Rolling love

Chapter 18

This is one of my favorite chapters. You can see how dedicated Yan Liang is..and this is also the first time she realises her feelings for JYN. …

Yan liang had to make good on her promise to Lu Zheng to update him about every progress in ‘Ya- Yan’..

It was quite mysterious that this woman was able to pinpoint Lu Zheng’s whereabouts so accurately every time. Whether he had just left the company, or had come back from the field, or had just gotten off a plane, sometimes even when he was in his private club, he would see the young lady walking towards him , then smile and hand over the project document, “ Mr Lu, please take a look.”

Obviously, Yan Liang was using private detectives to tail him. After several repeated so-called ‘encounters’ , when Lu Zheng saw her once again, he was a bit distressed, “ Ms Yan, we meet again.”

This time. Lu Zhen was in the group’s golf course , sitting in a golf cart, the other golf cart quite a distance ahead of him

When the second golf cart passed him, he realised it was Yan Liang again

This woman seemed to have just recognised him, she gave him a surprised look and stopped the golf cart.

Lu Zheng also instructed the driver to stop.

As the two cars staggered to a stop, and he saw the woman smiling towards him, he suddenly felt a headache coming on.

As he said ‘again’ , Lu Zheng deliberately raised the tone of his voice, indicating that he was obviously not happy, but Yan Liang was smiling with no fear, and with widened eyes said , “ That is because ‘ Ya – Yan’ has really good luck .”

Lu Zheng gave a helpless smile. How bad was his luck that he had to keep meeting her? He guessed her next action would be to take out the project progress document, as she had done several times earlier

Sure enough, Yan Liang immediately bowed down and took out the latest document from her bag and handed it to Lu Zheng. “Mr Lu, this is the data on advertising in major networks and order amounts from provincial dealers for Ya-Yan.”

As he had done a few times before, Lu Zheng, purely driven by good manners , silently took the document and turned a few pages. But no matter how well brought up he was, his face clearly showed his irritation at being accosted like this three times in a row. He passed the progress book to his assistant sitting next to him and solemnly said ,: “Ms Yan , I will leave now.”

Although the words were said mercifully, his expression was still clearly showing his irritation. Yan Liang was embarrassed, but still maintained a humble smile, “ Mr Lu, I will not disturb you anymore, I will let you play. See you soon.”

With this, she turned towards the driver and asked him to drive. Lu Zheng sat in his own cart and helplessly shook his head.

*** ***

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She had been stalking him for so long, but she had been very careful so as not to be obvious. But when the first month sales of Ya- Yan came through, she could not think of a better way and immediately called the private detective to enquire about the whereabouts of Lu Zheng

Whether it was because the phone signal was weak, or because of something else, the detective sounded weird on the phone. He stammered, “He … … he’s now, now at the Ming Ting Hotel No. 1 shop. He’s on the top floor of the revolving restaurant for lunch. “

Yan Liang did not think, said: “I am coming there immediately”, and hung up the phone.

She drove to the Ming Ting shop within ten minutes. She took the elevator directly to the top floor of the revolving restaurant. At the restaurant, she saw the private detectivesitting near the window. But she couldn’t see Lu Zheng.

Yan Liang approached him: “Where is he? ”

The private detective looked up at her, he looked very nervous, his face pale. Yan Liang waswaiting for him to answer, when suddenly a voice came from behind : “Miss Yan, you’re really clever.”

She was stunned, and took a full three seconds before she turned around.

Sure enough, it was Lu Zheng standing behind her. He was no longer laughing.

“Here I was wondering why the gentleman has been tailing me for several days without any reason.” Having said that, he walked by Yan Liang to the pale detective, put the phone he had just taken from the detective on the table in front of him and asked, “ So Ms Yan is the one who hired you.”

The detective took back the phone immediately, got up, and without even lifting his head disappeared from there in the blink of an eye.

Yan Liang presumed that this would not have been the first time that the detective had got caught while spying. However, looking at how nervous he was, his hands almost shaking, she was clear that Lu Zheng had made some dire threats to him.

