Rolling love

Chapter 27

So JYN answers…but is it the truth ?

In the raws, at the end of the chapter, the author asks her readers whether they like JYN’s playful attitude. Let me know what you think.

Yan Liang had to concede this man really knew how to identify the enemy’s weakness. With one question he had made her inexplicably feel guilty instead.

Jiang Yu Nan did not give her room to manoeuvre, he immediately followed up with another question, “You went home at noon today to allow your father to set up a match making session?”

(Miumiu: I can’t help but admire how clever this man is!)

Although she had not said a word about this, how had this man already guessed it?

Yan Liang was almost beginning to suspect that he had hired a private detective to track her.

But this wasn’t obviously her biggest question, her biggest question was..

“Jiang Yunan.”

She suddenly solemnly called out his name in such manner that Jiang Yu Nan could not help but look at Yan Liang with curiosity.

Yan Liang bit her lips: “What is it that you see in me”?

Turns out her hesitation was absolutely justified because as soon as she spoke the words, Jiang Yu Nan burst into laughter.

Fortunately, he quickly controlled himself, and looked at her with a particularly sincere expression, as if he was going to say something poignant. Yan Liang held her breath, waiting..

But he only said one sentence, “I fancy you for your body.”

One second.. two seconds.. Yan Liang was stunned and immobile for almost three seconds.

It was very difficult to hold back from fiercely slapping this man.

Jiang Yu Nan smiled, as if he was very satisfied with his answer. Then he answered her earlier question, “The reason I refused Ming Ting is very simple. They have a perfect management system, the challenge is far lower than cleaning up the mess in Xu Group. And I just like challenges. Of course there are other reasons..”

He deliberately paused, his eyes looking over her.

Yan Liang could read in his eyes what he was about to say and sure enough, he continued, “On the flight back, I met the beautiful Miss Xu Junior. This job would help me realise my personal wishes as well, so I decided this was a good choice.”

These words, said so casually, created complex emotions in Yan Liang, Should she take this as a touching confession, or sigh in despair at his playful attitude and intentionally ambiguous statements?

(Miumiu: really ? That’s what you got from this conversation? Hmmph)

Several emotions flitted through her heart, at the end she laughed ambiguously, a mock expression of surprise on her face “Jiang Yu Nan , you are mixing up your official and private lives!”

Jiang Yu Nan smiled and accepted her reprimand.

Even more surprised, she asked, “Picking up hot chicks at work, is this how a professional manager should conduct himself?’

She stopped when Jiang Yu Nan suddenly swept her up in his hug. Yan Liang was almost balancing on her toes.Her whole body was forced closer to him. With his face close to her, he smiled mockingly, “ Is this mixing up my official and private lives? It seems you haven’t seen what the real mixing of public and private lives…..”

Soon Yan Liang figured out why the man said this, and why there was an evil light in his eyes when he said this.

The next day was Monday. Jiang Yu Nan had not arranged a driver, so naturally he personally drove Ms Yan to work.

On their way to work, there was a lot of traffic, so the driver took advantage of the long wait to eat his breakfast. Yan Liang had never seen anyone eat this fast. She stared at him, trying to reconcile the image of a fine gentleman with the one wolfing down his breakfast in such an unattractive manner.

Jiang Yu Nan suddenly looked up at her.

Caught peeping at him, she reflexively shrunk back.

“Why are you staring at me?” Jiang Yu Nan was very alert.

Yan Liang hesitated for a moment, then she had a brain wave. “I suddenly realised something “


“In fact … …” Yan Liang smiled with embarrassment, “… You are a pig.”

She felt victorious when she saw his face turn gloomy. She turned her face towards the window and allowed herself a secret smile of pride.

Sitting in the co-pilot seat, Yan Liang ate slowly. When they were only half a street away from the office, she finished eating, dabbed at her mouth with a napkin and leisurely commanded, “Stop here.”

Jiang Yu Nan did not stop but looked at her with questioning eyes. She explained, “ I don’t want to go to the office with you. I don’t want the others to see us together.”

She thought the matter would end here. But obviously, Jiang Yu Nan would not allow the matter to pass so easily.

At the next intersection, the car slowed down. Thinking he would stop at the junction, Yan Liang reached out to open the door. But, he suddenly stepped on the accelerator and the car sped across the intersection.

Yan Liang immediately exclaimed, “ You..”

Jiang Yu Nan just raised his eyebrows fractionally, and smiled at her through the rear view mirror, “This is the highest level of driving that a pig can do. Forgive me.”

The car was going at full speed; it was his revenge against her words earlier. She anxiously hugged herself as she was flung back against the seat with his erratic driving.

Soon they reached the underground parking lot of the Xu building. The driver had the pass card, the security guard did not recognise Jiang Yu Nan driving himself and he did not raise the security barrier.

He had to wind down the window.

As soon as the guard saw him, he was surprised but respectfully called out, “Mr Jiang!”

Yan Liang’s heart was beating rapidly; she put up a hand to guard her face so she would not be recognised.

As soon as the car was stopped, Yan Liang unfastened the seat belt and stepped out of the car. As she crossed the car from the front, suddenly someone pulled her arm and Yan Liang was forced to lean against the bonnet. It was Jiang Yu Nan. Before she could react, Jiang Yu Nan stepped forward, placed his arms on the bonnet on either side of her and leaned towards her. Yan Liang tried to shrink back but the car effectively sealed off her retreat. He leaned even closer to her.

“You forgot something.”

Hearing him, Yan Liang frowned, not because she was ignorant of what that ‘something’ was, but because she knew exactly what he was alluding to.

Before she could react, he was kissing her on her lips.

Yan Liang froze; the only thing that was going through her brain was “Stop! This is a public place!”

Soon she could hear the sounds of a car approaching. Yan Liang moved her head away. Over his shoulder, she saw the car being parked in the opposite space and then a man emerged from the car.

As soon as he got down, the man obviously saw this romantic scene in front of him. Scared, Yan Liang pushed at Jiang Yu Nan’s shoulder.

Jiang Yu Nan also realised that there was someone behind him, but he was reluctant to release her. He just pulled her head down, her whole body was hidden behind his, and he brazenly continued.

Soon that person left. After a long time, Jiang Yu Nan released the woman in his arms.

Yan Liang glared at him. As she passed the side of the car, she couldn’t help bending down to look at her face in the side view mirror. “You ate all my lipstick,” she glared at him again.

Jiang Yu Nan touched her lips. His face was calm, “Ms Yan Liang, please now see what is the mixing up of public and private..”

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