Scholar’s Advanced Technological System

Chapter 10: I Have Two Girlfriends

Liu Rui was doing practice questions under the light when he suddenly stopped his pen and looked at the room’s door. He asked carelessly, “Why hasn’t Zhou come back yet?”

Huang Guangming was sitting on the bed playing soul hunters. He did not even raise his head as he replied, “I don’t know. Why do you care so much about the guy? Are you gay or something? Disgusting!”

“Come down! I’ll beat your ass!”

Liu Rui swore. He grabbed the ladder and started to shake the bed to the point that Huang Guangming could not even see his phone clearly. He quickly grabbed the rail and screamed mercy.

“Brother Liu! Brother Liu! I was wrong, I was wrong! Stop shaking! I’m gonna die! Ahhhhh~”

In fact, there was no way he could die. The bed frame was connected. There were also lots of books and clothes in the cabinet supporting it. Even if Liu Rui threw his entire body weight onto the ladder, he still could not flip over the massive rectangular object.

These two noisy people had already become the norm for Room 201.

Shi Shang was studying English when he suddenly lifted up his head and said coldly, “Speaking of which, Zhou hasn’t been working part-time recently. He also stopped playing League at night and he spends all his time at the library. Maybe…”

“Maybe?” Liu Rui’s ears perked up.

“Maybe he’s dating?” said Shi Shang with a tone of uncertainty.

Liu Rui: “…”

Huang Guangming: “…”

“… Yeah, why aren’t you guys talking?” said Shi Shang embarrassingly when he realized the room was quiet.

Liu Rui and Huang Guangming looked at each other before looking at Shi Shang.

In a serious tone, Liu Rui said, “You’re crazy”

“F*ck me, call me crazy again and see what happens!”

Huang Guangming said seriously, “You’re crazy. We’re math majors.”


This logic was too perfect. Shi Shang’s throat choked up and he was speechless. Tears nearly started to flow down his cheeks.

The ratio of single versus guys with girlfriends in the mathematics department was ranked first in the University of Jin Ling. Other quantitative departments could still find one hot girl, but for them… If they wanted to find a hot girl, they would have to convince some guy to cross-dress.

As for people from the other classes, if they told them that they were math major, their first reaction was, “Oh, you’re part of that loner squad,”, “Ever had a girlfriend?”, “Never had one, right?”. Normally speaking, girls dislike guys that were not romantic. It was very rare to find a partner.

Otherwise, why would a tall, handsome, basketball playing, and Rukawa Kaede level guy like me still be single?

Sigh… Reality is cruel.

Shi Shang looked at the sky.

At this moment, Lu Zhou came back to his dorm. He laughed as he opened the door.

“What were you guys talking about? I could hear you guys screaming from across the hallway. Go and find yourself a girlfriend. It’ll be too late if you don’t.”

Huang Guangming had a serious face on as he said, “Zhou, I have to ask you a very serious question. Answer honestly.”


Shi Shang asked seriously, “Do you have a girlfriend?”

Lu Zhou said impatiently, “Yeah, sure. I have two! Jealous? Want me to lend them to you?”

“F*ck off!” was the response from the three guys.

Lu Zhou paused. He was surprised by their unison. He suddenly realized something and he laughed as he said, “What… are you guys thinking? I was talking about two-digit composite numbers. I wrote notes on it. Feel free to read them. Just remember to give it back.”





The room became silent again.

In the morning, Lu Zhou routinely woke up in the morning. He brushed his teeth, washed his face, and headed to the cafeteria with his laptop.

The cafeteria had just opened for business and so, the hall was pretty much empty.

When Lu Zhou walked in, he could smell the delicious freshly steamed buns from miles away.

“Ma’am, can I have three steamed buns and a cup of soy milk to take away?”

“Okay! Young man, you’re up so early. I’ll pick a big bun for you.”

“Thank you, ma’am!”

It did not matter if it was a classmate, a teacher, or a stranger, Lu Zhou was always very polite.

His father taught him to be nice to people as he would never get the short end of the stick.

Of course, nothing was that absolute. His father worked at the metal factory for many years and suffered a lot of abuse. On the other hand, even though Lu Zhou remembered the lessons his father taught him, he still could not control himself and would occasionally swear.

Once the buns were packed, Lu Zhou took out his food card and pressed it against the machine.

A second later, he felt embarrassed.

[Card declined]

The cafeteria lady saw how embarrassed Lu Zhou was and laughed before saying kindly, “It’s okay. Cash is fine. I can give you change.”

Lu Zhou searched in his pockets and took out his wallet. He felt even more embarrassed.