She could not think, she was unable to come up with any excuse to protect herself, she silently tried to compose something in her mind as she turned to face Lu Zheng.

Just when she was thinking on how to pacify him, Lu Zheng suddenly said , “ What is it that you want to give me this time?”

She was really shocked.

Suspecting his real motives, she nevertheless took out the documents from her bag. This time, unlike the other previous times, he actually took the file, pulled the chair and sat down and carefully browsed it.

Yan Liang was surprised, but immediately reacted. She pulled a chair and sitting down next to him, she started to explain, “ This is three years of sales data on Ya – yan. A few years ago, the sales were indeed very low, but these few months, there has obviously been a rebound. Although the sales are still temporarily low compared to the other brands in Ming Ting, but you can see that after the re-branding, Ya- Yan’s competitiveness…..”

She hadn’t finished when Lu Zheng interrupted, “”In my house we have a domestic helper who has been with us for a few decades. Yesterday she was helping me clean up the room when she came across these documents. She told me that she and many of her peers have been using Ya-Yan for almost their whole life. It seems … ‘Ya Yan’ is really popular with the older generation?”

This is indeed the “Ya Yan” advantage, Yan Liang immediately said: “Yes.”

Maybe because of the sudden strange look in Lu Zheng’s eyes, Yan Liang rushed to add,” But .. we are re-branding ‘Ya-Yan’, primarily for the young crowd. Improvements in the formulations, star endorsements, making it a youth-centric brand, after all the youth have the most purchasing power today….”

Clearly this was a satisfactory answer.

Lu Zheng read till the last page of the document till he looked up. This simple action was the greatest encouragement to Yan Liang, she was already planning her next encounter, when Lu Zheng broke into her thoughts with a gentle question, “When will you have time? I will arrange for you to talk to the manager in charge of the overall operations of Ming Ting.”

*** ***

Once out of the doors of the Ming Court Hotel No. 1 shop, Yan Liang raised her face up to the sky and inhaled deeply. The gray sky of the city looked particularly cute to her at that moment

Her mood was so good, she really felt she should find someone to share this with. Sitting in the car, Yan Liang did not rush to start the car, but took out her phone to place a call.

Her fingers used to be naturally accustomed to dialling this number, but today, she froze.

She sat stiffly for a long while, then silently returned to her address book, searched for a while, saw the name ‘Jiang Yu Nan’ and her heart skipped a beat. She hesitated a bit and then quickly pressed the dial key, as if even a second’s delay would make her regret her action.

There was a ‘beep’ sound three times before the phone was picked up, “Hello?”

Just this one word , and Yan Liang suddenly felt inexplicably tense.

Suddenly she did not know what to say.

She was silent for a few seconds, when Jiang Yu Nan suddenly laughed, “Don’t tell me you managed to convince him!”

He had already guessed it; Yan Liang wasn’t going to surprise him

Was he able to understand her feelings just by hearing her breathe?

Yan Liang felt ridiculous, shaking her head, she said, “It’s almost through, I assume it will happen soon.”

“This is not good.” Jiang Yu Nan’s tone suddenly turned solemn.


“A heartless businessman is so easily persuaded by a woman; there is often only one reason why this happens…”

Jiang Yu Nan paused there, Yan Liang was dumbfounded: “Do you think everyone is like you, with a bug in their brain, looking at women from only one perspective ?”

There was no response at the other end, but Yan Liang thought he was probably smiling. She could almost picture his unique, superficial yet sultry smile in front of her eyes.

” Then he heard him say, “Why can’t you understand that your charms are so enticing, I can’t resist, can I ?”

Yan Liang could not help but laugh, Jiang laughed as well. She scolded him with mock anger, “Mr Jiang, please use these flowery words for other women.”

Saying this, she hung up.

She looked up now, and caught a glance of her face in the rear-view mirror. It really was a happy, smiling, contented face..the face of a woman in love.

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