Rolling love

Chapter 13

He definitely deliberately invited her in front of Xu Ziqing and other colleagues, this was the only way to ensure that she did not refuse –

Yan Liang knew this, so she did not refuse. Once in his car, she tried to delude herself – there wasn’t anything to be afraid of. Was this man going to eat her ?

But her fears were unwarranted. Ever since he entered the car, Jiang Yu Nan only concentrated on the documents he had, and completely ignored her presence.

This man had many faces, sometimes he was cold and unfeeling, other times he played the professional to the hilt. He would change dramatically according to the situation.And this was the man Yan Liang was trying to match her wits with.

The three new VIP counters were concentrated in the city’s large shopping area, and the performance now was significantly better than the previous quarter. A lot of customers were at the counter. In the second counter,, Yan Liang even met a lady who bought generously.

The VIP counters mainly sell Jifu Yaoshi (skin key) and Fusheng ruomeng ( dream like skin) – these two high end brands. The prices are expensive, the lady must have shelled out quite a bit.

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Due to sudden inspections, Yan Liang thought the likelihood of counterfeit products at the counter was unlikely. She could not help but glance at the lady chatting with Jiang Yu Nan.

How long since he took office, and why was everything going so well?

Yan Liang was staring at him while wondering this. Suddenly , Jiang Yu Nan’s sight moved from the lady in front of him to Yan Liang. Embarrassed at being caught staring at him, she immediately looked away, but not before catching a thin sarcastic smile on his face.

The counter inspections proceeded in an orderly manner till they reached the last counter. From a distance, Yan Liang could see that there was a dispute going on between two customers and the shop assistant and she hurriedly approached the counter.

The shop assistant was saying,”I’m sorry, ‘Ya-yan’ has been removed from sales. We are not responsible for any after sales complaints on’Ya-yan’.”

One of the customers, pointing to the face of the other one, was particularly annoyed: “Ya Yan and Jifu Yaoshi are clearly the same company’s products, if you are not responsible, who is ?”

The two sides seem to have been arguing for a long time, many passers-by were watching them. Yan Liang looked at the allergic rash on the customer’s cheek and asked solemnly: ” Is this because of Ya Yan?”

The customer glanced at her, did not answer, and continued arguing with the assistant, “ My friend had an allergic reaction after using the stuff made by your company. Now you’ve re- decorated and moved to selling high end products, so who bears the responsibility of the earlier products you sold ? Clearly your company is acting irresponsibly !”

The shop assistant was also acutely embarrassed. It was probably the first time that such a heated argument was taking place in the VIP counter. “ I am sorry, I am only a junior assistant, I will have to refer to my supervisor.”

The customers were impatient, “ When will your supervisor come? We have been waiting here for ten minutes.”

“I have sent my colleague to call her over … …”

Yan Liang interrupted the assistant: “You suspect Ya Yan of causing an allergic reaction and came here ? Why haven’t you been to a doctor to confirm this?”

The customers were angry, they looked at her and bluntly asked,

“Who are you ?”


At this point, a hand patted her shoulder.Yan Liang turned to see it was Jiang Yu Nan.

Jiang Yu Nan eyes signalled her to continue, but she kept quiet, knowing it was his right to speak.

Jiang Yu Nan came over and personally handed his business card: “I would recommend that you take your friend to a dermatologist as soon as possible to have the cause identified. Please give me a call at this number when the results come out.”

The customers took a look at the card, and were immediately stunned. They double checked , to ensure they had not read it wrong, then looked up at Jiang Yu Nan, but still looked unbelieving.

“If it really is a problem with our products, we will definitely bear the responsibility .” Jiang Yu Nan smiled modestly, “Are you free to go to the hospital now?

When the customers nodded affirmatively, Jiang Yu Nan turned and said : “Lee secretary, please accompany them to the hospital and ensure that all costs are borne by us.”

Obviously, Jiang Yu Nan’s humble and solemn approach managed to cool the anger of the customers.

Secretary Lee escorted the two guests to leave the counter. The shop assistant was also clearly relieved, as she was about to thank him, the supervisor who had been called earlier to deal with the situation arrived at the counter. Seeing Jiang Yu Nan, her eyes widened. “ Mr Jiang.”

