Rolling love

Chapter 22

My heart goes out to YL..she’s still a child in so many ways.

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Jiang Yu Nan pulled Yan Liang all the way till they reached the hotel.By the time they reached the front desk, her face was livid. A man and a woman who looked like they were enemies, how would the receptionist dare to give them a room?

The front desk personnel kept looking at their faces, it did not look like an ordinary couple merely quarrelling , so he did not dare take the card that Jiang Yu Nan was trying to hand over.

Looking at Yan Liang who was soaked to the skin, and then at Jiang Yu Nan who was grabbing her arms forcefully, he could not help but hesitate , “ Madam, are you..”

Yan Liang had stopped struggling, she looked with contempt at Jiang Yu Nan and said, “ I was dragged in forcefully, I don’t know him. Please call the police.”

Jiang Yu Nan had not expected her to be so ruthless with him, he started laughing.

Although the receptionist had heard the complaint, seeing that this man looked like a gentleman and that both of them were dressed in expensive outfits, he was a little puzzled. His hand moved to the phone , but he still hesitated on whether to sound the alarm. Finally, he bit the bullet and picked up the handset.

Seeing this, Yan Liang raised her eyebrows at Jiang Yu Nan, her attitude clearly announcing that she was the winner in this round.

This annoying expression was captured by his eyes. In the next moment, Jiang Yu Nan suddenly reached over, firmly raised her face, and kissed her lips.

As his lips left hers, her chin was still in his hand, and at this close distance, he gazed at her deeply.

Yan Liang was stunned. The receptionist who was just getting ready to call security suddenly stopped midway. He looked uncertainly at Jiang Yu Nan who released Yan liang’s face and again handed over the card to the receptionist..

“Jiang Yu…”

Yan Liang did not even finish when Jiang Yu Nan interrupted, “ You don’t know me? Then how do you know my name?”

This time , how could Yan Liang argue? She couldn’t even stop the receptionist from initiating the check in procedures.

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If she hadn’t been worried of creating a scene in front of the hotel guests in the lobby , she would have most probably engaged in a physical fight with this overbearing man.

She tolerated him silently in the elevator as there were other people with them. The moment they reached their floor, when she noticed that there were no other people in the corridor, she tried to pull out her hand from his grip. Although it looked like he was holding her hand causally, his grip was strong and she wasn’t able to free herself.


She then thought of stepping on his foot.Her three inch heels were equivalent to a sharp weapon, she looked at his foot and could almost picture him bending down with pain as she stepped on him.

When she got rid of him, she would immediately take the elevator downstairs..

Then the man did bend down.

But this situation and the one that Yan Liang had imagined were completely different . She had not yet put into action her own wishful thinking, when Jiang Yu Nan bent at his waist to pick her up.

There were no other people in the corridor, she put up the most strenuous resistance but this man was naturally undeterred. Very simply and conveniently he got her into the room.

And finally Yan Liang was thrown like a sack on the bed.

She lifted herself from the bed, and panting, she asked, “ Are you sick ?”

Although he carried her all the way to the room, Jiang Yu Nan was still breathing smoothly, with his arms crossed, he stood next to the bed watching every move of Yan Liang, his expression unchanged.

She was so angry she got out of the bed and attempted to go towards the door. It was only then that he moved slightly. Frowning, he took two steps to block her path.

Her make up had been washed away by the rain, her eyeliner was smudged, but it didn’t seem to deter the man who was staring at her.

Gently, Jiang Yu Nan wiped a smudge of eyeliner at the tip of her eyelashes.

Yan Liang had no patience to endure this and moved her head to the side.

The next moment, Jiang Yu Nan held her chin in his hand and asked, “Still in a bad mood?”

Yan Liang coldly snorted , “ You accused me of selling myself, and I am not allowed to retaliate at all?”

Seeing her, his attitude softened. “ I was angry.”

“ Oh! How is it that the ice cool Mr Jiang was angered by this little woman ?”

Jiang Yu Nan looked at her as if he was also asking her the same question.

After a moment of serious thought, he reluctantly laughed, “Yes. You just had dinner with him. Why would I lose my cool?”

He looked at her eyes at that moment, really puzzled, as if Yan Liang could help him solve his doubts.

There was no reason why Yan Liang suddenly felt her heart start to pump wildly.

Under his unblinking gaze, she felt numb from head to toe.

She couldn’t bear it for another moment and called out, “Jiang Yu Nan..”

She had often called out his name, but this time the tone was different, it was soft, gentle, almost beseeching.

“ You.. don’t let Xi Ziqing take you away.”

It was a naïve and ridiculous statement, like a preschool child begging for a toy, a child who was also stubborn and lonely.

Jiang Yu Nan looked at the woman who was like this , he was actually silent.

