Rolling love

Chapter 10

Yan Liang was dumbfounded for half a second, then recovered and immediately spun around to pick up her shirt from the sofa. With the fastest speed possible, she put it on.

As she was busy looking down to check that she was decently covered, a pair of elegant shoes came within the field of her vision.

She froze.

He came closer. She was flustered as she felt his breath on her. She hesitated for a long time before looking up.

His expression was both light and dark, dull and interesting

… all this was so paradoxical, she almost felt like she was having an optical illusion

The illusion existed only a mere half a second, Yan Liang mercilessly surpressed it. Jiang Yu Nan picked up the pearl and handed it back to her, his desire for her clearly reflecting in his eyes. Yan Liang chose to ignore the look and turned around to get back to her desk.

Sitting at the table, away from the dangerous man, Yan Liang was silently relieved. She put on her glasses, and pretending to pay attention to the document, asked without looking up: “Mr Jiang, why are you still at work at this hour?”

“I am waiting for you.”

Yan Liang’s heart skipped a beat. This man’s voice was really nice. Ignoring her throbbing heart, she quickly replied : “Oh, is that so? I am embarrassed to say that my work is not finished yet.”

He did not speak.

The thick carpet absorbed sounds, so Yan Liang could not hear his footsteps, but she could feel that he hadn’t left yet.

Yanliang was wondering whether to raise her head or continue working when suddenly a shadow fell on her file.

Jiang Yu Nan had walked across, and now they were only separated by a desk.

Because the only lights in the room were from the lamp on the table, his shadow was elongated, almost enveloping Yan Liang. Yanliang paused the pen in her hand, but still refused to raise her head.

He suddenly reached out and covered the file with his hand.

Surprised, Yan Liang looked up and her glasses were taken off.

This action was so fast, she took a moment to understand what happened. Her sight was suddenly blurred, she was stunned for a few seconds before realising that her glasses were in his hand.

Before she could speak, he said: “I now order you to get off work.”

Yan Liang felt ridiculous, she could not help laughing. She really turned off the computer.

She was busy putting the papers back in her bag and was getting ready to take them home when his annoying voice suggested quietly: “Of course, I also suggest you change out of this cheongsam before you leave office.”

“……” “…”

“……” “…”

” If other men were to see you like this, I fear that it will cause riots.”

Hearing this, she looked up to see his chin pointing towards her chest, her cleavage slightly exposed as she bent forward.

Yan Liang immediately straightened and pulled the shirt collar together.As she passed by him to walk out of the office he said,”Come with me .”

“ Is this an order?”

“No, this is an invitation.” He smiled and in the half light, his smile had a hint of.. temptation.

*** ***

She changed back to her regular suit and sat in Yu Nan’s car. As she fastened the seat belt,she wondered, “Why did I agree to his invitation?”

Perhaps ‘subconsciously’ she had wanted to.

Jiang Yu Nan started the car. She asked softly “ Where are we going ?”

“The manager called me and said he had ordered a suit for me.”

“You are going for a trial fitting? You wanted me to go with you for this?”

“I would be happy if you give me your opinion on how I look.”

Her face darkened, almost looking as dark as the night outside when he uttered some flattering words ,”You have a good eye, I need your opinion.”

Through the rearview mirror, Jiang Yu Nan saw her raise her eyebrows. It seems she was satisfied with the answer.

Soon, they reached their destination.

Their destination was a famous flagship store situated in a remodeled old colonial building. The building still retained the old fashioned look with a minimalist style of decoration. A lady shop assistant seemed to have been waiting for them for a long time. She said sweetly, “ Mr Jiang.”

The store was quite empty, they were the only two customers.

Jiang Yu Nan went to the trial room while Yan Liang wandered around in the store.

The shop assistant who had been accompanying them earlier had discreetly left, giving them some privacy. So when she felt someone close, she was suddenly alert and turned back to see Jiang Yu Nan.

Yan Liang was surprised: “Did you try it?”

“My efficiency has always been very high.” Jiang Yu Nan said, handing over a black gift box over to her.

Yan Liang gave him a puzzled look, then untied the bow to open the gift box.

It was a champagne gold necklace with a set of earrings.

The design was very simple and elegant, and was very similiar to her favourite style.

“I thought you would wear a western dress. I saw this necklace that matches the set. This has just arrived with the suit.”

“I don’t deserve this.” Yan Liang closed the box and handed it back to him.

Jiang Yu Nan smiled, his smile ambiguous with a trace of almost evil. “Be my companion on the night of the anniversary.”

“Is this an invitation?”

“No, this“, he paused for emphasis ,” is an order.”

*** ***

The reception was to start at eight, Yan Liang dawdled till 7:30 before leaving home.

Every second that she had to see less of Xu Ziqing she was happy.

Recently, she had been living at her own apartment and had not returned to the mansion for a long time. The night before, Zhou Shu had specifically called her , “ Mr Xu wants you to go to the reception with Xu Ziqing.”

“No, there is a car to pick me up.”

When Yan Liang came downstairs, Jiang Yu Nan’s car had already been waiting for a long time.

