Rolling love

Chapter 6

It was only when she reached the airport that Yan Liang found out that the destination was New York.

Xu Jin Fu’s original intention was to have a strategic business co operation with North America’s largest cosmetic company.

But the distribution of benefits on the contract had not yet been negotiated. While talks had collapsed two months ago, with the ill health of the company’s chairman, the matter had been shelved till now. Jiang Yu Nan after taking office had now decided to take over the tricky case.

New York was definitely a good place.

“My passport is still at home!” Yan Lian said with mixed feelings.

In her heart, she was complaining. How did her boss not remind her to go home to get her passport, but somehow kidnapped her for a trip to his home?

She was getting ready to call home to send her passport to the airport, when Jiang Yu Nan immediately handed over a passport. Yan Liang took it, opened it and saw it was hers.

She was surprised. She heard her boss say particularly shamelessly:”I did not intend to take you on this trip. But

I did not sleep last night to work overtime. When I went to your office you were sleeping soundly, somehow my heart was moved and I instantly made a decision to bring you on this trip.”

Yan Liang was dumfounded, this explanation was very cute, but she was wary of the situation and did not dare to think she had a little favour, “How is my passport here?”

“Manager Zhou sent it to the company.”

Yan Liang was surprised, and thus she missed the hidden searching look in her boss’s eyes only to hear him say: “When you were asleep, he called more than a dozen times. I answered on your behalf and asked him to send your passport to the company.”

Yan Liang could not believe that all this had happened while she was totally unaware. This man made her slightly afraid, so she looked around trying to find a temporary escape. Finally, she saw Secretary Lee not far away and immediately said: “I will go to help Secretary Lee check – in.”

It was a long flight and she was sitting next to Jiang Yu Nan.

Fortunately, she had unfinished work which was time-consuming.

Xu’s current sales channels included high-end department stores, specialty stores, high-end perfume stores, pharmacies, self-operated stores and supply cabinets, airplanes and duty-free shops in airports and cities.

She could not access the net on the flight, so Yan Liang was restricted to the information already available on the computer. But that was enough to keep her busy through the ten hour flight.

Her boss was very good; he readily flipped through the New York Tourism illustrated magazine provided in the plane.

It was the first-class cabin; the only sound heard was the tapping on her keyboards. At some point, Yan Liang put down her pen and squeezed her eyes shut as her eyes were tired from staring at the screen for so long. At this time, her peripheral vision caught an attractive sight.

Yan Liang instinctively glanced to her side, only to realize that she was watching Jiang Yu Nan’s profile.

She wasn’t sure if he had just closed his eyes or had really fallen asleep.

Yan Liang’s eyes were drawn to the illustrated Travel magazine on the table.

She vaguely remembered that Jiang Yu Nan had been in London,but he may not be familiar with New York. Yan Liang was familiar with New York , but as she looked at the pictures, she was surprised.

She had never seen a more beautiful night than in New York. Zhou Cheng and she had gone to school in New York and the first time they set foot on the land of New York, it was night.

The city was neon-lit, busy …

In the quietness of her heart, caught up in the raging memories of the past, she suddenly felt a trace of unease.

She glanced up to see Jiang Yu Nan had woken up and was quietly watching her.

His eyes were calm but his gaze was powerful, and Yan Liang suddenly felt embarrassed.

With a dry cough, she removed her hand from the book and got up: “I want to use the bathroom.”

Jiang Yu Nan silently looked at her, their eyes met, then moved sideways to allow her access to the aisle.

She hid in the bathroom for a long time facing the mirror. She began to wonder why she felt he was affecting her so much. He seemed so powerful, she felt she had nowhere hide; she had the feeling of being surrounded on all sides, or even almost defeated.

Perhaps his eyes always made people feel he could see what was in their heart.

Perhaps because her feelings were never reciprocated, she had never felt shy.

After countless reflections over a short time, Yan Liang got out of the toilet.

In the opposite side of the washroom, standing in the slightly narrow aisle, was Jiang Yu Nan.

He was waiting for her, with folded arms and a poker face.

Yan Liang thought he wanted to use the toilet, but he did not seem to go in. Turning sideways to avoid him, she tried to walk towards the seat.

As she was about to walk ahead, Jiang Yu Nan’s hand suddenly came up against the wall, pressing her against it.

She looked at him with displeasure: “You … …”

“If my information is correct, Manager Zhou is your sister’s fiance”, he suddenly said.

Yan Liang frowned.

Jiang Yu Nan’s usual expressionless face suddenly showed a hint of smile “Being in love with your sister’s fiance, it must not be easy for you, is it?”

His smile was ironic.

Yan Liang never knew that she could be forced into such a desperate, uncontrollable situation with such a short question. Her temper barely in check, she said ,“What have you seen that made you conclude I am in love with him? What made you think he is Xu Ziqing’s fiancé?”

His gaze rested for a moment on her face as she confronted him; then he tipped her chin up. Yan Liang was taken aback, she felt she was being forced to the corner.

