Rolling love

Chapter 39

The media meeting that was scheduled for 230 pm was delayed till 4 pm.

The media hall, which could accommodate a hundred people was packed. When Yan Liang pushed the door open and looked around, the journalists all looked impatient but they were stationed everywhere.

In order to avoid unnecessary issues, Yan Liang stood near the exit and did not enter the hall.

She had already heard the news. Xu Jin fu and Xu Ziqing had been talking for over an hour alone in the chairman’s room and would come together to the media hall.

Sure enough, in a while,, Yan Liang saw the press spokesman for the Xu Group arrive at the podium .

The flashlights started crackling, the sound of shutters resounding through the hall.

In accordance to the results of the shareholders vote, the spokesman would make a brief statement, then Xu Ziqing would appear to take all the responsibility of the Ya Yan mishap.

But the actual situation disappointed her. After the spokesperson read out the speech, Xu Jin fu stepped on the stage alone, not with Xu Ziqing.

Xu Jin fu personally came to the stage in his crutches. Even on crutches , his pace was slow.

Although an old man now, he was still majestic. As he slowly took his position in the podium, there was complete silence in the room.

Xu Jin fu looked at the audience, paused and then started ,” My media friends, good afternoon.”

Then he stated the same things as in the opening remarks of the spokesperson.The reporters who had waited so long were not in the mood to listen to such high sounding rhetoric , dissatisfaction was written all over their faces.

The reporters’ faces changed and displayed urgency, ridicule and solemnity. Compared to them,Xu Jin fu maintained his calm, “ With regards to the scandal about my daughter Xu Ziqing, the rumours are false, I would like to refute that.”

One reporter anxiously stood up. The security waiting on the side saw this and came forward to ensure the reporter sat back in his chair. Xu Jin Fu shook his head, indicating that the security should not act rashly.

When the guard returned to his original position, the reporter’s voice rang out, “ What about the Ya Yan scandal? The victim had submitted all relevant material to the judiciary, the evidence has been published, that can’t be a false rumour, right?”

Xu Jin fu seemed to have expected the press to ask this question and gave out a well thought out answer immediately , “ This matter needs to be investigated thoroughly. Before the conclusion of the investigation, I will not express any views on the Ya Yan allergy. I request my media friends not to speculate, we will soon give you a satisfactory answer.”

Xu Jin fu was completely inflexible. This rogue strategy had in fact led to a loss of Xu’s prestige.

Yan Liang was standing outside the door like an outsider watching a joke where her father was the clown.

Even though he was the chairman, but as a representative of the shareholders interest, his every move was contrary to their wishes. The shareholders were completely disappointed. How long would he be able to continue in his position ? Was this sacrifice for Xu Ziqing worth it ?

Yan Liang finally found herself able to accept calmly that , for her father, there was no end to his partiality for Xu Ziqing.

On stage, the voice of Xu Jin fu continued: “For the victims, I am here on behalf of Xu to express my deepest apologies. We will make every effort to compensate for their losses. “

Almost as soon as he stopped talking, some people walked up from behind Yan Liang..

They did not notice her and passed her, but Yan Liang paid attention to them ,because even their footsteps resounded with deep anger.

Yan Liang frowned as she looked at these people .They rapidly walked straight toward the stage.

On the stage, as per Xu Jin fu’s instructions, the assistant took his crutch and Xu Jin fu bowed down,” I’m sorry.”

There was a sound of a splash.

The people who were passing Yan Liang a moment ago poured some small barrels of sticky white liquid on Xu Jin fu while he was bowing.

All the people present were taken aback.

After a moment of silence, they heard the man holding the plastic bucket angrily say,” My wife’s face was ruined by you, now I have poured your product on your face, to see if you can so easily say ‘I’m sorry’”.

The sounds of camera shutters clicking one after another drowned the man’s hysterical rants. Many journalists who had waited for so long now took this photo; it was absolutely worth the wait.

The security was slow to drive out the troublemakers. The scene was totally chaotic, the sound of shutters was getting louder. Before all of this went completely out of control, Xu Jin fu was helped to go backstage. .

Yan Liang was still standing behind the door leading to the backstage. She watch her father’s bent back disappear behind the door and smiled faintly

In order to keep the reputation of Xu Ziqing intact, it had always been the case that Xu Jin fu did not mind losing his own reputation.

Yan Liang turned away, the sound of her rapid footsteps gradually fading away

*** ***

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Obviously the media meeting in the afternoon was successful in keeping the reputation of Xu Ziqing intact but made the entire situation much worse.

Many reporters parked themselves in the building and even the next one for the whole day. Finally , Yan Liang exited from the fire exit, and took a taxi home as there was no way to get her car from the parking lot.

At home, she had nothing to do. She thought of giving herself a short holiday, she could not think of a solution to her business problem. There as no point in getting busy with useless work.

She lounged on the sofa watching tv. Almost one of out of every two channels was carrying news about Xu.

Time flew by. By the time she looked up at the clock it was 8 pm.

She leaned over the coffee table and took the phone.

So as to plan peacefully, in the afternoon, she had muted the phone. If there were any new progress, her assistant would inform her by directly coming to her home. As she looked, she saw there were nearly a hundred missed calls.. all from Jiang Yu Nan.

Yan Liang frowned, and pulled up Jiang Yu Nan’s number.

As she was about to press the dial key, the announcer on the TV said ,” Breaking news. Li Bo Group chairman Jiang Shi Jin..”

Yan Liang paused her finger.

She froze for half a second, then turned around to face the tv and increased the volume with the remote.

“… this is what our correspondent on the scene had to say. ..“

Yan Liang listened carefully to the news. As her hand took the remote, she sat up straighter, her eyes looked attentively at the screen . On the screen, Jiang Shi Jin’s face appeared. Seeing his face, only one word came to her mind – sanctimonious!

This old fox, had he personally appeared to clarify his relationship with Xu Ziqing ?

She was the daughter of the head of his rival company, and almost his daughter’s age , this would surely not be a glorious thing for him.

But Yan Liang was stunned and could only stare when she heard what he had to say..

——” “I will retire early in the middle of next year.I have a candidate in mind to succeed me.. She is -”

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