Rolling love

Chapter 15 was a bit boring if you don’t like corporate machinations like me. But it’s an important one in that it sort of foreshadows the relationship between Yan Mu and Yan Liang. Is it the company that is more important to her or her daughter ?

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Lu Zheng…

As soon as he mentioned the name, Yan Liang said angrily, “Do you think we have not tried to reach him? We have called his secretary so many times! It’s clear that people who have a lot of money simply deem us too lowly to meet.”

As the only son of the founder of the Ming Ting group, Lu Zheng was the current general manager of the Ming Ting, indeed an arrogant and proud man.

Yan Liang had thought earlier that if she could ensure that “Ya Yan” was sold in the nationwide departmental stores of the Ming Ting chain, as well as in their commercial plazas, then she no longer needed to worry about finding new distributors and had accordingly made her preparations.

But it was all wishful thinking and had done her no good. She was not able to meet him even once.

She had held back these grievances in her heart for a long time. Now when she finally got a chance to speak to somebody about it, Yan Liang naturally spoke bitterly with an aggrieved expression on her face.

She figured she looked like a petulant teenager , and was afraid Jiang Yu Nan would ridicule her.

But unexpectedly, Jiang Yu Nan was quite surprised , and looked at her with admiration.

“Well! Thinking of using Ming Ting as a distribution channel..this child is certainly worth teaching.”

Was this genuine praise or sarcasm?Yan Liang curled her lip and Jiang Yu Nan sat back in his chair.

This woman really needed to acquire the ability of not letting her emotions show so transparently on her face, he thought, or else she would be defeated, but he couldn’t help her on this.” Don’t get so angry. If you can not get to him through his secretary, then just go directly to him. “

“You want me to pester him?”, she asked, obviously unhappy.

“First, you have learn how to pretend, as Sun Tzu said. Later you can meet him on equal terms, like Lao Tzi said .”

*sun tzu and Lao tzi are both Chinese philosophers.

Yan Liang despised rhetoric, and immediately narrowed her eyes at him. With a fake smile she said,” I am sorry Mr Jiang, I have never learnt the art of pretension since childhood.”

”It’s very simple.No matter what the other side says, it doesn’t matter how much you curse their ancestors in your heart, but you must not be aggressive, always remember your purpose and keep smiling.”

Jiang Yu Nan leaned across the table. She was sitting in a chair facing him with an unhappy expression, the distance between them just the length of an arm. He stretched his hand across the table, pulled up the corner of her mouth with his finger , and said,” Like this..”

Instinctively, Yan Liang wanted to raise her hand to swat him, but on second thoughts , she held back and simply smiled at him.

Jiang Yu Nan let go with a smile.

Although her heart was unwilling, Yan Liang laughed, trying to flatter him. “Multi- talented Mr Jiang, I will learn how to be a shameless person.”

Having prevented herself from cursing at him, she felt a little relieved.

But the man’s eyes had turned cold. Unfortunately, Yan Liang was trying to get up and leave at that moment and missed the look. Within a split second, Jiang Yu Nan was behind her. He turned her chair a little roughly to face him and then brought the chair closer to him.

The meeting room was as bright as the day, his black eyes were like the darkness of night. As he leaned over her, she could see the refracted light in his pupils . She was momentarily unsure whether she should make a fuss about how he was acting.

Then he smiled, and Yan Liang froze as his index finger grazed her lips, her chin, her neck, slid down her collar bone and reached the first button of her shirt.

He gently unbuttoned it.

Before she could react, he unbuttoned the second button.

Pretending indifference, Yan Liang caught hold of his hand and laughed at him, “ Is this a test for what you just taught me ? No matter what the other side does, I have to keep smiling ?”

Jiang Yu Nan was not deceived by her pretence, he leaned forward slightly and spoke in her ear, his breath hot against her cold ear,”Sun Tzu’s strategy does not mean that there is no boundary . If I have crossed the boundary, you should definitely reward me with a slap, slam the door and go.”

She had just opened her mouth when he added, “Of course, if you want me too, it’s another matter.”

Her palms pressed on the back of his hands. It wasn’t obvious whether she was refusing him. Jiang Yu Nan easily removed her hands and widened the collar of her shirt to expose the collar bone.

On the night of the reception, he remembered she had a hickey by him kissing her roughly, just half a centimetre below the collar bone. The mark had faded now. Jiang Yu Nan buried his face to kiss her deeply there, making his mark on her again.

Then he raised his head. Under the long lashes, her eyes still had a trace of indecisiveness in them. He did not want to give her time to think, so he immediately asked, “ Your place, or mine?”