Jiang Yu Nan’s face had changed from the humble and solemn expression he had with the customers. He slowly turned

to look at the supervisor, his movements very deliberate, “ Why are you not working during work hours?”

The supervisor was too scared to say anything.

“You do not have to come to work from tomorrow.” Then, Jiang Yu Nan turned his cold eyes to the junior assistant .” You can’t even deal with such a small matter. You made a mess of the situation. How has the company trained you ? You don’t have to stay anymore.”

This time Jiang Yu Nan was full of hostility.

The shop assistant started sobbing at the severe reprimand. Reluctantly, she took off her employee ID card. Jiang Yu Nan took it and gave it to Yan Liang,” Please give it to the personnel department.”

As he turned to go away, Yanliang following him, she heard him say,”Call the complaint center, ask them if they have recently received any ‘Ya – yan’ related complaints. “


They were both back in the car, after she called the company’s complaint department , there was no more movement. There was an oppressive silence in the car.

When the car stopped at a red light at the next intersection, Yanliang suddenly broke the silence: “Just now, you looked very scary. “

“I hate negative people.” At that moment ,his face , although still expressionless, but compared to earlier, it was much more pleasant.

Yan Liang discovered that , in fact, she was very afraid of him. She thought for a long time before asking: “You should now be in no mood to visit my father at the hospital, right ?”

He seemed surprised to hear this, then answered with a cold smile: “Why would I not be in the mood? Rest assured, my emotions never float on the surface, my heart is not affected by anything. “

He deliberately paused, looking curiously at Yanliang.

Yanliang was puzzled by his answer and hesitated, when she saw him suddenly stretch out his hand. For a moment she forgot to dodge, watched his fingertips stroke her lips: “… … why are you so afraid of me? “

Yan Liang was slow to remove his hand, and looked at the driver.

Even if the driver saw Jiang Yu Nan’s gesture, he still pretended to concentrate on driving. Jiang Yu Nan’s staff were indeed superbly trained.

Yanliang obviously had not learnt the art of staying calm in uncomfortable situations, she avoided Jiang Yu Nan’s sharp gaze and said ,” Why do you think I am afraid of you ?”

Jiang Yu Nan laughed: “Just want to remind you that if a woman looks at a man with a pair of eyes that look like the eyes of a frightened deer, it is very likely to awaken the beast in a man.”

Yan Liang would never admit that her heart started thumping rapidly after hearing the last few words.

*** ***

As the car passed the company, Yan Liang wanted to get off the car. She did not want to go to the hospital to run into Xu Ziqing.

” Get off” , he said, before adding unmercifully, “you look arrogant and domineering, but in fact, you’re as timid as a mouse.”

Yan Liang was too lazy to care about his comment : “I am not going to the hospital because there are important things to do, there’s no other reason.“

After this explanation, she got out of the car, and banged the door in the face of this arrogant villain.

Yanliang really did have important tasks to complete.

When she had telephoned the complaint department earlier, she was cursed at by the department head, which made her go straight to the complaints department as soon as she was back.

It was lunch break, most of the staff were at the canteen so the office was basically empty.Yan Liang went straight towards the department head’s private office.

When she reached the door, Yan Liang could see the head sitting at his desk. She was just knocking on the door, when suddenly the phone started ringing. The department head quickly answered the phone: “You finally called me back! “

Yan Liang’s hands were in the air to start knocking when she abruptly froze.

Frowning , she tried to listen to the conversation, but did not hear any substantive dialogue, although she noticed the expression of slight fear on him as he talked on the phone : “Yes.”



“……” “…”

Yanliang was hesitating on whether she should turn away, when the minister’s next words abruptly hit her. “If this batch of products also have complaints, I really can not help you hide it anymore.”

……” Miss Xu … ”

“.. Miss Xu…… “

*** ***

XuZiQing was calling from the hospital corridor: “Rest assured, the problem was only with one batch … …”

The phone was suddenly hung up.

Xu Ziqing was surprised: “Hey?”

“……” “…”


The other side did not answer, Xu Ziqing was stunned , she hung up the phone to redial , but at this time, she could hear the sound of footsteps approaching her.

