Rolling love

Chapter 32

Yan Liang’s body froze, especially the fingertips that were holding the phone.

Her body was stiff and her head blank for quite some time when she suddenly heard the sound of the door opening.

Yan Liang immediately put the phone in her pocket.

The next second the door of the car was opened.

In the short period of time that he was outside, Zhou Cheng’s lips had been frozen white. He quickly got into the car and held his palms in front of the heater before he started the car.

Yan Liang could almost hear the thunderous beats of her heart, but calmly asked him,” You finished so soon?”

Zhou Cheng smiled, “Don’t forget. My father was a driver for his whole life. I don’t know how many tires I helped him change when I was growing up, so of course, I’m very familiar with this process.”

His face was frozen stiff. He breathed in a long time to warm up.

Then he restarted the car and they drove on in the cold night.

The visibility outside was very low. It was foggy, just like the fog that had permeated in Yan Liang’s brain at this moment.

This was the best weather to eat hot pot. At last, the car reached a chain restaurant that specialised in hot pot. They reached the parking lot, looked around and realised there were a lot of cars around. At this time of the night, business was still very good. They recognised their colleague’s car and parked in the vacant slot next to it.

Zhou Cheng turned off the engine, ready to get off , when he was surprised to see Yan Liang sitting silently, completely distracted. He reached out a hand in front of her eyes and said ,”Get off!”

Yan Liang was shocked into her senses. She unbuckled the seat belt and got off.

With Zhou Cheng behind her , they walked towards the restaurant. There was the unique spicy fragrance of hot pot, accompanied by occasional bursts of hot air and the sound of conversation as the diners talked to each other.

Behind her was the cold day, in front of her was warmth and heart warming scenes, inadvertently Yan Liang stopped at this critical juncture. She found it difficult to move forward till Zhou Cheng looked at her with a puzzled expression “What happened?”

“……” “…”

“……” “…”

Yan Liang looked back , “What trouble has Xu Ziqing gotten herself into now?”

Yan Liang was quite definite that his face immediately changed.

Now Zhou Cheng was frozen on the spot while Yan Liang walked towards him.

She was standing in front of him, it was easy to see that his eyes were struggling to hide something. Yan Liang could not bear it. A little crossly she said, “If you don’t tell me it doesn’t matter. I will find out sooner or later. Then don’t blame me if I kick her when she is in dire straits.”

Zhou Cheng heard this, he was clearly alarmed for half a second , then after a pause , he really started to laugh, “ I know you. You’re stubborn but your heart isn’t that ruthless.”

Yan Liang did not laugh. In the blink of an eye she took out his phone and returned it to Zhou Cheng’s pocket. Then she walked past him, her face deadpan.

In the second floor, Yan Liang was greeted by her colleagues who were waiting for a long time.”Ms Yan, here!”

Just when she took her seat, the door of the cabin was opened again, indicating the late arrival of the director of the finance department. He was also warmly greeted, “Director! Please sit here!”

Zhou Cheng looked. In the whole table, the only seat empty was next to Yan Liang. He hesitated a bit, then went to sit next to Yan Liang. Yan Liang turned her head partially, and started chatting with the men sitting in the other side of her.

Zhou Cheng looked at her profile, hesitation clearly written in his face. Then he transferred his attention, smiled and took the dishes the others were handing over.

He waited until the hot dishes were cooked, then turned to see Yan Liang still chatting with the men . He thought for a moment,then took out his phone to type a text message.

Yan Liang heard her cell phone ringing. She broke off the conversation to take out her phone from the bag. A look at the screen showed a message that turned her expression cold,”We will talk about it later. “ It was from Zhou Cheng.

Zhou Cheng was also holding a cell phone in his hand. He saw her bow her head to read the message and then her cold expression. She put the phone on silent and put it back in the bag. His heart tightened.

Their colleagues were eating happily. The cabin was full of smoke, everyone’s faces were blurry.

Finally, Yan Liang stood up and said, “ I need to go to the washroom”, and left the cabin.

After closing the door, she did not go to the bathroom. Instead she started scrolling down her address book.

Xu Ziqing had sent an ambiguous message requesting help from Zhou Cheng, it had many possible meanings. Yan Liang felt it was necessary to find out more about the financial situation of Xu Ziqing, her emotional state and even the recent accident that happened to her..

Who should look for these? Who should she call ? No one came to mind.

When she was scrolling through her address book a second time, suddenly a hand stretched over and grabbed her cell phone.

Yan Liang was shocked. She turned back to see that it was Zhou Cheng.

“ When I saw you take your bag, I guessed you were not going to the bathroom.”

Yan Liang did not answer, she tried to take her phone back.

But she was helpless as Zhou Cheng held down her hand.

“ Some things, if you get to know, it will only create more trouble. Believe me, I will handle it.”

Yan Liang heard him. She could not help sneer at him, “Zhou Cheng, most of your life you have covered for Xu Ziqing and the consequences of her actions .”

She tried to snatch back her phone, but Zhou circumvented her. The always good natured Zhou Cheng had also become nasty now, “ But if you get involved now, things will become even more chaotic.”

Yan Liang stopped trying to reach for the phone. She looked at her phone in his hand and started laughing. She simply did not need the phone, neither did she need to return to the table. She just turned around and walked away.

Zhou Cheng anxiously tried to stop her, “ Yan Liang..”

She didn’t turn her head, she had made up her mind.

That night she had had nothing to eat, only two glasses of wine and that caused her stomach to ache.

When she returned home, she restlessly kicked off her shoes, then walked barefoot into the living room, plonked her bag irritatedly on the coffee table and threw herself on the sofa.

At that time, she caught sight of the message light blinking on the telephone .

After she had moved to Jiang Yu Nan’s home, she had arranged for all the calls to the phone in her apartment to be transferred here.

She pressed down the message key, it was Zhou Cheng’s voice, “Yan Liang, don’t get emotional. We need to seriously talk..”

She pulled the phone chord, the message stopped completely.Silence was restored again.


Yan Liang sighed.

She lay down on the sofa, motionless for god knows how long when she suddenly heard a sound at the door.When she looked at the door, it opened.

Then she saw the figure of Jiang Yu Nan.

Jiang Yu Nan was quite surprised to see her at home.

He put on his slippers and approached her. He swept up the large jacket she had been wearing from the floor, looked at the bag she had thrown on the coffee table and could not help asking ,” Did you just come back?”

Yan Liang nodded.

Jiang Yu Nan looked almost exhausted. He sat down next to her, and closed his eyes. Out of habit, Yan Liang put her cold feet on his legs.

Even before her feet had warmed up , Yan Liang asked, “How can I find out about the financial situation of a person ?”

She felt Jiang Yu Nan stiffen when she finished the sentence.

Then he opened his eyes. His gaze was alert, he sat up straight and asked her solemnly , “ What’s going on?” If you find any errors ( broken links, non-standard content, etc.. ), Please let us know so we can fix it as soon as possible.