His wallet was empty and it only had a bank card in it. As for his Xiaomi phone, he left it charging back in his dorm room. He could not even scan the QR code to pay.

This cafeteria probably doesn’t accept bank cards, right?


Let’s negotiate a bit. Can I exchange general points for money?

Lu Zhou said in his heart. He was full of regret when the system did not respond.

At this moment, like a flash of thunder, the card machine rang.

Lu Zhou looked behind him immediately and saw a girl with bangs. She stood there and looked at him with a smile as she waved her food card.

“Hey, morning.”

“Morning…” Lu Zhou nodded his head. He was stunned.

This person…

Who is this?

“How dare you! You don’t even recognize me!” said Chen Yushan as she knew instantly that Lu Zhou did not recognize her. Her lips perked up in anger.

“Oh, sorry… Thanks. How about I add your WeChat to pay you back?”

“It’s fine. It’s only two dollars fifty. I’m not that cheap. Also, we’ve already added each others’ WeChat!” said Chen Yushan as she waved her hair and grinned. She reached out with her right hand and said, “Let me reintroduce myself. My name is Chen Yushan. I’m in the business school. Little brother, you can call me older sister.”

Lu Zhou did not know why she emphasized on “brother” or why she added a “little” in front of it. He had no idea how she knew he was younger. However, after hearing her talk about adding his WeChat, he suddenly remembered who she was.

Just what…

Her appearance changed a lot!

She was wearing denim shorts and a pair of sandals. He did not know if he should stare at her sexy long legs. She had a small white t-shirt with very noticeable curves. Her face had little makeup and she was wearing bright red lip gloss. Most noticeably, the pair of round glasses came off. Maybe she was wearing contact lenses?

Chen Yushan noticed that Lu Zhou was speechless and she was secretly happy. Her roommate dragged her to give her an appearance makeover, which somewhat annoyed her. However, right now, she felt that the effort was worth it.

Of course, her body was naturally attractive. She was just accustomed to not caring.

A normal person would not get half of the results even if they tried.

“What? Little brother?” Chen Yushan waved her long hair, pouted her mouth, and laughed at Lu Zhou mischievously. Her eyes signaled, “Aren’t you going to say anything?”

Lu Zhou paused for a second and looked at Chen Yushan. He contemplated if he should speak. Finally, he gave in to his kindness as he quietly said, “The air conditioning in the library is very cold. You’ll feel cold wearing this.”


Chen Yushan felt stupid for anticipating his response.

Lu Zhou ate one of the three buns, put the rest in a plastic bag and stuffed them into his backpack. Chen Yushan was slurping on noodles. She looked at him and did not say much. She only thought it was respectable that he did not waste food.

The pair finished eating at the same time and started to walk towards the library.

At the same old place, Chen Yushan sat next to Lu Zhou. She took out her exercise book and started to read it. Having a makeover was only to experience a change and to satisfy her roommate. It did not change her pace of studying at all.

On the other hand, Lu Zhou took out his laptop and started to edit his thesis.

The calculation method that Professor Tang showed him yesterday was crucial for the development of his thesis. With the memory fresh in his mind, he decided to choose the most important parts of the thesis to write.

After that, there were only three difficult sections left to figure out. If he pushed himself, he could try to finish the thesis by the end of the month!

The science journal review process was very slow and it often took up to three months. Even for a crappy journal like AMC, it was still slow. He did not want to take half a year just to finish his mission.

Time flew by quickly and it was already noon.

Chen Yushan spent the whole morning doing practice questions when she looked over at Lu Zhou and lightly tapped his arm.

“Little brother, little brother, how about we get lunch together?”

She was almost addicted to calling him little brother that she even said it twice.

Lu Zhou hesitated and shook his head, “I’m good. I’m not that hungry. You go first.”

Today was Sunday and the food card top-up service was closed. Not to mention, he left his phone in his dorm. How could he let her treat him again?

“Are you sure? I’ll treat you,” said Chen Yushan.

Lu Zhou was drooling as he thought of the cafeteria’s barbecue meat.

Finally, the temptation of food overcame logic. He said apologetically, “Oh… Let’s go then. I’ll treat you next time.”

His buns were already cold anyway. It would taste the same if he kept it for dinner.

“Ah, I’ll remember what you said. Let’s go then. It’ll get too crowded if we don’t hurry up,” said Chen Yushan. She stood up, turned around and felt confident.

Who cares if your IQ is high? You’re still suppressed under my elegant goddess-like appearance!

Meanwhile, Lu Zhou was walking next to her and oblivious of her satisfaction. This was because he was debating a very important question.

Should I eat cumin flavored meat?

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