Rolling love

Chapter 11

Their eyes met each other, one had a smile, the other was shocked.

—— In silence, Jiang Yu Nan slowly leaned toward her –

Yan Liang suddenly turned away.

Jiang Yu Nan’s kiss missed her lips and landed on her cheeks. But the long night had just began, he was not anxious. With a smile , he lifted her chin with his hand. “Do you know, the first time I saw you wear this cheongsam, I wanted to rip it off you.”

Yan Liang did not want to listen to what he said, she pushed his shoulder with both hands, but he did not move. He even bit her fingers playfully.

Yanliang subconsciously retracted her hands, and seeing this reaction, there was a ripple of laughter in Jiang Yu Nan’s eyes.

While she was still trying to push him, his hand was on her chest-

He unbuttoned the first buckle of the cheongsam.

Seeing that he was proceeding to unbutton the second one, Yan Liang panicked, and cried out a warning: “Then I’ll retaliate!”

Jiang Yu Nan really stopped, but not in fear. He was laughing, “I’m just curious, how much do I have to do to get you moving.”

“What do you …”

Without a sound, the man had sealed her lips and she was lost for words. Her lips were captured by him, and she understood that he had already won over her with his words and deeds.

Yanliang wanted to clench her teeth, he pulled her chin gently. With his other hand, he created a path of fire as he touched her ears, collarbone, chest. He pulled the side zipper down quietly, then his hand was in her dress, caressing her bare back.

Slowly, very slowly, he reached between her legs to tease her there.

Under his gentle touch, Yan Liang couldn’t help trembling, her limbs felt numb, while her body was swept away in the incoming tide. Her mouth was entangled with his; he seemed to be teasing her everywhere.

She was overwhelmed with all the feelings he was arousing in her, her head was buzzing, she felt almost dizzy.When he finally stopped kissing her and just sucked her earlobe, she almost forgot that this man was dangerous.

She was itching for something, something more.

“What ‘s the fun in being so tightlaced?Relax and enjoy..”

His voice sounded magical,as if it came from a long distance, awakening the dormant desires in her body, which clamoured for release.

This was the first time a man had looked at Yan Liang from such a perspective, it was easy to get emotional.

Yanliang almost gave in .


The sound of her skirt being ripped was like a timely alarm, Yan Liang was pulled back immediately from the brink of losing herself.

Jiang Yu Nan had relaxed, he hadn’t expected the woman in his arms to suddenly push him off her. As a result, he was caught unprepared, he fell sideways on the bed and Yan Liang moved away from him.

She fled away from him , her hair in a mess, her breathing erratic .

Things had not even began before they ended abruptly.

Frustrated? Or lucky? Jiang Yu Nan looked at her scurrying away from him and gave up the idea of catching her again.

He sat down beside the bed, “Wait a minute.”

Jiang Yu Nan’s voice was calm and deliberate, as if nothing had happened, even his breathing was smooth.

Yanliang ignored him and moved towards the door quickly.


Jiang Yu Nan sighed, even if he was reluctant, reason prevailed “You put on your clothes, I will take you back.”

His words fell on deaf ears. Yan Liang was almost completely out of this danger when she remembered she was barefoot.

Looking down, she confirmed she really had no shoes on.

She was hesitant to go back, but she gritted her teeth and returned by the bed side where her shoes were kept.

Jiang Yu Nan looked at her rushing. Smiling coldly he said ,

“As long as it is not Zhou Cheng, you don’t intend to open your heart to any other man?”

Yan Liang suddenly froze.

Seeing her reaction, Jiang Yu Nan laughed out loud: “Seriously, I am kind of jealous of him.”

His laugh was mocking, creating a bitter feeling in her.

Earlier, the intense struggle had left Yan Liang panting for breath. She was feeling angry and indignant and was unable to calm down. Now listening to this man’s calm narrative, all of those feelings disappeared, and were replaced by numerous complex tumultuous emotions she was unable to distinguish.

She felt an urgent need to prove something; a restless, untameable flood rose in her body and she was instantly submerged.

When she reacted, she tossed away her shoes and kissed him fiercely.

Jiang Yu Nan was taken aback by her brutal momentum and almost stumbled on the bed frame. But he had always been quick to react; in the next second, he used one hand on the bed to support himself while the other hand hugged her waist.

She sat astride him, her hands clasping his waist , raining kisses on him and Jiang Yu was caught up in the storm.

