Scholar’s Advanced Technological System

Chapter 20: Two Gods Carry A Trash?

He walked in and was surprised to see quite a lot of people standing in his office.

In addition to Professor Tang, not only was Dean Lu here but also Professor Zhang Zhongjie, the Director of the Computer Department of the Software Institute. His name was well known in the computer industry. Even though Lu Zhou had never taken his classes, he still knew who he was.

In addition, there was a young man and a young woman.

The guy wore glasses. He was neither tall nor short. He looked very ordinary and did not stand out much. However, just from standing there, Lu Zhou could feel his “genius” aura.

It seemed that this was the genius that Professor Tang talked about. The guy that won the national computer design competition twice in high school!

This guy really is a genius!

Lu Zhou said in his heart.

He completely ignored the girl.

One, the presence on her side was too wrong and secondly, it was because she portrayed a feeling of being “weak”.

However, what surprised Lu Zhou was that she was the first to say hello.

The girl smiled naturally, “Hello, are you the genius of the math department?”

Lu Zhou said modestly, “I’m no genius. There is a lot of genius in our mathematics department.”

Lu Zhou took this chance to look at her.

Her hair was combed into bangs and her face had light makeup on. Her face was probably a 6 or a 7. She wore a plain white floral dress that hanged down to her ankles and a pair of white shoes.

They’re standing very close. Maybe this is the genius’ girlfriend?

Ah, even such an ugly guy can find a girlfriend…

Lu Zhou thought.

Professor Tang smiled and criticized, “You’re way too humble. I have to criticize you. There isn’t a single undergraduate student smarter than you. The advanced algebra 2 exam, I wrote it entirely. You were the only student that scored full marks. I personally marked your paper. It seems that I have to give you a separate paper next semester!”

“Stop joking, professor. Please have mercy,” said Lu Zhou with a smile.

The perfect score was expected. After the exam, he guessed that he would probably get full marks, so he was not surprised at all.

However, the two students were actually surprised by Lu Zhou’s performance. Even the computer raised his eyebrows slightly.

It was not hard to be good at mathematics and his score was pretty good as well.

However, getting a perfect score was a different story.

“Wow, you are so good!” said the girl while she batted her eyes with her long eyelashes at Lu Zhou. She reached out with her hand and said, “My name is Lin Yuxiang. I’m a student from the computer department. Can I ask for your help in maths?”

“I’m Lu Zhou. Of course, you can,” said Lu Zhou cautiously after shaking her hand.

“Haha, if you guys want to discuss mathematics, I’m all for it. But discuss it later! let me introduce you guys. This is Wang Xiaodong, this is Lu Zhou, then this is …” Dean Lu gave an introduction for the two people but hesitated when he arrived at Lin Yuxiang.

Professor Zhang came over with a smile and said, “This is Lin Yuxiang. She’s also a first-year student. She’s the vice president of our student union, and she came here together with Wang Xiaodong.”

In other words, I didn’t ask her to come.

The expressions of Professor Tang and Dean Lu were somewhat weird, but they had nothing to say.



The exchange between the two geniuses was very simple.

“So, here’s the case. I believe that Professor Tang and Professor Zhang have already explained it to you. I will not repeat it again. This is mainly about the team of the National Mathematical Modeling Competition,” said Dean Lu with a smile. Dean Lu cleared his throat and continued, “I’ve discussed with Professor Zhang yesterday. I think our goal should not only be this year’s competition but the competition in February next year. You guys are at the top of the software department and mathematics department. I believe that you have this strength! Of course, when we look to the future, we have to be down to earth. I hope that you will win honor for yourself, for our department, and even for the school in the mathematical modeling contest.”

“Professor Lu, I have already read the details of the mathematics modeling contest. and the team asked three people to participate,” said the computer genius as he adjusted his glasses. He did not give a chance for Dean Lu to speak and continued to say, “With regards to the remaining teammate, I would like to recommend Lin Yuxiang. She originally worked at student council, so she can make up for the areas that I am not good at. She’s also the vice president of the Literature Society, so she would have no problem writing the thesis.”

There was a big problem. You could not mix literature and thesis writing.


Lu Zhou sighed softly.

It seemed that this man’s emotional intelligence is even lower than mine…

Sure enough, Dean Lu and Professor Zhang’s face were somewhat subtle and unnatural.

Although the intention of the mathematical modeling contest was to encourage college students to participate in the competition freely, they should let the school organized the teams. After all, the instructors, training materials, and training venues that were prepared for them were all the best.

In addition, the goal was not just to win this year’s competition, but next year as well. It was not that he could not recommend anyone, but at least the person he recommended should have some achievements right?

Student council?


