Rolling love

Chapter 37

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More corporates machinations in this chapter .

“What happened?”

Yan Liang’s voice was tight as she asked the question.

The assistant was helpless, her voice was also trembling : “There are customers who used Ya Yan’s cream and stated that it caused them

skin allergies. They have decided to jointly sue us. Today, all the major media channels have reported this matter in the morning and a legal notice has been sent to your office.”

The bad news sobered her immediately, her body stiffened.

She wasn’t aware how long she stood there till she looked up to see her face in the mirror opposite. Her face was pale , and she looked helpless. Yan Liang was stunned and immediately woke up from her stupor.

Yan Liang walked into the closet, pulled out some items from the hanger and started dressing quickly. She put the phone between her head and shoulder while using her hands to dress. Her mind was running at warp speed, trying to think about a way to rescue Ya Yan.

“Let the public relations department contact the heads of the major media channels and try to suppress the news. Use the fastest way to find those who participated in the lawsuit against us, so that we can talk to them. As long as we can reach a solution in private, money is not an issue. “

Yan Liang quickly dressed in a professional suit while giving step by step instructions to her assistant on the other end.

Yan Liang continued, “Find out the whole story, the ins and outs, including which batch of cream created this issue, which production chain is the problem. Check if we have received complaints about allergic reactions to the cream in the past year… … ”

Speaking of this, Yan Liang suddenly paused while putting on her shirt.

Because she recalled something

Cream … allergy … complaints …

Nearly a year ago, Xu Ziqing had allocated part of the Ya Yan production line to other products. As a result , Ya Yan was forced to outsource the cream production to other factories. In those, there were similar skin allergy complaints … …

Were these two things linked ?

Yan Liang did not want to speculate, but was disturbed. She hung up the phone . Carrying her coat and purse, she rushed out of the room and then out of the house.

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The apartment door closed behind her with a bang, she walked quickly towards the elevator. Her heels created a tapping noise which was getting more and more urgent.

As she sped to the company , Yan Liang made four phone calls, looked up seven messages , rejected a three way conference and spoke to all her subordinates and her friends to rubbish the concerns raised by the media.

She even refused to pick up Xu Jin Fu’s call. When she hung up, she realised she had entered the by-lane in front of the Xu building.

The worst would come now..

Seeing the mass of reporters in front of the building, her scalp started tingling.

One of the journalists who was waiting outside the building recognised her car, in the blink of an eye, he had rushed to the side of the car with his equipment.

The other journalists immediately followed, and the front of her car was blocked.

It was impossible to drive the car. While Yan Liang was in the car, a reporter took his camera and placed it against the window. There was a burst of flash light across the window, even with the black protective screen , the bright light stabbed her eyes.

The building security rushed out to maintain order. It was impossible for the reporters to get into the car. As she realised that the security was finding it difficult to control the media, she decided to step out of the car.

Even before both her feet were on the ground, a reporters voice thundered out ,” Ms Yan, with regards to this issue of quality control in Ya Yan, will there be an investigation of who was responsible ?”

“ I heard that Ya Yan’s Public Relations department was trying to suppress the news..”

……” “Miss Yan, the relationship between your sister and Jiang Shijun

, is it just a rumor … …”

“Is it true that Xu Ziqing was expelled from the decision making level of Xu because of the relationship with Jiang Shijun ?”

“We have just received the news that your father will meet the media this afternoon. Did he decide to meet the media to calm the storm on Yan Yan, or to give a clarification on the rumours around your sister ? “

“Miss Yan, there is news that the board will face a huge change in the number of shares. The shares held by the major

shareholders will also have a corresponding change, is this rumour true?”

“Xu had just been revived by relying on Ya Yan . But now in the same day, it had suffered two major blows, do you you have any responses?”

The questions were biting, but Yan Liang kept silent. With her security staff around her, she walked though the crowd and finally succeeded in getting into the building.

After all the shoving, Yan Liang was in panic. She had lost some hair in the melee, she quickened her pace and stepped into the elevator.Her assistant trotted along with her all the way. Panting, she reported , “The shareholders have received the news . They have all rushed over and are now gathered in the chairman’s office. They are demanding that the chairman must personally come and explain today’s event to them.”

Yan Liang anxiously watched the floor numbers in the display and asked the assistant, “ Mr Jiang ?”

“He is at the chairman ‘s office, trying to appease the shareholders.”

“Did he leave any instructions?”

” Mr Jiang told us to do pretty much the same things that you had instructed us to do over the phone. Besides, when the chairman arrives, Mr Jiang wants to appease the others, especially to lobby with the the shareholders who are not board members and advise them not to sell Xu stock.”

Yan Liang felt a headache coming up as she listened to all of this.

Last night she had wanted to go away on a vacation with Jiang Yu Nan in lieu of a wedding reception, now it all appeared like wishful thinking.

While this question and answer session was going on, the elevator had arrived at their floor. Yan Liang got out of the elevator and walked all the way to the office.

The assistant continued , “ Earlier, as per your instructions, I had issued a press release on Xu Ziqing’s scandal to a friendly reporter. That, by itself would not have caused such a big shock, and would have probably died after a while. But now with Ya Yan’s allergy news and this exposure, our stock opened at the lowest today.”

Yan Liang could not help but sigh. She felt really helpless. The retribution against her vicious act was so fast. If the two scandals hadn’t coincidentally been exposed at the same time, things would have been much different now..

“ If the two scandals are not resolved before the opening of the stock markets tomorrow, especially if the allergy issue is not resolved by tomorrow, the stock will definitely fall to even worse levels. If the shareholders who are not board members panic, there will be irrational selling.”

As soon as she finished, the assistant asked, “What do you want to do?”

