even an actual Tier 6 God would have to flee when confronted with those chains, as they would lose their life if even one of those chains latched on to their bodies.

Yet, Shi Feng had deflected all of the chains with a simple sword technique!

What the Scholar found even more unbelievable was that his time-stagnation technique was utterly ineffective against Shi Feng. “Do you find it strange?” Shi Feng chuckled at the look of surprise on the Scholar’s face. “Do you think you Ancient Gods are the only ones who can have Superior Divine Bodies in God’s Domain?”

The Superior Divine Body could be said to be the main factor behind the strength of Ancient Gods. This was because only with a Superior Divine Body could one perfectly utilize the power of the world. Meanwhile, the Chains of Law was one method of utilizing the world’s power. However, if Shi Feng similarly imbued the world’s power into his swordsmanship, he naturally could stop the chains easily. “You…have a Superior Divine Body?!”

The Scholar was thunderstruck when he heard Shi Feng’s words.

The Superior Divine Body was something even Ancient Gods had difficulty creating. Meanwhile, in the Scholar’s eyes, Shi Feng was nothing but an ignorant ant, yet Shi Feng actually had a Superior Divine Body. If the Scholar told this matter to other Ancient Gods, none of them were likely to believe him.

“Your rampage ends here!” After saying so, Shi Feng disappeared and reappeared in front of the Scholar, the speed of his movement so quick that it seemed as if he had been standing in front of the Scholar all this time. He then activated World Breaker and Final Sword simultaneously.

Two sources of light immediately enveloped his swords and fused perfectly. The combination of these two Skills was something Shi Feng had been continuously practicing and perfecting over the past month.

Apart from the fusion of these two Skills, Shi Feng had also been modifying Sword’s Transmigration, and he eventually ended up creating an Advanced Silver Combat Technique.

Sword’s Ripple!

A torrent of light cut across the sky, erasing everything that existed in front of Shi Feng. When the light faded, the Scholar was nowhere to be seen. Instead, hovering in his place were three of the Seven Treasures.

The next moment, the translucent figure of a person appeared in the empty void, and this person was none other than the Scholar. At this time, though, the Scholar no longer had any divine markings on his face; he looked and felt no different from an ordinary youth. “Dammit! It’s this outcome again! Why do you ignorant ants always come foiling my plans?!”

bellowed the Scholar, who had been reduced to a soul, as he glared at Shi Feng with eyes full of resentment and anger. However, his anger soon faded, and he started laughing. “Don’t get too proud of yourself.

You can’t do anything to me even if you have a Superior Divine Body! My soul is eternal and indestructible! What you have destroyed is nothing but a shell to house my soul! I can re-create more of such shells in no time at all! Sooner or later, I will have all of you ignorant ants disappear from this world!”

After saying so, the Scholar laughed louder and louder, his mood getting better and better. The Scholar’s words made everyone on the battlefield shudder. If a monster like the Scholar could resurrect infinitely, then it would be an absolute nightmare for them.

“That’s right. You indeed have an immortal soul, and even true Ancient Gods can’t erase your existence,” Shi Feng said, nodding as he looked at the Scholar. He then chuckled and continued, “However, while your soul might be indestructible, it can be infinitely weakened. I’m guessing it’ll take you a long time to recover if that happens, right?” After saying so, Shi Feng collected the three items in front of him. He then took out the other Seven Treasures.

Immediately, the Seven Treasures resonated with one another and instantly recovered to their peak states, revealing their original brilliance.


The Scholar’s expression instantly changed when he saw the Seven Treasures, and he turned and tried to flee into the void. However, Shi Feng did not give the Scholar any opportunities to do so at all, grabbing the repaired Soul Orb and activating it.


The Soul Orb immediately began absorbing the Scholar’s soul, continuously weakening it. After this situation continued for four minutes, the Scholar’s soul disappeared, and the Soul Orb produced a nine-colored Crystal of Souls.

System: Congratulations! You have completed the Mythic Quest “Ancient God’s Awakening.” Rewarding one Ancient God’s Soul Crystal and two levels of World Authority.

“Ancient God’s Soul Crystal?” After observing the nine-colored Crystal of Souls for a moment, Shi Feng tossed it into his mouth and swallowed it. He wanted to see what effects the Ancient God’s Soul Crystal had. Moreover, doing so would prevent the Scholar from regaining his power. The Soul Orb might’ve absorbed the power of the Scholar’s soul and made it seem as if the Scholar had died, but that wasn’t true at all. In time, the Scholar would still gradually recover his strength. This was also what made Ancient Gods amazing.

