Rolling love

Chapter 7

Yan Liang originally thought that the trip to New York would be very busy, but it seemed like Jiang Yu Nan had come for a holiday with his gang- horseback riding,golf, yacht trips to the sea.

Yan Liang was not responsible for the itinerary of this trip, but she also heard about his tour of Manhattan and Queens in these days.

Even Secretary Li was tempted to intervene; the day after playing golf with Jiang Yu Nan, in the middle of the night he knocked on her door . He was especially anxious to discuss with her on how to deal with this.

“This is not the way to act. Mr Jiang took office and needs to deliver results with a bunch of new subordinates. Instead, he runs abroad to eat and drink. I have to listen to the deputy manager complain repeatedly.

In fact, Yan Liang has been pondering for two days, if she should use her identity as Xu Jin Fu’s daughter, go over Jiang Yu Nan’s head and directly meet Johnny Weil.But if she really wanted to go over his head, they had to find a company in this town to help bring the negotiating team to the table.

She only knew Zhou Chang in this town.

Yan Liang shook her head to clear her thoughts and said: “Secretary Lee,tomorrow morning we should go to see Mr Jiang and ask him what his plan is.If he can not give us a reasonable explanation, then isn’t he worried about the repercussions if we spend the public money just eating and drinking?”

Although Secretary Li had been with his boss for many years, he was still very afraid of him. Hearing Yan Liang, he reluctantly said “Ok.”

The next day at nine o’clock, Yan Liang and Secretary Lee went together to meet Jiang Yu Nan.

The attendants had just put breakfast on the table. Wearing a bathrobe, Jiang Yu Nan came out of the bedroom, his wet hair parted to the side.

They were staying in a five star hotel on the Fifth avenue. The window had a panoramic view of Manhattan. From this height, one could see pedestrians as small as ants hurrying about. The sun was shining through the window, the light reflecting in the beads of water on Jiang Yu Nan’s hair.

Jiang Yu Nan did not seem to be surprised to see them both.He sat at the table by himself, put the towel aside,and picked up the newspaper.

Jiang Yu Nan turned two pages, slowly tilting his head towards Yan Liang and Secretary Lee and said: “Have your breakfast.”

Lee secretary shook his head, still standing respectfully.Annoyed with the master and servant, Yanliang immediately pulled the stool to sit down, picking up bread and butter.

Secretary Li seemed embarrassed to see Yan Liang and sat down helplessly.

Yang Liang took the plate of scrambled eggs and bacon that Jiang Yu Nan was eyeing and placed it in front of Secretary Lee on the table.

Lee secretary quickly waved, “Thank you, I wont eat.” After a dry cough, he got down to business, “Mr Jiang, I heard Mr. Weill’s secretary say that Mr. Weill will be playing golf today, do you need me to arrange ……”

Jiang Yu Nan did not say anything about the food that Yan Liang took away.He served himself coffee and said “No, I will go to the stables today.”

Lee secretary was put in a a difficult position, he was wondering how to say the next sentence, when Yan Liang could not help

but speak: “Johnny Weill certainly knows that you are in New York, yet you have not seen him.When the deal falls through, how do you intend to explain this to my dad?”

Hearing her words,Jiang Yu Nan suddenly reached over to her.Seeing his casual attitude,Yan Liang did not think he was going to hit her, but she still flinched instinctively.

Yet she could not avoid his touch.

Jiang Yu Nan’s fingers slowly skimmed over her lips,

carefully wiping the drop of butter in the corner of her mouth.

Yan Liang frowned, expressing her disgust.

But Jiang Yu Nan was in a rare good mood. He tasted the butter at his fingertips and looked at Yan Liang, his gaze teasing: “It tastes good.”

Watching the whole scene, Secretary Lee was embarrassed and gave a dry cough.

Jiang Yu Nan seemed to realise they were not alone and with his usual cool restored said: “In fact,business opponents are like women, business negotiations are like love negotiations, the one who is more anxious is the one who loses.”

Although he was looking at Yanliang when he said this,she ignored him.

“Then I wish Mr Jiang good luck. Don’t kill the deal.” Yan Liang got up and left.

Yan Liang had reached the entrance, when Jiang Yu Nan

suddenly said: “Wait.” She stopped to listen what other sarcastic remarks the man would say.

“I saw a picture of you riding a horse in your father ‘s office.You are probably a good rider, do you want to compete?”

Yanliang instinctively wanted to refuse,

then she thought for a while, smiled and turned to back to Jiang Yu Nan and said “Ok.”

A few people arrived at the stables at 12.

Jiang Yu Nan had come here a lot of times earlier.

The Racecourse Owner was Chinese, and he greeted Jiang Yu Nan in poor Chinese.

Yanliang looked over the open-air stable .Behind the manger, a few robust horses were tethered.

As Jiang Yu Nan greeted the owner,Yanliang walked into the manger to pick a horse.

……” The trainer walked behind Yan Laing airing his views “For women, a docile small horse is better, such as this horse … …”

Yanliang already fancied another horse, she immediately asked the trainer to pull the horse out of the stable.

The Trainer did not move: “I ‘m sorry, this is

Mr Jiang’s … …”

“That is my horse.” A voice behind the trainer said.

Yan Liang turned back and saw it was the voice of Jiang Yu Nan.

Jiang Yu Nan slowly approached them, a whip in his hands: “I came here a few times earlier and chose this horse. You won’t take it from me now because the horse is good, right?”

“It ‘s … Sunday evening,that is, non – working hours, you’re not my boss, I do not have to listen to you.”

The Trainer did not help, Yan Liang herself moved forward to take the reins of the horse.

When she passed Jiang Yu Nan he said,”Don’t you know I love best to compete and win over other people, especially over you?”