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*** ***

Yan Liang suddenly woke up in the middle of the night and opened her eyes. She looked at the ceiling for a while, then clutching the quilt, she sat up on the bed 。

Everything in this room was strange to her, the only familiar thing, perhaps, was the man standing at the window –

Jiang Yu Nan’s back was to her as he smoked at the window. His upper body was bare, he was only wearing his trousers, his hair was dishevelled. His body was a dark silhouette against the French windows, the cigarette in his fingers occasional flickering with a red glow.

Yan Liang struggled to say something for a long time, then gave up and flounced back on the bed, drawing the quilt over her again.

The bedroom was dark, the only source of light was from the dim lamp. Her head was blank for a moment, but then it filled with remorse. She could not make up for her mistakes, mistakes she had made with the same man, twice.

It was so easy to lose to desire if she was not firm on herself.

How attractive , and how dangerous this desire was.

While she was deeply reflecting in this manner, the quilt was suddenly raised.

Yan Liang opened her eyes. Jiang Yu Nan was standing in front of her in the still dark room. His stomach had red scratches from her finger nails. After a moment, he lay down on the bed, his head pillowed on her stomach.

He seemed to have fallen asleep. His eyes were closed, his breathing quiet, and his face did not have the usual aggressive expression. Yan Liang looked at him while he slept. She scrutinised him. His lips had grazed all over her body. His hand had touched her in all her intimate places. His eyes had watched her cheeks flush as she reached bliss. His arms had pushed her legs apart as he had positioned himself over her…

“Jiang Yunan.”

She called out his name indignantly, not really expecting an answer when he responded, “ Hmm?”

His eyes were still closed as he listened to her. After a long silence she asked, “ Do you think there is love between us?”

His eyes were on her as he peeled off the quilt bit by bit till they were both facing each other naked. “ About love, I don’t have an opinion, I’m not sure I understand it.”

He stopped speaking , and parted her legs. She pushed back , her hands on his shoulders, to prevent him moving any closer to her.

Jiang Yu Nan hesitated for half a second and then gave in. He leaned back, and she sat astride him.

Yan Liang kissed and nibbled down his body, moving down until her mouth was on the centre of his desire.

Jiang Yu Nan could feel his nerves jump as soon as she touched her there.. He felt as if all the blood in his body was flowing down.

It seemed that, occasionally , to surrender control- that was also a kind of love.

*** ***

As per the recommendations of Jiang Yu Nan, the product positioning of “ Ya Yan” was changed, and a new product plan was soon designed.

They still needed to reshuffle the distributors, but the most urgent need was to win over the Ming Ting group.

Since being advised to follow Sub Tzu’s strategy, Yan Liang was no longer embarrassed to hire a private detective to investigate the whereabouts of Lu Zheng. It was possible that he was genuinely busy travelling, but Yan Liang did not want to leave any stone unturned.

Not being able to make any headway on Ming Ting, she could only start solving the problems of the other distributors. She was free for a day, so she invited all of the dealers to dinner. They reached a mutually acceptable solution during dinner, and after that, Yan Liang had her assistant make arrangements to take them away for a night of fun.

The assistant made all the arrangements, Yan Liang did not need to accompany them for the later part of the evening entertainment, so she bade farewell to them. As she was leaving, she noticed a bevy of well dressed ladies passing her by.

This was the city’s top night club, the ladies were all beautiful and sophisticated and they all smiled at her although they had rarely seen an unaccompanied woman in this place.

She quickened her pace to leave this place quickly. Halfway down, she decided to call up her assistant and request him to accompany the dealers.

“Certainly,” the assistant said politely.

Yan Liang was assured and hung up the phone when she saw a man come towards her. The man’s cold eyes flashed at her as she passed him.

This caught Yan Liang’s attention and she suddenly paused after two steps, her eyes widening in surprise.

She looked back, but only to see that man disappearing in another private room and banging the door shut.

So this was how she was going to meet Lu Zheng , she thought, a serendipitous encounter.

Yan Liang leaned against the door, waiting for him and looking at her watch every five minutes. In the end, she was tempted and suddenly went straight towards the private room

Her hand paused at the door, she hesitated for a few seconds, then pushed the door and entered.

The room was similar to the one she was earlier in with the dealers, an odd mixture of alcohol and perfume scents hanging in the air.

The light was low, as her eyes were adjusting to the dimness, she was suddenly pulled and ended up on the couch.

The scent of alcohol immediately smothered her. “ You are new. How come I haven’t seen you before?”

Yan Liang turned to see a drunk face frowning at her

In the next second, he pulled her closer, “ Why are you in a bad mood today ? Come have a drink with me.”

Not only was a glass immediately forced in her hands, the hot face also moved closer to her, his lips almost rubbing against her ears. If you find any errors ( broken links, non-standard content, etc.. ), Please let us know so we can fix it as soon as possible.