Rolling love

Chapter 12

Yanliang forgot who said that smart men never use force on women, they enticed them.

This man named Jiang Yu Nan, was he even smarter ?

“I do not mind doing it one more time so that you can forget it later.”

Yu Nan bent down slightly to rub her nose.

Then his lips were lightly sucking hers. He raised his head to see her reaction, then raised her chin, and kissed her deeply.

His fingers slid slowly along the curve of her body ,all the way down slowly reaching between her legs. His touch was very light, but it still turned her on.

Yan Liang felt a wave of embarrassment from head to foot; she wasn’t able to resist this man. As if everything about him, his smiling eyes, his lips, the gentle slide of his Adam’s apple and even his breathing … were tempting her ,saying, ’enjoy this rare indulgence. ‘


As Yan Liang opened her mouth, he put his index finger against her lips.

Then, Jiang Yu Nan bent down slightly and picked her up.

Yan Liang tightened her arms around his neck.

Feeling her move closer to him, Jiang Yu Nan silently laughed , as he carried her all the way into the bathroom.

They made love for nearly an hour. By the time he carried Yan Liang from the tub back to bed, she was already exhausted. He hugged her from behind. She had no strength left to even speak, let alone escape.

Wrapped in blankets,she did not know whether he was asleep, she just felt his strong arm across her waist, and then she drifted off.

When she had the strength to open her eyes, she saw that Jiang Yu Nan had just returned from outside , carrying some clothes in plastic bags.

Jiang Yu Nan put the clothes on the bed side table, then

turned around to see her watching him.

“You’re awake?”

She only stared at him.

“I got you some clothes for the time being, the size should be fine.”

Jiang Yu Nan came to the bed, his fingers lifted her chin as he bent to kiss her. She simply stared at some point beyond his shoulder, then pushed him off and sat straight on the bed.

She was really completely awake now. Moving quickly, she wrapped herself in the blanket, then climbed to the edge of the bed and put on the clothes from the bag.

Completely dressed, she finally looked out of the window. The night outside was lighter, it was just the start of dawn.

Jiang Yu Nan crossed his arms as he watched her, the expression in his eyes unfathomable.

Compared to his upright posture, Yan Liang felt like a petty thief. She was apprehensive about moving out of the suite in front of him, worried that he would stop her again.

For the first time that night, she was safely out of the suite .

Yanliang felt a bit weird as she closed the door. She took a moment to relax with her back to the door, let out a sigh, then walked quickly to the elevator , her head held high.


It was too early, as Yanliang came out of the hotel, she waited a long time by the road but couldn’t find a taxi. The night had given way to the first signs of dawn, but it was still cold.

Yan Liang drew her coat tighter around her body, then dug down into her bag to see the time on the phone when a car horn suddenly sounded.

She was pleasantly surprised to see a car coming towards her, then again put her head down.

As she continued to look in her bag to find the phone, she ignored the car. But the car stopped right in front of her. Lowering the window, Jiang Yu Nan, with his elbow resting on the window called out to her , “Miss, waiting for a car?”, as if he had had a lot of practice in picking up strange women.

“……” “…”

” I can give you a lift.”

Yan Liang coldly said : “No.”

His face sank.

Yan Liang saw his hand move to the door handle, and she thought he would get off his car to force her in. But before she could take a step back, he calmly nodded his head and raised the window.

The window rose halfway and stopped.

Jiang Yu Nan,as if suddenly remembering something, said : “Oh, you left something behind..”

Yanliang frowned, staring at him.

Jiang Yu Nan stretched his hand out of the window, there was something hanging by his fingertips.

Yanliang had just realised that it was a small piece of lacy fabric, when he retracted his hand: “I’ll keep this for you. “

Yan Liang suddenly shouted, “Hey!”

Jiang Yu Nan accelerated the car, disappearing with her panties.

*** ***

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Yanliang finally managed to get a taxi . She slept less than three hours before she had to get up.

Her whole face was pale, the few layers of foundation barely obscured the dark circles under her eyes.

Every Monday, there was a regular meeting at 10:00 .As Yan Liang stepped out of the elevator at 9:50, she saw Xu Ziqing step out from the opposite elevator.

Both faces were livid.

But they both quickly recovered and walked towards the conference room. In order to avoid Xu Ziqing, she walked towards the door on the other side of the conference room, but Xu Ziqing had chosen to go straight towards Yan Liang, and blocked her way.

Yan Liang anticipated some friendly advice and sure enough..

“You’re the number 2 lady in Xu family, you climbed into his bed so quickly ?”Xu Ziqing coldly reprimanded.

“I just did what you wanted to do but could not.”

Her makeup today was slightly rich and gaudy, her lips were tinted a rich pink color. Overall, she looked very bossy.

Her casual remark changed the expression on Xu Ziqing’s face.

As if slandered, Xu Ziqing frowned: “Do not think everyone is like you to take such things so casually.”

This time,Yanliang really couldn’t help laughing out loud. She patted Xu Ziqing’s shoulder for the first time ever and advised: “Your overacting is making me nauseous.”


“I ‘m curious about how you will deal with me next. Will you tell Zhou Chang ? But you are avoiding him now. Will you complain to father ? Then I would like to thank you.Dad thinks highly of Jiang Yu Nan, he wants to set me up with him, what can you do?Or will you simply print leaflets and distribute them throughout the company?”

After saying this,Yan Liang even thoughtfully nodded,

“Well, this idea is good, you may wish to consider this one next.”

XuZiQing was nailed in place by her words.