As soon as Shi Feng swallowed the Ancient God’s Soul Crystal, he felt a tingling and burning sensation in his brain. It was completely different from the refreshing sensation he felt when he swallowed the Crystal of Souls made from the Fallen Archangel Garudaka’s soul.

Only after this burning sensation had continued for several minutes did it gradually disappear. Is this…the Tier 6 Peak standard? When Shi Feng looked at the world around him, he found its clarity and realism unprecedented. No! Even if my Concentration reached the Tier 6 Peak standard, there shouldn’t be such a significant change! Did I just reach the mental strength grandmaster standard?

Apart from a breakthrough to the mental strength grandmaster standard, Shi Feng couldn’t think of any other explanation for this situation. This was because his current thought process was at least ten times faster than before. He could also manipulate Mana from Seven Luminaries Crystals as if it was soft cotton.

However, Shi Feng didn’t pay too much attention to these changes, as he still had a bunch of enemies he had to deal with in front of him. “Run!”

“Everyone, retreat!” Upon seeing Shi Feng slay the Scholar, the Outerworld NPCs and players started frantically fleeing the battlefield. All of them wanted nothing more than to run back to the World Passage right now. They felt that only by returning to their own God’s Domain would they truly be safe from Shi Feng

However, Shi Feng had no intention of letting any of these people escape. With a swing of his sword, he effortlessly massacred the Outerworld forces and wiped out the forest ahead of him. Let alone escaping, the army of millions didn’t even get to leave their ashes behind on the battlefield.

The conclusion of this battle sent tremors across God’s Domain. The Outerworld NPCs and players in other parts of the eastern continent promptly retreated to their home world upon receiving news of Shi Feng’s achievements, none of them daring to stay behind for even a moment longer. In addition, Zero Wing became the undisputed number one Guild in God’s Domain because of this battle. As a result, countless players started trying to join Zero Wing, and Zero Wing’s several Guild Cities became overcrowded with players.

However, Shi Feng paid no attention to these requests to join Zero Wing. Instead, he simply handed off his responsibilities to his Vice Guild Leaders. After turning in the Seven Treasures Main Storyline Quest, he chose to log out of the game and meet with Xia Wuyuan. After all, he was very curious to find out about Phoenix Rain’s matter. And now that he had fulfilled the conditions Xia Wuyuan had given him, he should be qualified to find out more about the matter.

Not to mention, after he devoured the Ancient God’s Soul Crystal, he could sense things that he had never been able to sense before. He had many questions regarding these new findings, and he estimated that Phoenix Rain would have answers.

Middle layer, Green God Courtyard: The Green God Courtyard was a place specifically reserved for the Green God Company’s internal members. Apart from serving as a residence, it was also the office that handled the middle layer’s various affairs.

There weren’t a lot of people in the Green God Courtyard. Even after arriving in front of Xia Wuyuan’s residence, Shi Feng had come across only several dozen people. From this, he could tell that the Green God Company didn’t have many internal members.

When Shi Feng entered Xia Wuyuan’s residence, he found the old man sitting in the living room and brewing tea in front of the coffee table. There was also a cup of freshly brewed tea on the other side of the coffee table, as if Xia Wuyuan had known ahead of time that Shi Feng would visit him.

Pointing at the sofa opposite himself, Xia Wuyuan looked at Shi Feng and said, “Have a seat.” “You knew I would come to find you now?” Shi Feng couldn’t help asking.

“Of course. I know everything you do in God’s Domain,” Xia Wuyuan said. Taking a sip of tea, he smiled and continued, “I also know that you’ve long since broken through to the three-star mental strength master standard and that you’ve already reached the grandmaster standard now.” “You knew?” Realization dawned upon Shi Feng when he heard Xia Wuyuan’s answer. “It seems the Green God Company really is the developer behind God’s Domain.” “You’re only half correct,” Xia Wuyuan said, shaking his head. “What do you mean?” Shi Feng asked.

“The Green God Company didn’t develop God’s Domain. Instead, we only run it,” Xia Wuyuan explained. “The Green God Company didn’t develop it?” Shi Feng was a little surprised by this answer. From what he knew, there shouldn’t be another company on Earth with the technology required to develop a game such as God’s Domain. “How is this possible? Could there be a corporation in this world capable of surpassing the Green God Company’s technology?” “Didn’t you want to see Phoenix Rain?” Xia Wuyuan said suddenly. Confused by Xia Wuyuan’s sudden mention of Phoenix Rain, Shi Feng asked curiously, “Can I meet with her now?”

“Of course. You now have the qualification.”

Xia Wuyuan snapped his fingers, and a hologram of a person suddenly appeared beside him. This person was none other than Phoenix Rain.