Outside the window, the rainfall had turned into a heavy downpour.

In the hotel suite, there was an undercurrent between these two people.

Jiang Yu Nan’s face seemed expressionless, but it had a trace of emotion; he seemed moved by her words.

Finally he stretched his hand towards her, as if to touch her, and break this protracted confrontation between them.

But even before his hand reached her, his fingers stiffened

He did not touch her.

His eyes reflected contradictions,hesitation. As if the heart could not assent to such an affectionate gesture when there was a cruel secret between them, and the eyes of the other person were so utterly sincere.

But he was also moved by the warm moments they had just shared, his fingers gently traced the side of her face, her lips and finally to her chin. He raised her face , and studied her sincerely.

She didn’t how to face this man, so she held her breath.

It was terrible, she couldn’t even joke about it. For the last twenty years of her life, she had treated Xu Ziqing’s presence as a joke, and yet, in front of this man, she had exposed her weakness.

She had regretted it the moment she said it, but now she was just resigned to her fate..

So she did not even blink once as she looked up at him, she wanted to see what was really in his heart.

She was really familiar with Jiang Yu Nan, but now he appeared..different.

She suddenly felt that the man standing in front of her wasn’t the same man she knew, there were traces of hesitation and contradicting emotions in his eyes she had never seen before.

And then she saw his eyes flash. He turned sideways to the TV cabinet and brushed away the things on it , with his other hand he held her waist, and within a moment, he put her on the table.

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Yan Liang was shocked and reflexively tried to jump off the table, but he immediately held her by her shoulders.

“Don’t move,” he said.

It was almost an order.

This time, Yan Liang chose to obey.

She sat there quietly, and he stood between her legs, their faces now at the same height, so that she could look directly in his eyes as his hands removed her wet clothes one by one.

His hand was hot, so she felt hot and cold alternately, but she didn’t tremble even a bit. His hand didn’t stay on her upper body for too long, they reached her waist and he peeled off her panties.

After this , he paused for a moment. Jiang Yu Nan looked at her, kissed her lips, then his hand was under her skirt again.

With her bra hanging open at her chest, Yan Liang’s breath hitched, and she trembled. Involuntarily, her fingers curled at the edge of the table.

He raised his head to cover her mouth. In the quietness of the room, she felt as if her nerves were stretched to breaking point. To divert attention, she wrapped her arms around him, tightly , and kissed him hard.

Their tongues were entangled, their rhythm chaotic. Her skirt was raised almost to her waist, Jiang Yu Nan held her firmly and the only thing separating them was the cool, thin fabric of his trousers.

Yan Liang put her hands in his chest, whether to stop him or tell him to wait, it wasn’t clear.

He had also missed the taste of her lips, his kiss was almost savage.

Yan Liang had never experienced such intense feelings.

He caught one of her ankles and placed it so her leg was bent at the side of her waist, and at the same time he pulled down the zip of his trousers.

Yan Liang scrunched her eyebrows, she was out of breath and panting hard.

Jiang Yu Nan moved constantly, and through the tremors and bumps , the only thing that remained unwavering was his gaze on her. He looked at her with her knees bent and her legs opened to accommodate him.

The sounds of heavy breathing , accompanied by the sounds of their entangled tongues, continued to echo in their ears.

Yan Liang was so distracted, she didn’t even notice when he picked her up from the cold table and put her on the soft bed.

As her spine touched the bed, she was unable to lie quietly. Her ankles were still in his grip, his eyes were watching her.

A ripple of strange emotion passed through her body. She tried to prop herself up by her elbows, she wanted to sit up and escape the unbearable gaze of this man.

But in the blink of an eye, he had overpowered her. Her legs were bent at the knees, and parted.He was no longer just brushing against her, but now he started ruthlessly grinding against her.

Yan Liang could not endure this sweet torture. She caught his wrist. Her mouth was dry, she could not speak. She just shook her head.

But he gripped her chin with his finger, she wasn’t allowed to shake her head.

His face was dark, no expression on it, but his breathing was heavy and his actions intense. Yan Liang’s legs were wrapped tightly around his waist, their hearts beating rapidly together.

She felt her skin, her bones, even her blood was on fire because of him.

She immediately wrapped her body around him.He couldn’t move back, and finally frowned and grunted. He chuckled at her and tapped her nose with his finger , “Can’t stand it?”

She could only kiss him hard in answer.

Jiang Yu Nan responded savagely to her kiss. He picked up her whole body and placed her in his lap. Her legs were still wrapped around his waist, he could feel her trembling, fighting her release, till she moaned aloud , finally overpowered by the deepest, shattering release.. If you find any errors ( broken links, non-standard content, etc.. ), Please let us know so we can fix it as soon as possible.