Her face was expressionless, she seemed to be thinking of many possibilities.YanLiang had no time to guess at her thoughts, she went past her and proceeded to the conference room.

Just after taking two steps, she thought of something and stopped.

She turned around, Xu Ziqing was still standing in place, still lost in her thoughts.

“ Jiang Yu Nan told me to tell you, please do not call him unnecessarily,especially … …” Yan Liang deliberately paused , her pitch increasing by a fraction,”.. in his private time.”

Saying this, with a mocking smile, she walked away. Seeing Xu Ziqing’s face turning ugly, Yan Liang felt good.

As she turned back, in the next moment, her face fell.

She had been reduced to rely on a man to get the upper hand in her struggle with Xu Ziqing. Xu Ziqing too had used Zhou Cheng for this purpose, how was her behaviour any different from hers?

She couldn’t help smiling sadly. She paused for two seconds to compose herself , then entered the conference room with a calm face.

“Miss Yan, good morning..”

Yanliang smiled at the Chief Operating Officer “Good morning.”

Yanliang went to the conference table next to the

director. Just a few seats seats were occupied with colleagues who had documents in their hands.

The company and Johnny Weir were planning to develop the North American market. The R&D department had accelerated the pace of new product development. Before the end of the year, they planned to launch skin care products specifically for non-asian skin.

The products were at the testing stage. This morning’s regular meeting was to discuss how to successfully launch new products in the market. In addition to the R & D department, the planning department, the sales department, the publicity department were all supposed to report their progress.

Yan Liang had just read through two pages in her file when she heard someone say,” Mr Jiang, good morning.”

The hand holding the folder stiffened, she forced herself not to raise her head to look at him.

Then she heard a low voice answer ,”Good morning.”

It was three minutes to ten. The three minutes seemed like a year to Yan Liang.

She continued reviewing the file, she did not look up, but paid attention to the conversation that had started around yesterday’s party.

“Mr Jiang, you left the reception early yesterday.Secretary Lee said that you were not feeling well.Are you feeling better today?”

“Much better.”

Jiang Yu Nan’s tone was calm, but the heart of someone listening to it skipped a beat.

Yan Liang listened carefully as she browsed the file. The director also joined in.”The media had to wait until the last photo. There was no trace of you and Miss Yan,the chairman did not attend although he was scheduled to do so, the media almost caused a riot. Fortunately, Miss Xu was at the scene to calm them down.”

Xu Ziqing was modest, her voice was really beautiful: “I was just doing my duty, but I’m also thankful to my media friends who were willing to listen to me.”

Yan Liang also wanted to see how Xu Ziqing quietly responded to the praises, when she heard a slightly unexpected dry coughing sound –

Jiang Yu Nan was coughing , his fist to his mouth. Immediately there was silence in the room.

Secretary Li , well aware of the meaning behind every small move that Jiang Yu Nan made, immediately reminded him: “Mr Jiang, its ten o’clock now.”

Jiang Yu Nan nodded: “Lets start the meeting..”

Yan Liang sighed, this person was really an expert on the art of putting on airs.

She closed the file and looked up, but was suddenly taken aback –

Jiang Yu Nan was staring at her.

Desire was burning in his eyes.

Yes, she could perceive, in this man’s calm eyes … … a violent, carnal lust..

In her ear was the voice of the planning manager:” This is our publicity program.”

Yanliang picked up the glass to drink water to hide the tumult in her mind,while forcing herself to turn towards the planning manager. But at this time, Jiang Yu Nan suddenly raised his eyebrows at her.

This little trick escaped the eyes of everyone,but caught Yan Liang’s attention, and she choked on the water she was drinking. She was wracked with a bout of coughing as the water went down the wrong way.

Everyone looked at her.

Jiang Yu Nan’s smiled slyly at her. His smile was fleeting, in a moment he had resumed his expressionless face and asked, “What happened?”

Now that she had become the object of everyone’s attention , Yan Liang could only stare coldly, waves of anger washing over her, but her voice calm,”Nothing. I’m alright.”

*** ***

All the departments worked together to pave the way for the new products, new product launches were always very exciting, but for Yanliang this was definitely the worst meeting she had ever participated in.

After the meeting ended, Yanliang was still sitting at her seat, intending to leave only after Jiang Yu Nan had left.

She watched Jiang Yu Nan step away from his seat,

but he was unexpectedly stopped just two steps away. “Mr Jiang?”

Jiang Yu Nan stopped, who else would it be but Xu Ziqing?

” I am planning to go to the hospital later to visit my father, he is very concerned about the new products. Do you want to come with us, and update him yourself ?”

Jiang Yu Nan thought for a moment, then asked Secretary Lee

“Check my schedule, what time do I get free?”

Secretary Lee did not need to check, he immediately answered, “You will visit the city after the completion of a number of

new VIP – level counters, you can go before 1 pm.”.

Xu Ziqing laughed: “That would make it noon . We can have lunch before going to the hospital.”



Jiang Yu Nan nodded slightly to say goodbye, then walked briskly toward the door, when suddenly he paused.

Secretary Lee wasn’t paying attention and almost collided against him, but fortunately he deftly moved sideways and averted the accident.

Jiang Yu Nan turned around, in front of Xu Ziqing and Secretary Lee , he crooked his index finger at Yan Liang, asking her to come forward.

Yan Liang had been silently watching her sister acting, she was nonplussed at this gesture.

She could not read Jiang Yu Nan’s expressionless face and his actions did not give her the slightest clue of his intentions.

Secretary Lee was clear however, and quickly

explained: “Miss Yan, Mr Jiang is inviting you to visit the VIP counter.”


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