He was casually leaning against the back seat, his face expressionless, his body suited in black and white, his attitude so foreboding that no stranger would dare approach him. As soon as he saw her, he smiled. It was as if the sky cleared up after an early snow, and Yan Liang could not help but pause.

Jiang Yu Nan opened the door for her.

Yan Liang approached.

Earlier, she hadn’t seem him trying on the suit. Now , as she saw him attired in a crisp three piece, Yan Liang thought he looked very good as she observed him in the back seat.

The driver’s part had a glass barrier separating it from the passenger side, so the rear seat was a confined space. No one spoke; the atmosphere was quiet and awkward so Yan Liang rolled down the window on her side.

A breeze blew in and ruffled the hairs at her temple.

Yan Liang raised her hand, but Jiang Yu Nan beat her to it, pushing her hair behind the ear.

Yan Liang frowned at him, Jiang Yu Nan put his hands back on his lap.

Looking at his expressionless face, Yan Liang eventually did not say anything. This man was always touching her casually, and over time, she had stopped making a fuss about this. This was not a good sign.

Looking at her profile, Jiang Yu Nan smiled with secret pleasure,

“The earrings look great on you. I did not go wrong with this selection.”

Yan Liang was surprised for a moment.

She couldn’t help raising her hand to touch the earrings.

They arrived at the venue at eight o clock.

Secretary Li had been waiting in the reception hall for a long time and immediately walked over when he saw Jiang. “ Mr Jiang, Miss … Miss Yan ?”

Secretary Li seemed to be surprised at seeing the two of them together. Jiang Yu Nan said nothing and walked towards the entrance.

As he was about to enter the venue, Jiang Yu Nan paused, turned around and asked Yan Liang: “You seem to forget one thing.”


Yan Liang was puzzled, she looked at her hands to confirm she had not left her purse in the car when Jiang Yu Nan took her hand.

Jiang Yu Nan put her hand on his arm. At that moment, the waiter opened the door.

The media had been waiting for a long time, they immediately stepped forward to take pictures. Flash bulbs went off as they smiled at the press.

There was no shortage of reporters who wanted to make trouble. One of them asked, “Mr Jiang have you seen the recent news? Sr Group spokesman said … …”

The reporter’s question had not finished when the security escorted them out of the media area.

But even more difficult to deal with than the media was the person who was approaching them – Xu Ziqing.

“How is it that you two are together?” Xu Ziqing smiled and looked at Yanliang.

Yan Liang had been smiling for the media all the while now, her facial muscles were stiff. She didn’t want to smile anymore.

Jiang Yu Nan smiled at her. “Excuse me, I was delayed a bit as I had to pick up Yan Liang. Where is your father?”

“I think he will come by a bit later. When I was on my way out, the doctors were giving him his shot. Mr Jiang, who is the designer for the shirt you are wearing? I’d like to give one to my dad..”

Xu Ziqing hadn’t even finished when Yan Liang suddenly pulled Jiang Yu Nan’s sleeve.

Jiang Yu Nan’s attention was diverted to Yan Liang, who pointed towards the elevator at the entrance.

Jiang Yu Nan also looked at the entrance, , his face turned dark. Xu Ziqing didn’t smile as he said , “ I’m sorry , I have to leave now.”

Xu Ziqing’s face sank at the utter neglect, but she said, “It does not matter.”

Jiang Yu Nan left, Yan Liang stayed back. With no one else, Xu Ziqing coldly remarked:”Why? I do not fancy Mr Jiang, do you? Why do you want to fight with me? ”

Yan Liang didn’t even look at her. Her eyes were still at the entrance.”First of all, you are the one fighting with me. Secondly, please see what is going on and then speak.”

Although angry, Xu Ziqing could not help but look down to the entrance. Seeing the uninvited guest at the door, she frowned.

As Yan Liang prepared to walk towards the door, Xu Ziqing suddenly broached the old topic again.

“I just feel the need to remind you, for men, you should never fight me.”

Yan Liang paused for a moment, but then continued to walk away.

The uninvited guest who had caused such a change in Jiang Yu Nan’s expression, the person with whom there were many conflicts of interest, was no other than Jiang Shijun, the head of cosmetics group Li Bo.

As Yan Liang came to stand next to Jiang Yu Nan, Jiang Shi Jun looked around with irony. “I have to say your father has really aged, obviously one needs to find one’s own innovations. How can you follow the example of Bo Group? We have just started working with European cosmetics companies, and you’re planning to work with North American companies. ”

Yan Liang cursed him in her heart, but on her face she had a natural smile.

“Uncle, let me guide you to the main table.”

Jiang Shijun was not much younger than Xu Jinfu, but he was a bit eccentric. Seeing Yan Liang so humble, he laughed , “ Little girl, you cursed my ancestors in your heart, but you’re being so sweet to me on the surface !”

Yan Liang did not intend to deal with this person any more, this was her father’s mess, her father’s favorite Xu Ziqing could deal with this, it had nothing to do with her.

Sending Jiang Shijun to the main table, she slipped directly to the left hall.

