Rolling love

Chapter 4

Yan Liang tarried at the door for a few minutes. Secretary Liu urged her to get in the room, the new CEO had already spent a good time waiting for her.

A lot of money was spent to build these twin buildings. From where Yan Liang was standing, the view of the floor in the opposite building was exceptionally bright and beautiful. Of course, standing in front of her, was the tall figure of Mr Nan. And the scenery inside and outside the window complemented each other.

Actually this is only the fourth time she and the man met, just in a few days time, their status has changed a lot.

Yan Liang did not know how to accept her father’s arrangement at that moment and stayed silent, rather Jiang Yu Nan greeted her first: “Good Morning.”

Yan Liang a little reluctantly looked at the meticulously dressed man, “… …Good Morning.”

“You do not seem happy to see me.”

“Mr Jiang is always more heart, and no matter.”

Perhaps her statement was so ridiculously ridiculous that she really heard the man’s short laugh, but his tone suddenly rose in the next second: “I heard you summoned some of the shareholders yesterday to jointly oppose me as the CEO. ”

Yan Liang had begun to think this person would not work against her in the future, she felt now mutual agreement was a better state, so said: “That was not my intention, I was just being passively involved. Besides, I have been punished – I was sent by my father to be a servant here. “

” An associate is not equal to a servant, for ordinary people this is definitely a a good job. Your father arranged to put me here, but also hopes you can change your strategy, learn real skills. “He frowned slightly, but suddenly the eyes drifting across with a hint of prodding, straight to the hot face of Yan Liang he said ,” “I cannot deal with the daughter, it is estimated that only you can get hold of her. ”

That implied only he had real skill, Yan Liang also hated his ridicule of her skills, but simply bowed her head, submissive on the surface but cursing inwardly.

Jiang Yu – nan had been standing at the window. They were separated from each other by some distance, but as he has been talking, step by step he had been moving closer till he was in front of the Yanliang “Oh yes, how is the burn on the arm?”

Yan Liang raised her head.

She did not realise he was standing so close to her.

Standing so close, she felt a cold oppressive pressure and took half a step back. Her eyes skipped over his collar pin, his cufflinks, and then restoring her calm, she said: “Jiang Yu, if you do not have anything, then I shall leave now, I was called suddenly, I still don’t know where the public areas in this building are”

Jiang Yu Nan seemed to think that her guarded remark was quite interesting and gave her a shallow smile.

Yan Liang turned to go.

“I’m going to give you a task.” Jiang Yu Nan suddenly said.

Yan Liang had to stop.

”Listen”, he continued, “Do a detailed data analysis, pros and cons and solutions of the company’s current product line .I want to see it on my desk tomorrow morning.”

She watched Jiang Yu Nan go back to his desk and sit down. He did not care whether she had objections to this work, she thought. She decided to remind him: “This is the work of Sales and R & D”.

He smiled.

Yan Liang realised that a single smile of this man can actually be interpreted into a variety of expressions, sometimes pleasant, sometimes indifferent, and of course, the present inscrutable* one: “The first rules of the workplace- whatever task the boss gives, regardless of who you are, you will have to do them all. ”

This was to make her realise who the boss was, Yan Liang could only keep quiet.

Yan Liang wanted to go out and say hello to Secretary Liu, but unfortunately Liu was busy packing her things. Yan Liang momentarily did not understand what was happening.”Where are you going?”

Secretary Liu had a pile of cartons on the table, while continuing to clean up, she explained: “Since your father is not

part-time chief executive I have to give way to the chief’s secretary. I will only be responsible for the Secretary’s work, my office will move to the opposite top floor”. Secretary Liu used her chin to point to the floor opposite the

glass window.

“Who will take over your job?”

“Mr Jiang has his own secretary, he has given me two days to complete all the handover procedures.”

Two days? Thinking of the highly efficient madman sitting inside the office, Yan Liang was not surprised.

“Oh yes, your office is in the manager level downstairs, and I’ve picked the best office for you.”

“Thank you.”

Yan Liang realised her own time was running out as well. As she walked to the elevator and anxiously pressed the elevator button, another elevator arrived, inside was a man wearing a suit.

As he passed her, she felt something was wrong, could not help but stop, looking back at the man walked toward Secretary Liu.

Soon she could hear the content of conversation between him and Secretary Liu. Yan Liang could not help but frown, is this the secretary that Jiang Yu Nan brought?

Her brain flashed back to the airport scene not long back, Yan Liang finally understood- wasn’t this man the one who returned her glasses at the airport? No wonder she felt his face was familiar.

Yan Liang stayed in the office all day, her work load was really heavy.

Miss VIVI, Stella favour, the Group’s favourite brand Ya Yan, skin key, Miss 25, A dream, My colour, the just launched perfume brand Stella favour, these were the seven sub-brand product lines she was working on, enough to keep her busy from early morning to late at night.

When the desk phone rang, she was on the internal network to understand the factory set up for Miss VIVI. She picked up the phone, her tone a bit brusque “Hello”.