“Your improvement speed really is as unbelievable as ever,” Phoenix Rain said, smiling as she looked at Shi Feng. “If not for Elder Xia keeping me updated, I wouldn’t have dared believe you’ve already grown so much.”

“Where are you now?” Shi Feng asked, getting straight to the point. He had been very curious about Phoenix Rain’s sudden appearance. In their previous meeting, she had even spoken as if she had long since known that the Scholar would cause a problem in God’s Domain; hence, she had warned him of the Scholar. Her understanding of God’s Domain was simply incredible.

The Green God Company’s refusal to let others meet with Phoenix Rain was also puzzling. “It seems you’ve already guessed that I’m not present in the world you live in.” Smiling, Phoenix Rain explained, “You are correct in your assumption. I am currently living in neither Earth nor God’s Domain. Instead, I am in a world beyond God’s Domain. To be precise, I am living in the true God’s Domain.”

“You’re not in the real world, but the true God’s Domain? What do you mean? Did your soul get digitized?” Shi Feng was shocked. Looking at Shi Feng’s confused expression, Phoenix Rain chuckled and said, “My soul didn’t get digitized. Rather, my spirit is currently located in a special three-dimensional world. The God’s Domain you’ve been playing in all this time is actually another three-dimensional world as well. Because of a unique reason, I ended up getting smuggled into a higher-level three-dimensional world, or a main three-dimensional world, if you will. On the other hand, the God’s Domain you’ve been playing in is merely one of the countless sub-worlds of this main three-dimensional world.”

“Three-dimensional world? The God’s Domain I’ve been playing in is only one of the many sub-worlds of a main three-dimensional world?” Shi Feng suddenly felt he lacked the brains to process the information Phoenix Rain provided. Although the various phenomena in God’s Domain could serve as proof that the world of God’s Domain wasn’t just a simple virtual world, calling it a real three-dimensional world was still a little too much of a stretch. Just what kind of technology was necessary to let someone mentally connect to another three-dimensional world?

“What she says is true. The God’s Domain you are playing in is indeed a three-dimensional world. However, this three-dimensional world is very special, and outsiders can enter it only through their minds,” Xia Wuyuan explained, smiling when he saw the skeptical look on Shi Feng’s face. “Now that you’re a mental strength grandmaster, you are also qualified to know the Green God Company’s biggest secret.

“I previously told you that the Green God Company’s founder is a mental strength grandmaster. He is also the first human in our world to develop his mental strength to the grandmaster level. After reaching the grandmaster level, he happened across a device that a four-dimensional civilization left behind for all three-dimensional civilizations.

This device allows people to enter a special three-dimensional world created by the four-dimensional civilization. This three-dimensional world is akin to a game world where everything is statisticalized, and people in this world can continuously grow stronger by training. “In addition, the four-dimensional civilization left all its technologies in this three-dimensional world and made it so that whichever three-dimensional civilization succeeds in taking control of this world would inherit all its technologies.

“Therefore, any three-dimensional civilization that discovers this special world will try to compete for it. After all, with the four-dimensional civilization’s technologies, not only can a civilization’s citizens gain a near-infinite lifespan, but a three-dimensional civilization can also become the ruler of all other three-dimensional civilizations. “A four-dimensional civilization?” Although Shi Feng still felt skeptical after listening to Xia Wuyuan’s explanation, he was now open to the possibility of God’s Domain being an actual three-dimensional world. After all, the humans of Earth were merely three-dimensional creatures. They couldn’t possibly fathom the strength of a four-dimensional civilization, just like how two-dimensional creatures couldn’t understand three-dimensional creatures.

“Our world is very fortunate. Not only did it produce a mental strength grandmaster, but we even discovered the device the four-dimensional civilization left behind. Hence, our world has the qualification to compete for the special three-dimensional world. It is also because of this special world that the Green God Company has managed to create so many miracles thus far. “However, we were very weak when we first started out in that special world and could hardly acquire anything.

This is because only mental strength grandmasters are capable of using the inherited device, and each grandmaster can bring along a maximum of only 60 people when entering that special world. Moreover, all the companions must be at the half-step grandmaster standard. Hence, the group our people formed in that special world is no different from an insignificant small Guild in God’s Domain.

“Fortunately, as the people of our world continued developing and the number of half-step grandmasters increased, we eventually managed to secure the rights to control a subsidiary world, which is also the God’s Domain you are currently playing. Since it is only a subworld, the entry conditions aren’t as stringent. So long as one isn’t an infant or a child, one may freely enter this sub-world. “Improving one’s mental strength also becomes a lot easier in this sub-world, so we can keep developing half-step grandmasters. In your case, you even managed to become a mental strength grandmaster.”

