Rolling love

Chapter 9

The party dissolved at the airport, all of them leaving in droves to enjoy a rare day of holiday.

Secretary Li left alone, busily calling to confirm that the driver for Jiang Yu Nan was present.

Yan Liang proceeded slowly towards the parking lot, leaning on her crutches.

Xu Ziqing deliberately slowed down, accompanying her.

She acted like a really good sister, even before they were out of the airport, she had already started fighting for the rights of her sister: “Jiang Yu Nan, Yan Liang is injured, should she not be allowed some leave so she can rest at home?”

Jiang Yu Nan’s smile was slightly detached: “It depends on what Yan Liang wants for herself, if she would like to personally apply for leave, I will approve.“

Yan Liang looked at him, though the statement was straightforward, the look in his eyes was anything but.

“Will you?” Jiang Yu Nan’s eyes swept sideways towards Yan Liang. Seeing this, Xu Ziqing’s tone changed slightly, then she was smiling again ” Mr Jiang, I do not know you if you are free, my father has set up a dinner reception for you, hope you can honour us with your presence.”


“Yes.” Xu Ziqing was thoughtful; she did not forget to add,

“Secretary Lee will also join us, right?”

They had reached the parking lot.

In addition to both drivers, there were a total of four people. Secretary Lee was already standing next to Jiang Yu Nan’s car and opened the door for him.

Xi Ziqing seemed to be in a quandary regarding the seating arrangements, due to her cast, Yan Liang needed to sit alone at the back seat. She did not speak, but the driver suggested: “Miss, maybe you can sit in Jiang Yu Nan’s car?”

Xu Ziqing thought for a moment, she seemed to be in favour of such an arrangement, but she showed great tact, and asked Jiang Yu Nan: “Is it ok if I hitch a ride with you …”, when she was suddenly interrupted.

“Don’t you have to go to the company today?”

Yan Liang looked back and asked Xu Ziqing.

Silently noting her sudden interest in Xu Ziqing, Jiang Yu Nan frowned, then smiled at Yan Liang, his gaze mocking.

Xu Ziqing must have been surprised as well, but her smile was quickly restored :”I specifically took a leave from work in order to meet you.”

Then she turned to Jiang Yu Nan, continued: “Would you be ok if I came in your car?”

Jiang Yu Nan made a gesture of agreement, but as Xi Ziqing walked towards the car, Jiang Yu Nan deliberately slowed down.

In the next second, Yan Liang said “Jiang Yu Nan, we will have to go back to the office, I have a document that needs to be signed by you.”

“Is it?”

Although his tone was doubtful, Jiang Yu Nan did not seem surprised, and then smiled, as if he was already expecting her to say so.

Yan Liang did not wait for his approval, she walked toward Jiang Yu Nan’s car, and staring straight ahead, passed Xi Ziqing and sat down in the car.

“I’m sorry Miss Xu, Secretary Lee will sit in your car, Yan Liang and I will take my car”, Jiang Yu Nan apologised and sat in the car.

Xu Ziqing was standing in front of the car, Yanliang forcefully banged the door in her face.

Her image in the rear view mirror gradually disappeared.

The car accelerated smoothly.

In the silence inside the car, Jiang Yu Nan’s voice suddenly rang out,

“You really ruined her plan to spend some time alone with me.”

Yan Liang dominated the entire rear seat, her leg lying straight on the seat.

Hearing this, she raised her face, and her eyes met Jiang Yu Nan’s eyes in the rear-view mirror.

“What do you mean Mr Jiang? I don’t understand..”

Jiang Yu Nan raised his eyebrows and smiled.

“Yes, you are also able to understand your sister’s tricks.”

Yan Liang laughed.

She didn’t expect him to continue: “To be honest, I really like your sister’s personality, evil intentions at heart, but a sweet smile on the surface. And you? You are the same, outside and inside. Sooner or later you will have to pay bitterly for that.”

Yan Liang was scornful.

After a pause, she said: “Mr Jiang, then you have misunderstood my sister, she is really kind hearted.”

Jiang Yu Nan shook his head silently. Yan Liang suddenly smiled, her voice sweet, “Aren’t you worried that I am playing with you? That, in fact, I may be doing all this to get your attention?”

“If your purpose is to really get my attention, then I can tell you clearly that you have been successful,” His eyes, his expression, his voice, were all soft. “Very successful.”

A man saying such teasing words, how can that make someone feel so.. tender?

To ward off this strange feeling, Yanliang chose to avoid his eyes.

The car had already entered the city centre a long time back. Trying to retrieve her earlier calm, Yan Liang said casually “ You can just drop me off at any point.”

Puzzled, Jiang Yu Nan immediately said, “Didnt you say you had some documents you wanted me to sign ?”

Yan Liang sighed in her heart, how could she be this man’s opponent?

“Dont pretend, you know it was just an excuse I gave her.”

Jiang Yu Nan replied with a low laugh.

The car came to a halt at the corner of a taxi stand. Jiang Yu Nan helped her out. For the first time ever, Yan Liang uttered the words “Thank you” to Jiang Yu Nan.

Just these two words brought a smile to his eyes.