Yan Liang kissed him more deeply, in turns twisting and lingering, their breaths were intertwined with each other.

Jiang Yu Nan recovered to respond fiercely, his hands firmly locked around her waist, while his hot lips ground against hers almost painfully. Yan Liang used her hands deftly to pull off his tie.

His tie, jacket , vest, shirt, one by one all fell to the ground. Yan Liang pushed his shoulders, he pressed her against the head board, her body still astride his.

He raised his chin arrogantly, still wanting to continue the kiss, but Yanliang dodged, instead ,kissing his Adam’s apple, nipping his collarbone, nibbling on his strong chest for a while, going all the way down, as she attempted to rip off the mask of this aloof and remote man.

As her hand reached to untie his belt, she touched his desire. With a sharp indrawn breath, Jiang Yu Nan pulled her arm sideways and pressed her to the bed, his body on top of hers.

“What happened? Cant stand it?” Yan Liang smiled and pinched his nose .

Jiang Yu Nan had never seen this woman look like this, a mixture of provocation and ultimate submissiveness, like a heady concoction of alcohol and chocolate. She was sweet, intoxicating, fiery and spicy ..

He also smiled: “I would rather follow my rules.”

With no sign of pity, he ripped off the hem of the cheongsam, pushed her legs apart and deliberately focussed on alleviating her aching need.

All the way down.

At this sudden movement, Yan Liang’s breath hitched and her body arched instinctively to accommodate him, the remnants of her dress hanging messily by her side.Her most intimate areas were laid bare and the feelings surging in her body were almost intolerable.

Yanliang thirstily licked her lower lip, then tightly grabbed his head.

Jiang Yu Nan quickly removed her hand , his knee pressing it down on the bed to her side. His other hand slowly moved down her back, raising her hips to accelerate his rhythm.

Yanliang finally could not bear it and called out. Yu Nan kissed her , then snorted as she whimpered.

Jiang Yu Nan held up her glowing,blushing face.Looking at her large eyes, where there was still a hint of arrogance, a touch of wild, untameable pride, he said “What happened? Can’t stand it?”

He quoted her words back to her.

So she couldn’t do anything to resist him, he deliberately slowed down the rhythm, grinding against the core of her limp body ,in clear retaliation to her earlier provocation.

Impulsively, Yanliang took the initiative to regain control and tried to raise her body. But before her body met his, he turned her body, her back to him. Jiang Yu Nan’s hand also pressed on her shoulder, he withdrew slightly and then moved back in.

As the emptiness was fiercely filled up again, Yan Liang blurted out a scream and he blocked –

He pulled her face and kissed her.

Yan Liang bit him.

He was in pain, her action unknowingly ruthless, but it was lesser than the sudden taut pain she felt in her abdomen. She could only glare at him.

He just laughed.

Yan Liang couldn’t see his smile as he hugged her. His chest was against her back, their shoulders and neck aligned.

With his hand on her belly, he guided her movements. At that moment, this man , with a body that exuded a greedy charm, restrained himself, kissed lightly along her back,distracting her as she struggled between comfort and pain. As the pain faded, he smiled silently and came closer to kiss her again .

His kiss was still moist and gentle. He was still staring at her, but his eyes were cold and his smile was hidden.

The ensuing tide eventually pushed them to the climax.

*** ***

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It was a battle of control between the sheets, regardless of who won or lost, every cell of the body had reached an unprecedented satisfaction.

The night was cool, the lights dim, their desires satiated.

After smoking a cigarette , Yanliang was already regretting her actions.

Mercilessly stubbing the cigarette butt in the ashtray by the bed, she hustled up her clothes and got out of bed without saying anything.

“Changed your mind so soon ?”

The voice in the darkness came from behind her.

Yanliang stood barefoot , as if nailed in place by this understatement.

She hesitated before turning back.

Jiang Yu Nan was still sitting on the bed, one hand placed on the bed frame, the other hand holding a cigarette , the tip a pinprick of light in the half darkness.

A moment before, her head was still pillowed in his arms, but now there was no tenderness as she blithely lied,”We were both drunk. Believe me, when I wake up, I will forgot everything.”

He seemed to laugh.

In the darkness, she could see the flame of the cigarette moving towards her. Alert, she stepped back. Jiang Yu Nan extinguished the cigarette, got out of bed and stood in front of her.

He was really smiling.

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