Rolling love

Chapter 3

There was something draped over her shoulders –

Yanliang suddenly woke up from her stupor, looked down: a suit jacket had actually been placed on her.

She did not get the time to move away; one hand resting on either side of her shoulders, clutching her, in front of everyone, she was taken into the elevator.

The elevator moved down gently.

There were only two people in the elevator.

Yan Liang had a slight headache, the light of the elevator silhouetted the man’s face.

“Jiang Yu Nan?”

Hearing this, the man smiled back.

His smile was very light, but his eyes reflected Yan Liang’s eyes.

His voice was clear, and he turned to look at her: “Since you already know what I am called, why are you not telling me your name?”

Yan Liang silently watched the person who rescued her today, but he was also the cause of this scourge .For a moment she did not know whether to answer.

*** ***

Hesitating for a long time before she opened her mouth, she said: “Yan Liang.”

As she said that, the man actually looked at her face seriously, Yan Liang was very uncomfortable to see him suddenly smiling faintly at her: “The original second generation hot tempered Xu family member!”

Looking at his expression she also smiled. Looking down at herself she remarked, “You see I am now in this state, obviously I have been bullied myself. Does it look like I am in a hot temper?”

This woman ‘s self – deprecating comment attracted a narrow look from him: “But I do not see you sad either.”

“It’s not a time for sorrow.”

With a “ping’ sound, the elevator indicated they had reached the underground car park. Yan Liang took a deep breath, took off his suit jacket and gave it back to him: “You must have come to our company to talk about business, I will not trouble you further.”

Finishing her words, she walked out of the elevator.

At this time, a hand from behind held her by the shoulder.

Yan Liang looked back to see him point at the red marks on her arm with his chin: “You need to go to the hospital.

“I still cannot tell if you are an enemy or friend, since you are neither, so please do not bother to care about me.”

Listening to her say this, Jiang Yu Nan’s eyebrows suddenly scrunched, but soon they straightened again, to restore the usual light smile: “Men are attentive to a beautiful woman by instinct, Miss Yan, do not have such a low confidence in yourself.”

To put a ridicule so tactfully, Yan Liang quite admired him this point, but she could not answer back as he had closed the door of the elevator and man with the lazy expression and sharp eyes disappeared

Yan Liang looked at the watch, it was about 10.

Her car was parked nearby, Yan Liang found her own car, and leaned against the body of the car. She was pondering what to do next, but unfortunately her phone rang.

Looking at the number, it was Xu Ziqing who was calling. Yan Liang was about to hang up, but half-way she changed her mind and pressed the answer key.

“Yan Liang, where are you now?”

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Xu Ziqing’s voice was full of concern, perhaps this sympathy phone call was just a show in front of Xu Jin Fu, Yan Liang silently listened to her as she continued to act: “I will ask the driver to send you home, I will deal with everything you do not anger Dad, okay? ”

“Xu Ziqing.” Yan Liang coldly interrupted her.

Both ends of the phone were silent for a moment, Yan Liang smiled and said: “You are not the only one who can act.”

Having finished her response, she hung up the phone. The next second, not far from her, a surprised question: “Yan Liang?!”

Yan Liang turned to look, Zhou Cheng stood in front of his car.

“Why are you waiting here?” Zhou Cheng face puzzled.

Yan Liang shook her head and whispered: “Nothing … …”

Seeing her waiting there, and then as his gaze moved up, he immediately saw her clothes with the water stains and swelling of the arm: “How is it?

Yan Liang’s face flooded with tears as she said with a hard laugh: “Really nothing.”

Zhou Cheng looked really angry, his face stretched very tight, without any explanation, he turned around and walked toward the car: “I’ll take you to the hospital.”

“Don’t you have work at 10 o’clock?”

“You are like this – do you think I have any mood to work?”

Yan Liang complied and followed him to the car.

Zhou Cheng started the car, one hand on the steering wheel while the other hand extended a paper towel to her: “You really scared me.”

” “How?”

“I have not seen you cry for at least ten years, what happened?”

*** ***

That day Yan Liang did not return to the mansion, she intended to stay in her own small apartment for the night. But an uninvited guest turned up.

Through the eyehole on the door Yan Liang saw Xu Ziqing ouside. She hesitated a moment, then opened the door.

Xu Ziqing saw her arm covered by the burn ointment, her hand holding a red wine glass: “Bad mood ah, you’re hiding here and drinking.”

YanLiang was too lazy to care for her.

“You won’t invite me to come in?”

“I just asked aunt to clean the house. I don’t really want garbage in the house again.”

Xu Ziqing face turned white.

Xu Ziqing, taking a deep breath, calmed herself. but it is rare to see her embarrassed look.She said:” I don’t know what you told Chen Shu. He went to meet Dad to plead for you. You know Dad had intended to let you go to another branch to change your attitude and then transfer you back.”

This time Yanliang really laughed out loud: “Why are you telling me this? Is the Xu Goddess worried her status will not be maintained?”

Xu Ziqing clenched her teeth, then released her breath , her expression adjusting back to calm before continuing: “I know if I come here I will inevitably be humiliated, do you think I care about your words enough to hurt me? “

Yan Liang appreciated the cool demeanour of her opponent; she leisurely said: “I just suddenly found that men are eating out of your hand, of course, I need to learn from you.”

“What are you saying …”

Yanliang had no time to talk to her leisurely, interrupted her words, said: “You can leave now.”

In the next second, the door closed with a bang. She slowly walked back to the room, continuing to drink while reviewing the file.

Zhou Cheng had sent her information across this year and last year for a total of five quarters, Xu’s poor management has been going on for quite some time. When the company was first established, it was able to attract numerous customers to the traditional series “Ya” .The development of new products in the past two years was almost abandoned, the market response was mediocre, and then throwing money to blindly develop new products will only make the situation worse.

A lot of information was in the files. She provoked her father today, it is expected that for the next few days she would not be able go to the company. She would just hide in this little world to check information during the day and then go to the city’s major counters to see the situation.

She stayed up till three o’clock . Yan Liang did not expect that the next morning, her father ‘s secretary would call to wake her: “Miss Liang, your father wants you to work today in the company.”

Yan Liang rubbed her sleepy eyes, and thought she heard wrong , so had the secretary repeat: “Liu secretary, you mean … … today?

“Yes, your father has arranged a formal position for you. Please come to work at 9’o clock.”

Yan Liang with a question mark in her mind, fumbled to get up; she looked at the bedside alarm clock – it was 8:30!

This time her mind was shocked into clarity, barefoot she ran to the bathroom.

In spite of hurrying, she was late.

She reached the company at five minutes to 10.As she reached the top floor of the company, Secretary Liu was waiting for her. She had clearly been waiting for a long time, “Go quickly.”

Fastening her collar, Yan Liang went in the direction Secretary Liu had pointed out, into the CEO room.

As she reached the door she was stunned –

Liu secretary followed her behind. Seeing her stopping at the door, she had to urge: “Why are you not going in? They have been waiting for a long time.”

Yan Liang ‘s eyes stuck to the nameplate on the door: “When did this name change?”

“The new CEO yesterday agreed to your father ‘s invitation, we immediately asked people to make the changes here.”

Yanliang seemed to understand what was said, but it seemed she was more confused: “That … …”

Secretary Liu has opened the door.

Yan Liang immediately noticed a silhouette standing behind the door. The silhouette clearly moved back when it heard the movement at the door.

Incredulously she asked: “So what am I supposed to do?”

“The new CEO doesnt have an associate.”

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