Yan Liang shook her head. Her scope of authority did not extend to controlling this matter, the only thing she had to do now was to deal with the problem of Ya Yan.

Perhaps the more you want to save, the more things get worse?

The Xu Consumers who had jointly filed the legal suit all refused private reconciliations, even though the conditions Yan Liang laid down were very attractive.

Not only was the legal department involved in the matter, the chiefs of the quality inspection, business and other departments directly called up Yan Liang and demanded that she solve the matter as soon as possible. Else they would disregard everything and she would be severely punished as per the existing procedures.

The media channels made the news more and more spicy, they even dug out the news of the unauthorised use of Ya Yan production lines by Xu Ziqing in the past.

Almost at the same time , Yan Liang learned the cause of the incident, “ All the consumers who jointly accused Xu used the Ya Yan batch that was produced under Xi Ziqing a year back.”

“ But we had recalled that batch already. How is it still in circulation now?”

“This … we have not found out yet.”

“Then go down to check !!!”

Yan Liang almost roared at them, then banged down the phone.

It was not yet lunch time when Yan Liang received a message that a lot of sales outlets were pulling out Ya Yan products. As soon as she received this information, her first reaction was to contact the general manager in charge of Mingting.

Ming Ting’s manager was also very difficult, he only gave her

an ambiguous answer: “In fact, we are also in a very difficult situation.Perhaps If Miss Yan can personally request Mr Lu, and he promises you, then we must follow his instructions.”

She was really desperate. She didn’t hesitate an instant. As soon as she hung up the phone with the general manager, she dialled the number of Lu Zheng.

Unfortunately, the phone was answered by the secretary of Lu Zheng: “I’m really sorry, Mr Lu is currently vacationing in a foreign country. During a holiday, he does not deal with corporate

affairs. “

Hearing this, her heart fell.

She looked up at the ceiling as she leaned back against her chair, wondering what to do when her assistant knocked on the door, “ A distributor is on the line, do you want to speak to him?”

She opened her eyes and answered, “ Please help me deal with them.”

This was a tough battle and so far Yanliang had not even seen her opponents. The only thing left was to call Lu Zheng on his private line while he was out of the country.

She dialled the number and held her breath while she heard the phone ringing.

She waited as the phone rang thrice..and then she was connected.

” Hey?”

Thankfully this was the voice of Lu Zheng.

Yan Liang immediately sat up straight, all her bad mood instantly disappearing. She started,” Mr Zheng, this is Yan Liang.”

“Oh?” Although only a short word, but it revealed the fact that Lu Zheng was surprised. Was there a hint that he was in fact pleasantly surprised ?

There was no time to speculate on his reaction, Yan Liang said, “Im sorry to disturb you. “

Listening to Yan Liang, there was an obvious pause at Lu Zheng’s end.

When he spoke, his voice had been restored to its usual calm tone. Listening to his tone, Yan Liang felt it had been carefully modulated, “ Ms Yan , are you trying to reach me for a business matter?”

Yan Liang inhaled deeply, and gaining the courage to speak, she said,” This..”

In simple terms she narrated the whole story and stated what she wanted , “ I hope Mr Lu will Look at our co operation during the happy times and can promise not to take off Ya Yan products off the shelf for the time being.”

“……” “…”

“……” “…”

Hearing the silence at Lu Zheng’s end, she subconsciously paced the room back and forth anxiously.

“This … …” Lu Zheng suddenly said.

As if she could predict from his tone that he was about to refuse, Yan Liang interrupted him anxiously,” I promise to get this matter resolved at the earliest – in the next three days! Three days later, if I cannot keep my promise then, if you want to take our products off the shelf, we will not complain.”

“……” “…”

“……” “…”

“Well,” said Lu Zheng finally, “three days.”

Having gained a temporary reprieve from Mingting, Yan Liang considered it a good deal.

As soon as she hung up the phone with Lu Zheng, her assistant knocked at her door, “ Zhou Cheng, Director Zhou Cheng is on the phone, will you take it ?”

She waved in the negative, turned and thought, then stopped. She came close to her assistant and asked, “ Are the share holders still in the chairman’s office ?”

” Your father is also there.”

Yan Liang got up and went straight to the chairman’s office.

There was no one outside the chairman’s office. The exclusive receptionist to the office was not at her desk so Yan Liang’s progress to the office was unimpeded.

She did not even knock on the door, just walked in to the room directly.

Just when she opened the door, she heard a shareholder say, “ .. the only way out is to have someone stand up, take the blame , and the matter can be closed.”

Another person asked: “Who is willing to take so much

responsibility … …”

She did not wait for this person to finish and knocked on the door.

“Knock knock” , and all of the people in the room looked over.

Sitting on his seat , Xu Jinfu immediately frowned.

Uncle Liang Wei was also surprised and called out : “Yan Liang?”

Yan Liang approached them and said, “ You must have all received the news.Ya Yan had problems with one of its batches, and my sister should not get away with this.”

“……” “…”

“……” “…”

Looking at their reactions, Yan Liang was convinced, they were all well aware of the real situation.

Xu Jinfu immediately cut her short : “Yan Liang you go out.”

Yan Liang continued as if she hadn’t heard him,” Mr Chen said that to stop the down slide, someone has to come forward and take the responsibility . I have a suggestion. Very suitable..”

Xu Jin Fu could foresee something and angrily stood up. He pointed his finger at the door and roared, “ Yan Liang ! Stop this nonsense. Get out!!!”

Get out.

This word is really harsh.

Yan Liang frowned, and then continued: “That person is – Xu Ziqing. If you find any errors ( broken links, non-standard content, etc.. ), Please let us know so we can fix it as soon as possible.