Xu Ziqing was immediately alert. She hid the phone in the palm of her hand and turned around to see who was coming. Then she laughed, “ Mr Jiang.”

Jiang Yu Nan politely nodded towards her, then glanced at the closed door of the ward behind, “Is the chairman not in? “

“My father is asleep.”

“Then I did not come at the right time?”

Xu Ziqing’s smile was always sweet: “I was going to eat lunch, will you come with me? After lunch, we can come see my father.”

Shortly after that, the two of them were sitting in a five star hotel near the hospital.

The décor was of a delicate old Shanghai style, the waiter also spoke with a soft Shanghai accent. Jiang Yu Nan bent his head to study the menu. Xu Ziqing’s attention had been drawn away from the menu since long, her hand supporting her chin , she looked at the man across the table. “If I remember correctly, Mr Jiang, you are originally from Shanghai. The cuisine here is also from Shanghai.This should be to your liking.”

“So you specifically chose this hotel?” Jiang Yu Nan’s face was still buried in the menu as he spoke to her.

“Unfortunately, my family moved out of Shanghai very early in my life, my taste preferences have changed. “

Xu Ziqing face sank, but she soon smiled again.

Perhaps because his tastes had changed, while Xu Ziqing had ordered several dishes, the man opposite her was barely eating. A lot of the dishes were left over.

Once they had finished eating, Xu Ziqing asked the waiter to pack the leftovers.

Sure enough, this attracted a puzzled look from Jiang Yu Nan.

Xu Ziqing continued to take care of the bill : “what happened?”

“For the first time, I am seeing a rich lady asking for the leftovers to be packed.”

“Because at the lane behind the hospital … …”

Jiang Yu Nan suddenly interrupted, “I almost forgot, Yan Liang did mention before, there are a lot of stray cats in the lane behind the hospital. Zhou Cheng and you often pack up leftovers to feed them. “

“……” “…”

Jiang Yu Nan smiled, his eyes light: “You guys are really kind-hearted people.”

Thus time, Xu Ziqing was really embarrassed..

That embarrassment seemed not to have eased over till they reached the hospital.

In the ward, Xu Jinfu had woken up. He looked a lot better , the nap had done him a lot of good. When Xu Ziying and Jiang Yunnan reached the door, the nurse was helping Xu Jinfu sit up.

“Dad.” “Mr chairman.”

“How did you come together?” Xu Jinfu greeted them,


Xu Jinfu spoke softly, and his mouth still seemed a bit paralysed. Xu Ziqing whispered back: ” Mr Jiang came to update you about the company’s recent situation. When he came, you were asleep, so we went to lunch, and ,of course,came back together. “

Xu Jinfu was really satisfied: “I believe in Mr. Jiang’s ability enough not to micromanage. You do not need to report anything.”

Looking at Xu Ziqing and Jiang Yu-nan, his eyes were very gentle.

Xu Ziqing took over the work of the nurse. She helped Xu Jinfu cut the fruit. She said : “My dad often says to me, I need to learn from Mr Jiang.”

Jiang Yu Nan smiled at the praise.

Xu Ziqing cut an apple and handed it to her father, then she cut another one and handed it to Jiang Yu Nan.Just as Jiang Yu Nan was about to take it..

The ward door was opened with a bang.

Xu Ziqing was surprised. Yan Liang was standing at the door.

Xu Jinfu was also surprised for a moment.

Jiang Yu Nan was the only one who didn’t seem surprised, there was even a secret smile in his eyes.

Xu Ziqing laughed: “What brings you here?”

Yanliang looked at her, approached her slowly,

A stack of documents accurately hit the smiling face of Xu Ziqing.

Xu Ziqing’s smile suddenly froze.

The file scattered on the floor. Xu Jinfu shouted angrily, “YanLiang , what are you doing!”

Yanliang heard him. She barely glanced at her father, then her eyes were back on Xu Ziqing: “You may wish to ask your beloved daughter, what has she been doing to the company.”. If you find any errors ( broken links, non-standard content, etc.. ), Please let us know so we can fix it as soon as possible.