After he stared at her long enough, he dropped her chin, “Few have deceived my eyes.”

If she hadn’t been afraid of raising the flight stewardess’s suspicion who was seeing them standing in the distance, Yan Liang would have solved the problem through force. He laughed ironically again. She also smiled back at him with contempt and pulled his tie, forcing his head down toward her.

She looked squarely at his eyes, their eyes reflected each other and anger at him burned through her.

“You think you can see what my heart is thinking?”

He did not seem to care; he seemed to be quite tolerant to her anger as he said:” I can see in your eyes that you are trying hard to hide something.”

She pulled him closer, and with a sneer said “Then you take a look in my eyes and see, what I think of Yu Nan, an arrogant, self-righteous … …”

Her hands clenched tightly around his tie.

He smiled slowly, the smile changing.

This man’s attention was no longer on her eyes.

The next moment, Yan Liang realized that his eyes had unknowingly locked on her lips.

She had no time to react.

Her hand released his tie, but was grabbed by him,” “Have you forgotten that you still owe me?”

The kiss that had started in his house five hours ago finally landed solidly on her cool lips

*** ***

Yan Liang reacted fast and suddenly pushed him.

But this man was so arrogant, even as she pushed him away, he pulled her closer.

This time, her whole body was pressed tightly to his without the slightest gap. She refused to comply, using her hand to push his chest, but couldn’t make him budge.

Jiang Yu Nan’s kiss could not be refused. Yan Liang put up with it, but she could see in his eyes, not warmth, but a strange coldness.

Yes, his eyes were cold, or even vicious.

So cold, that at that moment it seemed he hated her..

Hate. First her father hated her, and now this man hated her so much it was almost like he wanted to destroy her.

He finally let her go and Yan Liang immediately slapped him.

He did not stop her. A crisp sound and Jiang Yu Nan’s face was suddenly red.

Yan Liang was stunned. She could not believe it. The last time, she wanted to slap Xu Ziqing, but he had easily caught his wrist. Yet he didn’t stop her now.

Jiang Yu Nan touched his face with his

Fingers, then the corners of the mouth went up in a smile. It was as if he wanted to warn her- I just allowed you to hit me.If I do not allow you, you have no strength to hit me

Yan Liang finally thought of a word to describe the expression on his face at this time – disrespect .

This made her hate him more. In the twinkling of an eye, she picked up a glass of water from the table of the nearest passenger and tried to throw the water on his handsome but disgusting face.

This time Jiang Yu Nan caught her wrist neatly.

Yan Liang wanted to break free, but with his other hand he easily took the glass from her hands and drank a mouthful.

“I am feeling kind of thirsty after I kissed you,” Jiang Yu Nan indicated the cup in his hands, his smile mocking, “thank you.”

Yan Liang’s mind had long ago stopped functioning logically ,under his withering stare, she tried to take the glass away from him. The stewardess realised the situation was getting difficult and quickly stepped forward to mediate. In the ensuing struggle between the two,Jiang Yu Nan accidentally spilled some water on the stewardess.

Yan Liang was suddenly brought back to reality as she saw the water stains on the stewardess’s apron and quickly apologized to her:

“I’m sorry … …”

“I’m sorry.” Jiang Yu Nan said, his voice neither overbearing, nor creepy.

Saying this he offered some tips and a paper towel to the stewardess

She did not take a tip, only the tissue and gave a professional smile to: “It does not matter.”

As he turned around, the stewardess advised Yan Liang: “Miss, I have nothing to do with you lovers, but it is better to talk than fight. This gentleman has quite a good temper”.

Yan Liang felt helpless, she was annoyed. She was about to explain, when Jiang Yu Nan turned back to smile at the flight attendant and pulled her hand to move back to their seats.

As they passed the food cart of the stewardess, Jiang Yu Nan put a tip on the top.

He really intended to buy people with money –

Yan Liang was annoyed, she threw off his hand forcefully.

She had unwittingly acted out a farce in the aircraft, making a joke of herself in front of outsiders. She silently realised that he was the most powerful enemy she had met in her life.

In the front of this man, inexplicably she felt a bit timid.

For the rest of the journey, Yan Liang was determined not to give him any opportunity to cause trouble. She adjusted her seat,put on her goggles, pulled down the shades and put on the blankets, preparing to sleep.

For more than half an hour, she was unable to fall asleep.

Although the temperature in the cabin was low, her brain was still heated and in a mess. As she turned over to force herself to sleep, the blanket slid down a bit. Before she could take out her hand to pull it up, the blanket was adjusted and tucked in. She knew who did this, and was scared. Although her eyes were wrapped by the eye mask, she subconsciously squeezed her eyes shut.

She could feel his moist breath over her forehead.”Sweet dreams”, Jiang Yu Nan said softly in her ear. If you find any errors ( broken links, non-standard content, etc.. ), Please let us know so we can fix it as soon as possible.