Rolling love

Chapter 21

This was a super short chapter.But JYN..why are you like this ? I’m getting tired of defending you. But hikikomori and Idontreadsite, he does a lot to redeem himself in the end. Right now he’s just being a super a***

“What?” The assistant shouted with surprise , as he was pulled out of the driver’s seat.

“Hey! You! “ Yan Liang also leaned forward anxiously towards the driver’s seat.

In response to Yan Liang and the assistant’s shouts, the door was banged shut. In the blink of an eye, Jiang Yu Nan had shifted the gears and accelerated the car. The assistant quickly moved to the side in order to avoid getting hit by the car.

In the side mirrors of the car, the confused face of the assistant was reflected. In the rearview mirrors in the car, the dumbfounded face of Yan Liang was reflected.

It had started raining outside, the car was going faster and faster. When the wheels of the car seemed to skid in the water logged streets, Jiang Yu Nan finally slowed down. His expression seemed to get colder and colder, his indifferent silhouette on the darkened windows streaked by the rain drops.

Yan Liang had to hold on to the handle as the ride was bumpy. With as much calm as she could muster, she politely asked him,” Mr Jiang, where are you taking me?”

“……” “…”

“Is your date with Xu Ziqing over?”

The car suddenly stopped.

Even though Yan Liang was holding the handrail, she still pitched forward.Before she could sit upright, she could hear his low voice, “If you tell me you were jealous of your sister and I, maybe I’ll let you off now.”

She was lost for words.

Her tone, her expression, everything was so calm and composed. Where did he even get the hint of jealousy ?

Once this was established, Yan Liang was emboldened enough to ask him, “ What gives you the right to restrict the freedom in my life?”

(Miumiu : you go girl !!)

The car had stopped,before her hand could grab the door handles and open the door, she heard a snap.

Even though she heard the sound of the door locking, she vainly tried to pull at the door. Finally, crossing her arms, she asked him angrily, “ What’s the matter with you ?”

Compared to her, Jiang Yu Nan was terribly calm,” You haven’t answered my question yet.”

“Do you really think I’ll be jealous of you?”

Jiang Yu Nan smiled.

This was torture, as if she had become

a clown and he was standing high above, gazing at her in contempt.

“Let me get off.”

To answer her, Jiang Yu Nan restarted the car.

His driving was no longer so erratic,it was smooth all the way, but this was obviously not enough to cool the hostility emanating in waves from the lady in the backseat.

It was quiet inside the confined space of the car when suddenly the silence was broken by the sound of a cell phone ringing.

It was Jiang Yu Nan’s mobile phone.

Yan Liang had turned her head to look out of the window at the rain. Hearing the ring tone, although externally she still pretended to be indifferent, she couldn’t resist listening to the conversation.

(Miumiu – plus ears don’t have ear flaps to stop listening as I keep telling my colleagues who have private conversations in the car ????)

The car was completely sealed off from the outside noises, she could clearly hear Xu Ziqing on the other side,

“Thank you for investing so much time to advise me tonight … …”

This phrase…

Yan Ziqing had heard this more than once.

“Dad, thank you for investing so much time to teach me ..”

“…… In fact, I can understand Yan liang’s

hostility to me, I don’t take these things to heart..

Thank you for talking to me for so long to help me understand ..

My whole life, in the eyes of others, even if they are polite to me on my face, but I know they call me ‘ bastard’ behind my back. You’re the only one who has ever treated me so well…”

Yan Liang could not listen to this anymore, she leaned forward and pressed the central lock mechanism next to the steering wheel.

Jiang Yu Nan was distracted by the phone call, before he could react, she had succeeded in unlocking the doors.

While the car was still in motion, he saw her open the door and attempt to get off. It was too late to lock the doors again, desperately, he dropped the phone and tried to catch her arm. But she was too fast for him ,and she had already opened the door.

Jiang Yu Nan slammed the brakes, the car skidded to a halt. Instead of rushing off immediately as he had expected, Yan Liang got back in the car, grabbed the keys from the wheel and then rushed out.

The rain wasn’t heavy but he lost sight of her momentarily. She threw the keys in the trash, and then started running down the road. But she was only 170 cm, with high heels on, how could she outrun a 180cm tall man?

“Calm down, will you?”

“……” “…”

“Aren’t you afraid of death, rushing off like that ?”

Yan Liang immediately turned back to answer, she intended to ruthlessly taunt him, tell him she couldn’t really understand why he was angry. But he didn’t give her an opportunity to speak. He simply pulled her by the arm to go with him.

This time she didn’t resist. She simply

said, “ I’ve already lost the car keys. Where are you taking me now?”

Obviously in the battle between these two, Jiang Yu Nan was temporarily trailing behind her.

This was tantamount to a provocation to his authority.Jiang Yu Nan’s face hardened, and he suddenly turned, pulling Yan Liang towards the sidewalk.

They walked all the way in the rain, under the umbrellas of passers by, bearing the astonished gazes of strangers. Finally, they reached a hotel. If you find any errors ( broken links, non-standard content, etc.. ), Please let us know so we can fix it as soon as possible.