Scholar’s Advanced Technological System

Chapter 30: Let’s Play Checkers, I’ll Let You Go First

While he was walking, he saw Lin Yuxiang and a tall guy walking together.

The two were laughing together and it looked like they were very close. Almost like they were an inch away from holding hands.

The guy carried a luggage case. It looked like he was sending her to the train station.

Lu Zhou did not want to feel awkward so he did not say hello. He just sighed and mourned for Wang Xiaodong for a second.

As expected, his intuition was correct.

Lu Zhou walked slowly to the front gate and looked at the time on his phone. It was exactly nine o’clock.

A beautiful figure stood near the front of a sycamore tree. She waved at him as if she was trying to tell him “this way”.

Lu Zhou noticed Chen Yushan and walked towards her.

Chen Yushan’s appearance today was completely different than what she looked like in the library. It was like she was another person.

The thick round glasses became contact lenses while her normal bangs became air bangs. She wore a slanted t-shirt, denim shorts, and a pair of white sandals. Her lovely white toes were even visible.

Chen Yushan noticed Lu Zhou walking over and said, “You’re finally here.”

It was obvious that she had been waiting for a while.

Lu Zhou replied apologetically, “Oh, isn’t it nine o’clock?”

Chen Yushan rolled her eyes and said, “Wow you’re right on time! I can’t argue with you!” She shook her phone and said, “The meeting spot is close by, I called a DiDi cab.”

Lu Zhou wondered why they did not just walk if it was so close. He hesitated for a bit and decided not to question her.

Soon after, the cab arrived and the pair sat in the backseats.

Lu Zhou thought about the 200 yuan per hour pay and his inexperience in tutoring. He could not help but feel worried. He decided to ask Chen Yushan what the situation was like, “Is your cousin a science or liberal arts student? How are her grades?”

Chen Yushan was uncertain when she replied, “Science, I think, but her maths, physics, chemistry, and biochemistry grades are all pretty bad.”

Just Mandarin and English left I see.

Lu Zhou could not help but ask, “Then why doesn’t she study liberal arts?”

Chen Yushan paused for a bit as she did not know either.

“How would I know.”

The two chatted for a bit and finally arrived. They hopped out of the car into a busy street and walked towards the coffee shop around the corner.

The decor in the coffee shop was very elegant and the furniture looked very classy. It was still early in the day so the seats were mostly empty.

Chen Yushan brought Lu Zhou inside and walked towards the back of the coffee shop.

A mature looking 30-year-old woman sat near the bookshelves at the back. Her black hair was tied elegantly behind her head. She held a book and read elegantly. She was also dressed tastefully. It was obvious she had class.

Lu Zhou could feel a strong sense of strength coming from her and he could tell that her status was high. Either in the law industry, or a company manager, or a CEO…

Also, she definitely looked younger than she actually was.

Chen Yushan greeted her warmly before introducing Lu Zhou, “Auntie, this is the student Lu Zhou that I talked about. He’s a super genius student, especially in mathematics. He’s amazing! He could definitely teach Meng Qi mathematics!”

This woman smiled at Chen Yushan, turned to Lu Zhou, and said, “Hello.”

“Hello,” Lu Zhou replied nervously.

“Stop standing around and sit down,” said the woman. She smiled gently and asked, “Do you want to order anything?”

Chen Yushan smiled and said, “I want a large Mocha.”

Lu Zhou said warmly, “I’ll just have a cup of water.”

The woman smiled and said, “Don’t be so polite.” She pressed the button on the table, the waiter came and she said, “A cup of Mocha and a cup of Americano.”

The woman placed down the menu and looked at Lu Zhou. She continued, “This place’s Americano isn’t bitter at all. It has a strong chocolate taste. Good for beginners. I’d recommend you to try it.”

It seems like she is a strong woman that likes to be in control of everything.

It’s hard to imagine that a parent like this would have a child with bad grades…

Lu Zhou was analyzing in his heart, but his facial expression remained polite. He smiled and said, “Then… I’ll respectfully accept your offer.”

The woman smiled and said, “Students from the University of Jin Ling are so polite. Do you study liberal arts?”


