Scholar’s Advanced Technological System

Chapter 18: The 100 Experience Points That Made Me Go Crazy

The day before his mathematical analysis exams on Saturday, he received an email regarding his successful submission.

Lu Zhou could not wait to open up the website. He entered his account and password excitedly and saw the submission status column became [Completed – accepted]!

That meant that the reviewer was very satisfied with the author’s thesis and decided to accept the thesis.

Once at this stage, the paper would be published in the journal either in this month or the next. It would also be accepted into the SCI journal database, thus allowing mathematics researchers from around the globe to refer to it.

Lu Zhou’s heart was filled with excitement. He took a deep breath and tried to meditate to calm himself down.

In general, anyone that could skip the [Revise] stage was insane. Even experienced professors would occasionally be tortured by the ridiculous requirements of the reviewers which resulted in them having to rewrite the thesis two or three more times.

He skipped this stage, which meant that there were no mistakes that the reviewer could find.

Of course, 80% of the work was still credited to the system. If the mathematical argument process given by the system was found to have a mistake, then the reviewer had to be crazy.

The format of the thesis was checked by Professor Tang himself so it definitely had no problem. Not only did Professor Tang published countless SCI theses, but he was also one of the few famous mathematical journal reviewers. His experience in this area was good, to say the least.

Lu Zhou saw his roommates concentrating and studying mathematical analysis, so he set his laptop aside and took a deep breath. He then entered into the system space that was hidden deep inside his consciousness.

He opened his eyes and was soon met with white surroundings.

Lu Zhou walked slowly in front of the holographic panel and selected the mission icon.

[Congratulations, user, for completing the mission. Hope user can make persistent efforts.]

[The mission completion is as follows: Estimating the academic value and influence of your thesis, estimating the value of your thesis… Mission evaluation: S (100 general points awarded]

[Mission reward: 400 mathematics experience points, 100 physics experience points. 200 general points, one lucky draw ticket (95% garbage, 5% samples)]

So close! It turns out that there is also an assessment of the influence of the thesis!

If he had chosen the infamous AMC as a target for submission, the evaluation of his grade would not be this high.

Lu Zhou was deeply grateful for Professor Tang’s help. Without his advice and support, the final destination of his paper would have been drowned in the ocean of AMC.

An S evaluation was worth 100 general points!

“System, open up my characteristic panel!” said Lu Zhou excitedly.


Core science:

A. Mathematics: Level 0 (900/1000)

B. Physics: Level 0 (100/1000)

C. Biochemistry: Level 0 (0/1000)

D. Engineering: Level 0 (0/1000)

E. Materials science: Level 0 (0/1000)

F. Energy science: Level 0 (0/1000)

G. Information science: Level 0 (100/1000)

General points: 335 (One chance of lucky draw)

Mission: None


Lu Zhou looked at the mathematics experience points and his eyes jumped.

He did not know how the system judged, but for some reason, it gave him 100 physics experience points. As a result, he was just off 100 points away for his mathematics to level up.

I’m really going to go crazy!

Lu Zhou was going insane.

“System, can you transfer the 100 physics experience points into mathematics?”

The system did not respond.

Lu Zhou continued as he tried to reason, “System! You made an evaluation mistake! Where in my thesis did I cover physics?”

However, the system still did not respond.

Facing the ignorant system, Lu Zhou sighed and gave up.

He calculated that it was only 100 experience points, so he would get it by his next mission.

He just felt bad that the precious 100 experience points went to physics. Even computer science would be fine! Or even engineering! Anything was better than this purely theoretical subject!

Up next, was the exciting lucky draw.

Lu Zhou looked at the unlikely 5% sample probability and sighed. Suddenly he was not so excited anymore.

If I get a [garbage], I’ll eat this system display!

Speaking of which, last time was a can of coke. What will it be this time?

Maybe a can of sprite?

Please don’t. Can you at least give me some food, so that I can save some money?

Lu Zhou finally pressed the lucky draw button and waited for the judgment of his fate.

[Congratulations, you won the sample prize.]



The f*ck?

Surprised, Lu Zhou held his breath in.

He had actually won with just a 5% probability!

This was high tech! And it was not a blueprint! This time, it should not be a “proof question answer”, right?

[Received: Nanobody needle (Lasts for 2 hours, no side effects. Enhances muscle cell ability, coordination, and 50% nerve reflex speeds.]

Lu Zhou: ? ? ?

Lu Zhou looked at the icons and instructions on the screen and did not know what to do.

What does this thing even do?

Using it for an all-nighter?

Only lasts for two hours! I’d rather drink some tea.

It might be a good idea to sell it to athletes. The stimulant as given by the system definitely can’t be detected in blood or urine tests.

However, Lu Zhou felt that if this thing leaked out, he would get into a lot of trouble.

Throwing national security and safety aside… How could this thing impact the sports world? Some people might think that it would not impact much, but it could boost someone into the NBA or a professional football player.

Yeah, a bit exaggerated. Yet it was along the lines of that.

Two hours was long enough to change the outcome of a match. The outcome of a match was often in many peoples’ interests. For example, gamblers or sponsors. There would be a lot of people that wanted this thing.

Moreover, they certainly would not be satisfied with just one needle.

Lu Zhou was unsure how much they would pay for this. However, one thing he was sure of was that his little body could not handle it.

Since he did not have access to athletes of the highest level, at best, maybe he could reach the school team. Besides, even if he had access to the athletes at the national level, they would not believe him. Only God knew what was inside his needle or if he was sent by the opposing team.

“Even though it isn’t garbage, it is similar to garbage. I want to become a genius. What’s the point of this thing… I’d rather just have some food,” sighed Lu Zhou. He did not even have the energy to argue with the system.

F*cking useless!

Who cares, who cares.

Lu Zhou took a deep breath, prayed for a bit and pressed the mission button.

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