The other end of the phone was silent , then said “ Working overtime on your first day ?”

“Zhou Cheng?”

Zhou Cheng laughed: “You sound quite angry today.”

” I haven’t had dinner yet, can I not be angry?” Yan Liang’s tone has long softened. At least at this moment, there was someone concerned about her.

“I am almost at the end of the Merchants dinner; I’ll come by in a while to take you to dinner.”


Hanging up the phone, she rubbed her temple with her fingers as she glanced out of the window, it really is a beautiful

night. Unfortunately, she can only temporarily admire this, collecting her thoughts, she continued to work hard.

When she finally looked up to the clock on the opposite wall, she once again put down the pen and looked at her phone to see it was switched off. After wondering for a moment, she gritted her teeth and lifted the handset call back.

The phone was soon picked up. Before the other side could speak, she spoke: “Didnt you say you were going to take me to dinner? At this point we can almost do breakfast.”

She tried to complain in a jocular tone, but the next second, Yan Liang’s face was pulled down –

“You do not have to wait.” Xu Ziqing’s voice came through the phone, straight hitting her eardrum.

“……” “…”

“……” “…”

“Why is it you?” Yan Liang’s voice was taut.

“I went to a dinner party, got drunk, asked Zhou Cheng to pick me up. Now he is at the roadside buying water for me.”

Yan Liang thought this was so ridiculous it would make people laugh.

She sneered. “Are you waiting for him to take you to dinner?” Xu Ziqing’s tone was deliberately irritating.”What now? I’ll be with him … …”

Raging, Yan Liang hung up the phone.

She angrily got up and pulled the phone line out.

Finally it was quiet, nothing could disturb her.

Over the whole night, Yan Liang finally completed her work.

She didn’t even shut down the computer on the table. She didnt want to get up. At the moment, a ray of dawn light could be seen through the window. She thought she would close her eyes for a bit to rest before going home to work, but she soon fell asleep.

In the faint blue light from the computer screen, the woman’s face looked soft and fragile.

Yan Liang did not if it was in her dream or reality, but she heard a faint sound at the door. Someone walked in the room, shut the computer, and it seems….. also gently brushed her hair over her shoulder.

Yan Liang wanted to open your eyes, but suddenly Xuzi Qing’s voice flashed in her mind: “What now? I’ll be with him.. ..”

Yan Liang’s woke up and straightened in her chair.

Her hand touched something, Yan Liang immediately heard the sound of something being knocked over.

She heard the sound of broken crockery and hastened to look down. A cup full of coffee had been swept to the ground, the aroma of coffee filling the room.

Yan Liang’s was still not fully conscious, she heard a low and melodious male voice near her ears :” “Is this how you reward me for coffee?

Yan Liang’s body froze.

When she really reacted, the uninvited guest was leaning toward her slightly. He was standing next to her chair, leaning over, his lips almost rubbing her cold temple.

She could smell a smoky smell mixed with the smell of cigarettes, belonging to the man’s breath . She stiffly sat there

, stunned by the person being so close to her, as he leaned forward to reach for the tissue box on the desk.

He drew a few sheets of paper towels and wiped the coffee on his suit.

“Jiang Yu Nan?” Yan Liang had completely woken up.

Half- raising his head as he wiped the coffee stains from his suit, Jiang Yu Nan, without the slightest embarrassment smiled: “Sleep well?”

Not good. Not good at all.

As she silently squatted down to pick up the pieces of porcelain from the floor, she asked only: “What brings you here?”

Picking up the broken shards, she lifted her head, her eyes met the eyes of the man standing in front and she forgot what she was going to say

As she squatted on the ground, he leaned over her, his fingers on her lips.

Yan Liang could suddenly hear her heart thudding.

The man’s finger across her lips, was this tenderness or bullying her? She quickly stood up straight to avoid his hand.

Jiang Yu Nan smile in the eyes, his eyes reflecting the sunlight from the window cast. He looked down at his fingertips, then pointed at her: “You must have slept very well, your lipstick is smudged.

Subconsciously, Yan Liang licked her lips.

“……” “…”

“Why is Mr Jiang looking for me?”

Yan Liang asked this, wanting to know why he made a special trip with coffee.

Unexpectedly, Jiang Yu Nan’s face turned serious in an instant:”Get ready,you need to go on a business trip with me.”

“A business trip?”

“This morning’s flight.”

Yan Liang could see her reflection in the computer screen – sleepy eyes, messy hair. Then she looked at the

watch, and picking up her bag, said: “I will go home and change quickly … …”

Jiang Yu Nan’s hands shot out to grasp her arm.

“That will be too late.”

“……” “…”

“I have to go home and change. You can go straight to my house to change as well.”

“And that will not make us too late? Why can’t I go home?”

Jiang Yu Nan raised his eyebrows as he smiled, “Because I’m your boss.” If you find any errors ( broken links, non-standard content, etc.. ), Please let us know so we can fix it as soon as possible.