“Aren’t you participating in your family dinner?”

“I will not attend the dinner.”

He seemed to want a detailed explanation. Yan Liang hesitated, then said: “I am afraid if I have to see two women with the same husband sitting on the same table to eat, I will vomit.”

After she finished, Yan Liang waved to a taxi to stop it.

Jiang Yu Nan stood beside the door, watched her limp into the taxi and then sat back down in the car.

He sat quietly , without instructing his driver to drive. The driver could only observe him from time to time. Unexpectedly, he saw that the eyes of this man, which were usually cold and desolate, had a touch of sadness.

The driver recalled what Yan Liang had just said, and sighed: “Living in this family, it’s very unfortunate.

“Then, shouldn’t the culprit who caused all these misfortunes go to hell?” Jiang Yu Nan muttered softly.

His voice was so faint, his expression so chilled, that it scared the driver for a moment.

As if suddenly aware of what he had just said, Jiang Yu Nan quickly recovered, and laughing, said: “Drive.”

*** ***

The PR department made a huge media splash about the company’s successful agreement with the American firm, the effect of which was a significant rebound in the stock prices after the downturn caused by the president’s ill health.

In the company’s anniversary three months later, Johnny Weill was also making a trip to the company. Under Jiang Yu Nan’s instructions, the PR department sent out media invitations, intending to make it a big event.

Xu Jinfu’s condition had also finally stabilised, Yan Liang had finally got rid of her cast, so the time was just right for both of them to attend the anniversary. This would also help to quash long standing rumours about a strained father – daughter relationship.

Xu Jinfu sent Aunt Liang with some dresses to Yan Liang’s apartment specifically for the occasion.

Aunt Liang had been a helper with the family for decades, she had a good equation with the elders in the family. Sending her to Yan Liang’s apartment was also an attempt to broker peace as well as a sign that he was no longer displeased with Yan Liang.

Yanliang used the excuse of working overtime to delay going home. Aunt Liang had the house keys. After throwing the dresses she had left at home twice in the trash, the third time, Aunt Liang simply took the dresses to her office.

This time, Yanliang was really working overtime.

There was a bunch of work to be done. Yanliang was staring at the

computer screen, reviewing the marketing plan, the clock on the table was showing 9.

At this time, someone knocked on the door.

Surprised that someone was knocking at her door at this time, Yan Liang called out: “Come in.”

Seeing Aunt Liang at the door with a gift box in her hand, Yan Liang

suddenly understood why she was here and helplessly said, “Aunt Liang, please spare me. I really do not want to go in front of the media. I will be the butt of all jokes. ”

“Miss ,last year you were a student and said you were too busy with your studies to come back. Now you have been here for four months, you really cannot afford a confrontion with your father.”

Yan Liang attempted to comfort her.

“When Aunt Liang is there to help me, why not?”

Aunt Liang had seen her grow up, as she smiled at her, she was unable to escape her charm. But she persisted with her efforts. Putting the gift box directly on the table, she said, “I promise you, this will be the last time that I will help your Dad persuade you to do things you don’t like.”

Yan Liang sighed.

Reluctantly, she lifted the lid and peered in. “Is this dress what Xu Ziqing picked?”

“No, no, this is my choice.”

Hearing this, Yan Liang was willing to touch the dress. Actually, it was a cheongsam.

“I cannot pick western dresses. Missy selected some western-styled dresses, ah, I really do not understand, the whole back is exposed, how is this beautiful? I liked this cheongsam. The designer said that now this style is very popular. I just took it. Don’t know if you will like it or not.”

Yanliang can only sigh at her father’s tricks. She could hardly reject the sincere entreaties of one she loved and respected. She grabbed Aunt Liang’s hand: “I like the clothes. I will accept. I will accompany you down stairs.”

“No need, no need. I will go.” Saying this, Liang Yi turned around and walked toward the door. As she walked out of the office, she did not forget to add, “If they don’t fit, pick a time with the designer for alterations.”

Yanliang nodded. Finally assured, Liang Yi closed the door.

Yan Liang looked at the gift box for a moment and put on her glasses.

But it was hard to get her attention back to work. Just thinking of keeping up with Xu Ziqing in front of reporters, she felt tired.

Troubled, she was unable to concentrate on the file. She put down the pen, took off her glasses and leaning back in her chair, took out the dress.

She took off her high heels, then her suit and shirt was thrown off on the sofa and she put the cheongsam on.

The cheongsam was made of good material; it looked delicate and with lots of buttons, the style was a bit old-fashioned.

The size was indeed a bit small, her long legs were bare and the buttons a few inches below her collar bone were difficult to fasten, exposing almost half of her chest.

Aunt Liang probably used the measurements she had back when she was a teenager. Yan Liang tried to force the buttons to fasten, but she only managed to rip off the hard pearl button.

The button bounced off the ground, rolling all the way to the door, Yan Liang turned around, trying to find the button, but suddenly froze.

Jiang Yu Nan was standing at the door.

She had no idea how long he had been standing there, quietly watching her. If you find any errors ( broken links, non-standard content, etc.. ), Please let us know so we can fix it as soon as possible.