In the hall, the lights were off, the tables and chairs were covered with white cloth and there wasn’t a single person around. The only thing not covered by the white cloth was the piano on the on the stage. Yan Liang leisurely went to the stage with a bottle she had picked up in the main hall and sat on the piano bench.

一While drinking, she randomly played a few keys in the piano.




The inconsistent notes floating in the cold air were crisp but monotonous.

Suddenly there was a discordant voice

“You play really badly.”

Yan Liang was surprised.

The sound came from the door leading to the main hall.

Yanliang looked behind. She was very familiar with the figure in the darkness.As Jiang Yu Nan came to stand next to her, she nevertheless complained “ Are you a ghost? “

“If I were a ghost, and there was a beautiful unaccompanied woman here, I would certainly want to talk to her. “

She was a bit mollified, but still asked sullenly: “What happened to that old guy, Jiang Shijun?”

“You just called him Uncle, and now changed to ‘old guy’?”

Yan Liang shrugged, choosing not to comment.

Jiang Yu Nan smiled. He was carrying two glasses upside down, He put the glasses on the piano, then taking the wine bottle from Yan Liang, poured some wine in both glasses.

Yan Liang grabbed a cup, downed it in one go , then put the glass down and rudely said , “One more.”

Jiang Yu Nan complied docilely, “ Yes, sir.”

“……” “…”

“……” “…”

“Be careful you don’t get drunk.”

Yanliang put up a finger, her eyes flashing. “I can drink more than most men but also … …”

The ringing of the cell phone interrupted her.

Yan Liang frowned. Jiang Yannan took out his phone. Yan Liang could see the caller ID – Xu Ziqing.

The phone rang twice, Jiang Yu was about to hang up when Yan Liang grabbed the phone and hung up on his behalf.

They continued to drink. After a long silence, Yan Liang suddenly said:

“When I was a child I heard that after my mother was pregnant with me, she heard that my dad had another woman who had also given birth to a daughter. She wanted to get rid of me and get a divorce. But then she did not. Guess why?”

Jiang Yu Nan was very clear she really wanted to give him the answer, so he silently waited for her to continue.

“My mother gave birth to me with only one purpose, in her own words ‘ You cannot let off lowly people lightly.’ She did not give me the surname Xu, she gave me the surname Yang. This is to remind me , and to remind Xu Jin Fu , that he is not worthy of love as a husband or as a father. Only his money is important.”

Jiang Yu Nan’s eyes seemed saddened for a moment, then he just handed her drink with an expressionless face, “Why are you telling me this?”

Yan Liang smiled, her eyes slowly meeting his, her expression indicating this was both a bit of a joke and a genuine test.”Why do you think? I hope you can have pity on me, so that at the critical moment you do not stand on the side of Xu Ziqing. If you help Xu Ziqing, I will use all possible means to crush you.”

Jiang Yu Nan snorted, his tone slightly disdaining: “You talk big!”

“Cheers!” Yan Liang smiled. Choosing not to comment, Jiang Yu Nan picked up the glass: “Cheers!”

Both drained their glasses.

Not only was the bottle that Yan Liang brought emptied, the other two bottles they asked the waiter to get were also emptied at the end.

Yan Liang was fully conscious, but Jiang Yu Nan’s walk was unstable.

Yan Liang requested the waiter to help Jiang Yu Nan walk. Only a few people were back at the main hall, the reception had long since been over.

Yan Liang laughed and shook her head. Looking at the two waiters supporting Jiang Yu Nan, she said , “You have been derelict in your duty today.”

He was so drunk that he could not hear her teasing.

Yan Liang opened the room upstairs, the waiters supporting the drunk Jiang Yu Nan helped put him on the bed. Yan Liang took the wallet out of Jiang Yu Nan’s pockets and used all the cash inside to give the waiters a tip.

In immense gratitude, the waiters said thank you again and again. As they left, Yan Liang also decided to misbehave and threw herself on the other side of the bed. She smiled as she nestled in his arms.

Then she got up and dug out his phone.

There were a lot of phone calls from Xu Ziying.

Yan liang ,in fact, was herself barely sober. She patted the sleeping Jiang Yu Nan’s face, “ You scoundrel.”

At this point, the phone screen brightened with a text message, “ Mr Jiang, is it inconvenient to answer the phone?”

Yanliang read the message over and over again, then suddenly, she opened the camera app, put her lips next to Jiang Yu Nan’s lips and clicked a photo – a photo of them kissing.

She thought this behaviour may be a little childish, so she hesitated for a long time , wondering whether she should send or delete, then decided on the latter..

As soon as she sent the photo, she threw the phone on the bed.

Sitting on the bed, after some time, Yan Liang wanted to see if there was an answer. As she groped the bed to search for the phone, suddenly..

Her wrist was caught.

Suddenly she was turned around and her body pinned to the bed.

When Yan Liang’s vision was no longer swaying, she finally realised what was pressing her to the bed , it was Jiang Yu Nan.

His eyes had a malicious smile… he wasn’t the least bit drunk.

He looked at her and said,”Since you have taken the initiative, I’m game.” If you find any errors ( broken links, non-standard content, etc.. ), Please let us know so we can fix it as soon as possible.