Rolling love

Chapter 25

Every day was a new day.

There were a few things that Yan Liang was already worried about – the sales of Ya Yan, the official situation of Secret, the inescapable Xi Ziqing and the mood swings of Jiang Yu Nan.

Now there was one more thing added to the list – Lu Zheng.

It was a rare weekend off, so of course she got a call from her mother.

She woke up in the home of Jiang Yu Nan. Though they had made love throughout the night, she had, rarely for her, managed to sleep till late. She got up and stretched.

She could see the other side of the bed was empty, her heart tightened slightly.

There was no trace of the clothes she had abandoned under the bed yesterday night, clearly someone had tidied up.

She wrapped herself in a quilt and proceeded towards the cupboard to take out her clothes and slippers.

When she went to the living room she saw Jiang Yu Nan in the open kitchen.

His back was facing her, when Yan Liang approached him he was cooking. There was something simmering in the pot.Jiang Yu Nan was holding the spoon in one hand and a cigarette in the other, he was looking quite dashing.

(Miumiu: Ooh I love a man who can cook. )

Yan Liang took off her slippers and stealthily approached him from behind.

As she raised her arms to hug him from behind, he turned around and caught her arms.

The moment he saw her, his vigilant look relaxed and his expression softened. The hand that had captured her arms also relaxed and he pulled her forward to embrace her .

“What is it?”


The last time he had cooked for her, he had also made pasta. Suspiciously, she poked his chest , “ Is that the only think you know how to make?”

Jiang Yu Nan caught her fingers, “Dont overestimate me “,and pointed his chin towards the table.

Yan Liang looked back at the table as indicated. In her intention to surprise him, she had missed the table.

There was a mixed vegetable salad, fried bacon, toast, omelette and sausages. Yan Liang was surprised. Jiang Yu Nan smiled slightly, “ I am a new age man, equally proficient in the living room, the bed room and the kitchen.”

Yan Liang did not comment on his boasting, she was already hungry after looking at the full breakfast spread on the table. She wanted to investigate whether he was really as talented in the kitchen as he was in the bedroom. She couldn’t wait for Jiang Yu Nan to finish speaking to go to the table. “ I wont disturb you while you are cooking, I’ll have my breakfast now..”

But before she could take two steps forward, she was pulled back.

“ You seem to forget something.”

“ What?”

“ Good morning kiss.”

Then he leaned forward, but Yan Liang protested, covering her mouth. “ I haven’t brushed yet.”

“I don’t mind”

And he proved his words with action as he unlocked her fingers one by one from her mouth, his eyes on her, his movements deliberate but clearly showing a determination to win.

Yan Liang bowed a little, trying to hide her face in his chest “ Wait till I brush.”

In answer, suddenly, Yan Liang felt her body turn light. Jiang Yu Nan had picked her up. Her legs went around his waist.

In this koala bear like posture, Yan Liang stared at him. His face could be described as pure evil. Fearlessly, he held her up with one arm, the other arm went around her neck, hugging her

“I haven’t really washed after our activities yesterday night.”


“ Your protest is invalid.”


How long can one continue brushing?

Yan Liang was standing in front of the bathroom ledge, Jiang Yu Nan holding her from behind, a toothbrush dangling from her mouth. Was she looking funny? Why was he staring at her?

Yan Liang finished washing up under this strange surveillance, she was crying inside in relief. Then she pushed Jiang Yu Nan, “Let’s go eat..”

Jiang Yu Nan did not release her, with his hands around her waist, he put her on the bathroom ledge facing him.

Yan Liang felt it the moment her feet left the ground. She felt anxious and pushed against his shoulder, trying to prevent him getting closer, “What are you doing?”

“ I didn’t have enough fun in the bathroom yesterday”, Jiang Yu Nan explained shamelessly.

Yan Liang blushed when she thought of all that had happened in the bathroom last night.

Bathtub, sink , shower, they seemed to have used every corner of this room. As Yan Liang re-lived those moments,she could feel her chest tighten, her breath hitching, “You..”

Unfortunately, she had just uttered this one word when he kissed her.

When Jiang Yu Nan had his fun and let her go, she took a breath and tried again, “You..”

And he kissed her again.

After having this repeated twice, Yan Liang’s legs felt like jelly and she thought she should just let him do what he wanted. To spend their rare leisure time in endless kisses may well be a good choice..

Yan Liang put her arms around his neck and continued kissing him. After some time, he left her lips and moved down her body.

She missed his kisses and shakily licked her lips. But he didn’t make her wait too long, Yan Liang soon felt his mouth on her chest, and his kisses there sent arrows of pleasure straight to the core of her body. She couldn’t help but arch her back, moving closer to him.

Jiang Yu Nan had his hands around her back, hugging her; he moved up again and kissed her lips while using his knees to push her legs apart.

Yan Liang was only wearing a shirt, nothing else. Now the shirt was pushed around her waist, and his fingers were in her body, her body already warm and moist in antipation.