Yanliang squinted at him and smirked.

“Miss … …” the trainer wanted to stop her.Jiang Yu Nan shook his head in silence, indicating the trainer should let her go.

This horse did not recognise a single master, it obediently trotted towards Yan Liang.

After half a moment, Yan Laing set off across the open field, the horse kicking up dust.Jiang Yu Nan, who had just set off himself on a horse , could not help but squint at the distance. She looked like a brave heroine.

It was a warm day. As he looked at her riding, there was a hidden undercurrent of emotion in Jiang Yu Nan’s eyes.

*** ***

Yan Liang tried two laps to adjust to the horse, then immediately began to accelerate.The wind rushed past her, at this time, she felt carefree, as if she was back in the past.

The past .. where there was father, Zhou Cheng and no Xu Ziqing.

“Daydreaming is very dangerous at this time”, said a voice behind her.

Yan Liang Yi Zheng tightened the reins. She hadn’t realised that Jiang Yu Nan had been by her side all this time.

His horse was a little shorter than her, so they were both at the same level.的。Yan Liang wanted to turn the horse to another direction, after all,her earlier experiences had taught her it was always wise to steer clear of this man.


?” But her emotions had the upper hand in the end: “I thought Mr Jiang is always very skilful, why would you still need the horse trainer to help you hold the reins ?”

Jiang Yu Nan smiled: “No way, I just got the job of CEO. I haven’t led an extravagant life. I don’t want to be like some poor man whose life was almost ruined in your hands.”

She couldn’t laugh, in a chilled tone she asked “What do you mean?”

With a faint smile, he took the reins from the hands of the trainer, indicating that the trainer should leave: “How about this ? My record from here to there is one minute,”

Jiang Yu Nan pointed his whip to the end of the racetrack. “If you’re time is better than mine and you beat me,I’ll tell you what I mean.”

Jiang Yu Nan paused, put up a finger, two fingers, three

fingers –

She heard the sound of the whip snap on the horse and the next moment JYN had started off

Clamping on the belly of the horse, Yan Liang also raced her horse to keep up.

The wind rushing past made her eyes water and in just a minute, Yan Liang’s mind was immersed in countless images.

In the first year, Xu Ziqing had seen her riding photos, and envious,had wanted her horse .

The horse was Yanliang’s birthday gift from Xu Jinfu some years before, and even now Yan Liang thought it was ironic that a gift could be transferred from one person to another just like that.

The horse recognised only Yan Liang, when Xu Ziqing tried to ride the horse for the first time, she was thrown off.

The horse was still young,therefore Xu Ziying’s fall was not too painful. However, she narrowly missed sustaining heavy injuries as the horse kicked at her, because Yan Liang immediately climbed on the horse and pulled the reins to calm it down. She remembered that she had hesitated slightly before taking control of the horse. She had entertained a vicious idea in her mind for a moment .. let her be kicked to death.

Eeventually Yan Liang had grabbed the reins, and a disaster had been averted.

But even so, she was grounded by Xu Jinfu for a week A week later when she was allowed to go out, she found out that her horse had been put to death by several angry relatives of Xu Ziqing

Yan Liang remembered rushing to the stables, looking for a long time, and finally finding some blood stains in the manger that had not been washed off

Perhaps it was at that moment that her father had died in her heart completely.

“Hey-!”Then she heard a sharp whistle.

Yan Liang was jolted from her memories and forced

to return to reality. She turned around and saw Jiang Yu Nan’s face was panicked.

What can make a man like Jiang Yu Nan panic?

Yan Liang smiled incredulously , before she realised that a disaster had occurred. Her horse had jumped over the fence and had galloped out of the track.

A chill settled over her heart. Her hands trembling, she tried to pull back the reins, but the reins cut into her palms. Unheeded, the horse rushed towards the umbrellas in the rest area.

She could not hear the horse galloping behind her until a familiar voice called out in a

furious manner: “Take the reins to the right.”

Yanliang looked back, she could see Jiang Yu Nan, his hair messy, his face cold with determination

His eyes had a weird, almost threatening look.Yan Liang finally calmed down.She pulled the reins with all her might, the horse turned towards the right where there was a warehouse with piles of hay.

Jiang Yunnan followed all the way, the two horses trotting almost side by side.As the horses moved towards the warehouse, Yan Liang did not realise when JYN had taken over reins of her horse. Suddenly, the horses reared up and Yan liang was thrown to the ground.

Yan Liang rolled over the haystack, and then fell to the ground.

Although the haystack acted as a buffer, she still hit the ground hard and cried out in pain.

Jiang Yu Nan came around to her,Yanliang first saw his feet parallel to her head.

She looked up at him, his face was pale.

The sunlight was behind him, the man’s face was dark, and the pain blurred Yan Liang’s vision.She thought she was experiencing hallucinations; at this moment JYN was looking at her in the same way that Xu Ziqing had looked at her horse so many years ago..

A mixture of kindness and vicious loathing…

After a moment, JYN hoisted her on his back.

All the way, he carried her on his back.

“Truly,you are indeed a small lioness.”

” “I……”

。 “If you choke again, I can not carry you back.”

“……” “…”

” “Be good.”

Yan Liang stayed silent, she was not afraid of him,

but she did not have the strength to get into an argument.

Her head drooped so that her chin rested in his shoulder.

He was the only one she could rely on at the moment, involuntarily , her arms tightened around his neck causing her chest to inadvertently press against his back.

Jiang Yu Nan suddenly stopped.

“what happened?”

Jiang Yu Nan started moving again: “Nothing.”

Perhaps because she was pressed too tightly against him –

” Dub!”


Whose heart was beating this way ?

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