The woman looked at Lu Zhou in surprise and did not say anything. She took a sip from her coffee cup and before taking out a business card from her bag. She placed it on the table and gently pushed it towards Lu Zhou.

“This is my business card.”

Lu Zhou was astonished when he looked at the card.

Yang Danqi, Chairman and General Manager of Yali Fashion Ltd. Contact number: XXXX…

He had never heard of Yali Fashion before, but he definitely knew about the positions of chairman and general manager.

Speaking of which, can you take two job titles within a company? Aren’t you busy?

“I… I don’t have a business card. Sorry.”

“It’s okay, I understand. You can just add my WeChat,” replied Yang Danqi.

Lu Zhou took out his phone and used the phone number in the business card to add her WeChat. He also tried to remember her name.

The waiter came over with a tray and placed two cups of coffee on the table.

“Shan Shan has already discussed the payment with you, so I think that you already understand,” said Yang Danqi. She crossed her legs and said calmly, “200 yuan an hour, transportation fees covered. Every weekend starts from one o’clock in the afternoon until six o’clock at night. Any questions?”

The WeChat went through.

Lu Zhou sat stiffly and nodded his head, “No questions.”

Yang Danqi nodded and said, “Okay, then you can start working tomorrow. The address is on the back of the business card. You can come by yourself or with Shan Shan.”

That’s it? It’s a done deal?

Lu Zhou still could not believe it.

After all, he had not even seen the student. He did not even have to meet her and see if he was a good fit?

Almost like Yang Danqi saw through Lu Zhou’s doubts, she sipped her coffee and said, “Since you were recommended by Shan Shan, I trust that you are skilled. You are in the University of Jin Ling, so you must have your own insights in learning. I don’t like to drag things on. I like to be decisive. If you don’t do well, I can just replace you.”

Lu Zhou wanted to ask what she meant by “not doing well”.

He thought for a bit and decided not to ask that question. He said with a decisive tone, “Don’t worry, I’ll definitely make your money worth.”

The most basic skill of a salesman was to make the customer trust you. Do not ask stupid questions if you want the customer to trust you and just do the job well.

Lu Zhou learned this when he was installing routers for people.

Yang Danqi smiled politely, nodded, and said, “Hearing you say this makes me trust you.”

She looked at the time on her watch and put her phone into her bag.

Yang Danqi said, “It’s getting late. I still have a meeting later so I’ve to go to the office.” She continued, “You and Shan Shan can eat lunch here if you want. I’ve already spoken to the servers. I’ll cover your bill for today. I’d recommend the pizza, it’s very delicious.”

“See you later auntie.”

“Aun… See you later, Mrs. Yang.”

Yang Danqi left. Chen Yushan laughed out loud as she mocked Lu Zhou, “Did you almost call her auntie?”

Lu Zhou admitted, “Yeah.”

Chen Yushan said, “It’s fine if you call her ma’am since she’s forty something years old. But my auntie doesn’t like people calling her ma’am, so just call her Mrs. Yang.”

Lu Zhou understood and nodded.

Generally speaking, a woman who paid attention to her appearance would be quite sensitive about her age.

It was best if he could avoid this minefield so that he could keep his 200 yuan per hour job.

Lu Zhou asked, “What do we do now? Wait… till twelve o’clock for lunch?”

Chen Yushan laughed and said, “You can eat while you wait. You’re getting treated. Anyway, isn’t this your favorite? Of course, you don’t have to wait here. We can go and walk around, but you’re paying for lunch.”

Then lets wait here

The prices around there were all very high. There was nothing he could afford.

Lu Zhou took a book from the shelves and began to read.

Chen Yushan stared at him for a long time while he did not respond at all. She finally could not resist asking, “Do you know how to do anything other than reading?”

Impatient, Lu Zhou asked, “Then what should we do?”

Two people were not enough for board games and their phones were too crappy for video games. It seemed like the only thing they could do was read.

Chen Yushan looked around and saw two people sitting next to them. Her eyes lit up and said, “Wait a bit, I’ll be right back.”

After which, she went to the front desk.

Lu Zhou was wondering what she was doing. Soon after, she came back holding a set of checkers.

Placing it on the table, she said excitedly, “Let’s play checkers, you go first.”

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