What kind of achievement is this…

“Dean Lu, Professor Zhang, and Professor Tang… Please allow me to make this request. Although I feel that I’m still far from the level of these two study gods, I’ll try to keep up with their footsteps!” said Lin Yuxiang with a slightly lowered head. She continued to say sincerely, “Please believe me and give me a chance to prove myself!”

Professor Zhang and Dean Lu’s expression was that of hesitant. They exchanged looks.

They were still searching for the third member. The genius math student and computer student teamed up. They were going after the first prize or even a special prize.

According to the original plan, Dean Lu planned on arranging a student with excellent thesis writing abilities.


To be honest, Dean Lu did not like the girl very much.

However, at this moment, the genius computer student opened his mouth and said, “Professor, as a matter of fact, I originally planned on teaming up with this girl. When I suddenly received the notice from the school, I thought… I’d rather team up with someone I’m familiar with as this will increase the odds of winning.”

After listening to him, Lu Zhou secretly shook his head.

This guy, do you even know what you are doing? Do you think that you are the head of the department?

Do you think competition is a vacation with your girlfriend? You can do whatever you want just because you’re a genius student? Not to mention, even if you don’t want to listen to the suggestions of the professors, you should at least discuss it with me.

He was too lazy to care about this guy’s egotistical attitude.

Seeing the atmosphere was a bit awkward, Professor Tang, who had never spoken, suddenly smiled and joined the conversation, “Let the young people decide what they want to do. We’re too old for this. Speaking of writing theses, Lu Zhou has some experience, right? Oh yeah, which stage is your SCI submission at?”

“I have already passed,” said Lu Zhou with smiled. He suddenly thought that Old Tang might think that he submitted it to AMC and therefore, he quickly added, “I submitted it to your recommended “Theory and Applied Mathematics Newsletter”.”

“How come you didn’t even tell me you passed!”

Lu Zhou quickly explained, “I only passed yesterday. I planned on telling you today.”

This time Dean Lu spoke, “Theory and Applied Mathematics Newsletter? Not bad, It’s the official publication of the Institute of Mathematical Sciences at New York University right?”

Professor Zhang also looked at Lu Zhou in a strange way and said, “A first-year student publishing in SCI. Impressive.”

“Of course, I taught him myself,” said Professor Tang. As he sipped his tea and his eyes smiled, there were wrinkles near his eyes.

This old gentleman was this type of person.

If you kissed his ass, he would not be happy at all. But if you complimented his own student, he would be ecstatic.

“Wow, you’re so good… I thought you were older than me, but it turns out that you’re a first-year student as well,” said Lin Yuxiang. She opened her mouth in surprise and was openly awed by it.

Wang Xiaodong did not say anything but from his expression, it seemed that he had slightly approved of his new teammate. However, even though he did not say anything, he was slightly unhappy about Lin Yuxiang’s attitude towards Lu Zhou.

“Professor, you thought too highly of me. It was all because of Professor Tang’s help,” replied Lu Zhou humbly.

Professor Zhang looked at Lu Zhou and nodded with approval at his humble attitude. Then he thought of his own department’s genius, and could not help but shook his head in his heart.

Being confident isn’t a bad thing, but arrogance is not the same.

Still a level behind…

“Then, this year’s national competition is set. As for next year’s US competition, we’ll decide after observations,” said Dean Lu. He heard that Lu Zhou had published in the SCI journal so he did not say much. He just asked jokingly, “Oh yeah, Lu Zhou, you don’t have any opinions on this new teammate, right?”

Lin Yuxiang looked at Lu Zhou and blinked her eyes. She was like a deer in headlights.

Naive girl, you think that you can just trick me?

Lu Zhou thought for a while then shrugged.

“I… don’t have an opinion.”

Even though he was not very satisfied with this third teammate, he considered that with the computer genius here, it would make up for his lack of programming experience. With the arrogant nature of the genius, the team would be broken up if he did not agree.

He weighed the pros and cons. It was better than him trying to find two garbage people. At least, this garbage was still slightly useful. He was not that good at public speaking so she could do that.

After hearing about the prize money the school would give, he decided.

I’m going to get the first prize!

Wang Xiaodong released his breath in relief. Lin Yuxiang’s face burst into smiles as she looked at Lu Zhou gratefully.

Lu Zhou smiled and did not say anything.

Professor Lu clapped his hands and said, “Then, It’s settled. Professor Liu Xiangping will be your advisor coach. Tomorrow morning at eight o’clock, meet at Building A classroom 104. Professor Liu will brief. It’s getting late, so you guys should go rest.” If you find any errors ( broken links, non-standard content, etc.. ), Please let us know so we can fix it as soon as possible.