Yan Liang closed her eyes, her heart was thumping hard.

Only till she was submerged in the ensuing tide did he remove his fingers. He looked up and looked at the woman, his eyes clearly reflecting his mood.

The he held her up by her buttocks.

This was an action to prepare her, indicating that the hunter was now going to indulge in its prey..

But at this moment, her phone started ringing.

The two people stared at each other, unsure of what to do.

Only at the last instant, she shook her head and pushed herself off the ledge.

She put her shirt on , “ Ill pick up the phone.”

Then she ran out of the room.

Jiang Yu Nan absently reached out to catch her, but his fingers only glanced off the tail end of the shirt. He stood motionless, looking at the door with an unreadable expression on his face.

Yan Liang ran to the bedside table where she dug into her bag and picked up the phone to answer.

But it wasn’t only her body that was trapped in passion , she seemed to have lost her thought process in the bathroom as well. On the other side of the phone, her mother asked her for the third time. “Yan Liang! Yan Liang! Can you hear me ? “ She was suddenly brought back to earth.

“ I’m listening to you.”

“ I have already repeated three times”, her mother was speechless and unwilling to repeat a fourth time , “ Come home for lunch today.”


Yan Mu seemed to have already anticipated an outright rejection from her daughter. She immediately changed her strategy, “You live outside the house half of the year and I don’t say anything. But enough is enough, this time you have to listen to me. You didn’t go to visit your father in the hospital. He was discharged today. You come back to have lunch, its not a big thing to ask.”

Yan Liang looked up at the door between the bathroom and the bedroom. Jiang Yu Nan had not followed her out of the bathroom.

“ Whatever.”

She hung up and sighed silently.

She got up to go back to the bathroom but met Jiang Yu Nan as he casually came out of the bathroom.

At this moment, he had a chilling demeanour, completely unlike the hot passion they shared earlier and it gave rise to an unfamiliar, painful feeling in Yan Liang.

Indeed, apart from the physical relationship with him, she seemed to know very little about him.

“I need to go back to the main house”, even her tone was cold and strange, “ where are my clothes?”

Jiang Yu Nan did not say anything; he merely gazed at her face, walked towards the door and picked up the phone hanging on the wall.

Yan Liang sat on the bed and heard him speak. It seemed he had sent her clothes to the dry cleaner.

Jiang Yu Nan hung up the phone and came towards her. Yan Liang also got up from the bed, she realised it was necessary to say something. Should they reminisce what they had abruptly stopped, or should she say that she was sorry she could not enjoy the rich breakfast spread?

Before she could decide what to say, Jiang Yu Nan spoke first, “Give me the key to your home.”

Yan Liang was surprised for a moment, “Why?”

“ You haven’t moved your stuff yet, I will get someone to move it for you. You can come directly here at night.”

His words were so matter of fact, it was difficult to refuse. Neither was Yan Liang in a mood to turn him down. So when he extended his hand for the keys, she silently handed them over.

*** ***

When Yan Liang went back to the mansion, Aunt Liang was really shocked.

The second Miss Xu usually came to the mansion with a grimace on her face, there would never be even a hint of the slightest smile.

This time around when she came , there was a shallow smile on her face.

Aunt Liang was very puzzled, but ofcourse, she could not ask Yan Liang the reason.

As Yan Liang had shocked her, she herself was also equally shocked.

Xu Ziqing was at lunch with.. Zhou Cheng.

When she saw this scene in front of her, Yan Liang couldn’t help but ask, “ You…”

Then she thought , what would she ask? Are you guys now as good as ever? Are you back to being friends? Or was it something further?

It seemed that none of these questions could define the chaotic relationship between Xu Ziqing and Zhou Cheng accurately.

So she chose to remain silent.

Zhou Cheng only smiled at Yan Liang, it seemed even he didn’t know how to explain it to her.

Thus, in this way, everyone with their own questions sat down for lunch.

Yan Liang and her mother were sitting next to each other. Xu Ziqing and Zhou Cheng sat further down with her father. Her father still looked pale. Seeing Yan Liang look impatiently at her watch, for the first time in his life , he explained to his second daughter, “ We are waiting for a guest.”

Yan Liang looked up at her father, her eyes incredulous.

Xu Ziqing and Zhou Cheng also seemed to be surprised at the news of a guest.

Yan Liang had not spoken to her father for a long time, in fact sometimes she did not know how to speak to him. So it was Xu Zi Qing who asked , “ Dad, who is coming to lunch?”

Before her question had ended, and Xi Jin Fu could answer, there was the sound of footsteps.

The guest came in and apologise heartily , “ I’m sorry I’m late.”

Yan Liang felt as if her brain was zapped.

She froze for three seconds, saw her mother smiling secretly while her father had a kindly look on his face.Only Xu Ziqing looked shocked.

But then she also composed herself quickly.

Elegantly clad, Lu Zheng came towards the table with Aunt Liang, and nodded politely to the other people.

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