Speaking up to this point, Xia Wuyuan looked at Shi Feng in excitement. Now that Earth had gained one more mental strength master, they could bring an additional 60 half-step mental strength grandmasters to the main three-dimensional world. This would greatly enhance Earth’s overall strength. “So, this is why other God’s Domains are trying to invade us. They were trying to gain the ruling rights to another sub-world.” Realization dawned upon Shi Feng. The sub-worlds of God’s Domain were akin to a nursery for nurturing newcomers. The difference between having and not having a subworld and between having one or more sub-worlds was massive.

“Entering the main world isn’t an easy task. The more sub-worlds a civilization controls, the higher their chances of producing Tier 6 players or half-step mental strength grandmasters. In Phoenix Rain’s case, she managed to enter the main world out of sheer luck. It’s a pity nobody else managed to be that lucky,” Xia Wuyuan said, sighing ruefully. “Phoenix Rain’s entry into the main world can be considered a rare opportunity. If she logged out of the game, she would no longer have this opportunity. Thus, upon noticing the anomaly, we immediately transferred her body to the core area.

With the core area’s power, she won’t have to worry about her physical body even if she remains in the main world for a long period.” Shi Feng understood what Xia Wuyuan was trying to say. Since a mental strength grandmaster could bring only 60 people with them into the main world, every additional combatant Earth could get into the main world was incredibly precious. Hence, it was only natural for the Green God Company to want Phoenix Rain to remain connected to the main world.

“But it’s fine now. With you here, we’ll have a much easier time in the main world,” Xia Wuyuan said, smiling. “It doesn’t matter even if Phoenix Rain returns since you have brought 60 additional slots to our world. Once news of your breakthrough spreads, the various Upper Zones’ old bastards will probably try to buy these slots from you. However, you mustn’t sell the slots to them on a whim. Back then, those old bastards stole a lot of resources from Yuantian City’s Upper Zone. Our Upper Zone will be relying on you to reclaim our reputation.

“If you wish to deal with Fu Jiuzhong, you can also apply to get him banished from the Upper Zone. I bet that old bastard in Haitian City’s Upper Zone won’t dare say anything about it.”

Shi Feng nodded at Xia Wuyuan’s words. As for Fu Jiuzhong, Shi Feng was no longer concerned about the Infinity Master. This was because a mental strength grandmaster was many times more powerful than a three-star mental strength master. He could even make Fu Jiuzhong suffer a mental breakdown.

Afterward, just as Xia Wuyuan said, the general managers of the various Upper Zones around the world all paid a visit to Yuantian City’s Upper Zone, and every one of them wanted the entry slots for the main world of God’s Domain. Moreover, without Shi Feng saying anything, Haitian City’s Upper Zone had taken the initiative to banish and imprison Fu Jiuzhong.

However, Shi Feng did not casually sell his entry slots. After all, now that he knew the main God’s Domain’s importance, he naturally had to give Zero Wing priority for these slots. In the end, he chose to sell only ten slots to the top ten Upper Zones in the world, gaining one favor from these Upper Zonesthe creation of his own Upper Zone. The Upper Zones located around the world weren’t natural occurrences. Instead, they were created using the four-dimensional civilization’s technology.

However, the creation of every Upper Zone required a lot of resources, many of which these top-ranking Upper Zones could provide. Once he had these resources, so long as he obtained a few more items from the main God’s Domain, he could create his very own Upper Zone. Once he had his own Upper Zone, he would no longer have to follow the rules of other Upper Zones. He could bring anyone he wanted into his Upper Zone. Time passed swiftly. In the blink of an eye, three months had already gone by since Shi Feng became a mental strength grandmaster.

During these three months, Shi Feng had brought his family and Zero Wing’s many core members into Yuantian City’s Upper Zone one after another. Afterward, he had Zero Wing compete fervently for resources and players in God’s Domain. He had even tasked the Guild with preparing to invade the Outerworld and plunder the resources there.

In addition, thanks to the Upper Zone’s resources and the Ancient God’s Legacy, Gentle Snow, Aqua Rose, Violet Cloud, Fire Dance, Cold Shadow, Yan Tianxing, Lifeless Thorn, and Blue Frost also successfully reached Tier 6. This meant that they had become half-step mental strength grandmasters and were qualified to enter the main God’s Domain.

Inside a large mansion in the core area of Yuantian City’s Upper Zone… After looking at Gentle Snow and the others, who lay inside their respective special rest cabins, Shi Feng entered the main cabin and readied himself to begin a new journey. “Log in!” If you find any errors ( broken links, non-standard content, etc.. ), Please let us know so we can fix it as soon as possible.